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10 Instagram Unfollow App That Actually Work : Manage Your Instagram

Instagram is a valuable resource for both individuals and businesses. Some use the social media service to keep tabs on friends and family. Others rely on it to influence the way others behave or the goods they purchase. Whether you are using Instagram personally or professionally, you likely want to know who follows you and who doesn’t.

If you have looked at the Apple App Store or Google Play recently, you likely know there are hundreds of Instagram unfollow apps. Your intuition likely tells you that all of these apps cannot be good. How do you know the difference between an effective Instagram unfollow app and a useless one? We are here to help. In this article, we identify 10 Instagram unfollow apps that actually work.

What Is Instagram?

phone with an instagram logo

Instagram is a social media application that allows users to share photographs and videos from smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices. Like other social media apps, Instagram provides users with a dashboard that includes a content feed. After posting media to the service, you see it on your homepage. Your followers also see your photo or video on their Instagram feeds. To interact with other users, you may follow their contributions, like them or comment on them.

Instagram is available to download for free. Both Android and iOS versions are available.

What Is an Instagram Unfollow App?

To succeed at the Instagram game, you must amass a large number of followers. There are several theories for increasing your follower count. One thing is certain, though, you must know who follows you and who doesn’t. With this information, you can better reach your intended audience.

Trying to manage Instagram statistics without technological help can drive anyone crazy. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t offer much assistance to those who want to either identify unfollowers or find users who fail to follow back. If you want to track this information, you need an outside resource. An unfollow app is an invaluable tool.

As you probably know, Instagram is full of spam accounts and fake profiles. If you are trying to grow your Instagram following, these accounts are not useful. At the same time, you want your Instagram account to look as dynamic as possible. If you follow significantly more accounts than follow you, you may not have much Instagram credibility. The solution is to gradually unfollow users who never followed you back. An Instagram unfollow app can help you identify those users.

What Are 10 Instagram Unfollow Apps That Actually Work?

As we mentioned, not all the unfollow apps available for download are worthwhile. Some may even make your Instagram profile worse. We have identified 10 Instagram unfollow apps that actually do what they say they do. To make our list universal, we name five Android apps and five iOS apps.

Please note, though, that Instagram has recently changed its interface to limit the effectiveness of unfollow apps. While the apps we list continue to work, you may find some of them to be better than others.

Instagram Unfollow Apps for Android Devices

1. Followers Insight

2. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers

3. Followers Tools

4. Unfollowers and Followers Analytics

5. Tracker

Instagram Unfollow Apps for iOS Devices


2. Tracker

3. Ghost Unfollowers

4. Unfollowers and Followers Tracker

5. Unfollow

Why Do You Need an Instagram Unfollow App?

All users have different goals when they post to Instagram. Whether you want to be responsive to your followers or grow your base, you need Instagram analytics. While the company’s Instagram has changed, you can still rely on any of these 10 Instagram unfollow apps to help you better manage your account.