Ads – they’re considered helpful in some regards, but a frustrating “necessary evil” in the digital age.

Websites and content sharing platforms take a lot of resources to run. Putting a price of admission on these platforms would likely dissuade many people from participating, ruling this out as a funding option for the vast majority of sites.

Ads seem to be the best solution. They promote products for sponsors or partner companies while helping the site recoup the costs of coding, server maintenance, and the other expenses associated with maintaining a digital presence.

But sometimes ads can become too intrusive. Many sites use them in excess, and in some cases, they can even be used to spread dangerous malware that puts a user’s personal data at risk. This is why many people look for an ad blocker.

But what is the best ad blocker? The best ad blocker for Chrome may not be the best ad blocker for Android or the best ad blocker for Firefox, showing how a person’s browser and platform affects their experience.

What’s the Best Ad Blocker for Multiple Platforms?

best ad blocker

Searching for the best free ad blocker can yield plenty of results. Most people want a way to curb the influx of ads sent toward them, and they want to do so without paying a subscription fee.

One popular option is AdBlock Plus (ABP). Compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and even Opera, ABP can be set up quickly and configured toward the user’s specifications. Users can choose between various filters to help them block the majority of common ads seen from major websites.

The blocker can also be used to block many social media buttons from appearing and to guard the user against malware packaged with ads. Non-intrusive ads can be allowed with default settings, but even these can be turned off in the program’s settings.

ABP is in the running for the best ad blocker for Chrome and Firefox. While everyone may have their own preference, ABP’s advanced selection of filters offers a lot of protection against the ads and malware many sites are known for.

AdBlock is a separate blocker despite the similar name and is also available for Chrome and Opera as well as Safari. It offers a default block list option to catch ads from commonly known sources. Users can sign up for additional blocking options or even create their own for a safe browsing experience no matter what sites they visit.

Is AdBlocker Ultimate the Best Free Ad Blocker?

AdBlocker Ultimate lives up to its lofty title in many regards. It’s considered to be one of the most thorough and versatile ad blockers available and works with most popular browsers.

While some blockers will let users select ads through as a precautionary measure to ensure normal content isn’t blocked or even to stay in the good graces of certain ad providers, AdBlocker Ultimate doesn’t. The developers of this solution are clear about their mission – letting no ads through.

Without the corporate sponsorships of other blockers, this one has no “whitelisted” ads and provides some of the most reliable ad-free browsing opportunities. The blocker isn’t limited in its functionality, either – it works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

What Is the Best Ad Blocker for Android?

While many popular desktop and mobile browsers have custom ad blockers or all-purpose blockers that work for them, what about Android?

The creator of many popular mobile devices and owner of one of the most popular web browsing frameworks on the market, Android has to be on guard against ads as well. AdAway is one of the most popular free ad blocker options for Android users.

This open-source solution works on the file level of the device where it is installed. When an app or page makes a request for a provider to show an ad, AdAway reroutes it to a blank IP. Not only does this stop advertisements from spamming the user, it prevents their bandwidth from being used up by ads.

Users can blacklist or whitelist sites at their discretion, making AdAway an easy choice for the best ad blocker available to Android users.

Why No One Should Be Without an Ad Blocker

Finding the best ad blocker is something everyone should be concerned about. Ads in the digital age may serve an important purpose, but they can also be spammy and, in some cases, dangerous.

A good blocker can help a user ensure they aren’t overwhelmed by drop-down banners and pop-up windows, allowing them to browse the content they want without an influx of unwanted promotions – and the malware that can come with them.

There are plenty of free options on the market regardless of platform, meaning anyone can find a good ad blocker without much of a hassle.