Using grocery coupons to save on food or health and beauty items at your grocer doesn’t need to be complicated. Finding new ways to save on the food bill is a constant concern for many shoppers. Smart shoppers use grocery coupons to lower the rising cost of food at the checkout. Coupon apps like SnipSnap, CardStar, and others can simplify the process of saving money at your favorite grocery stores and retailers.

Upload, scan, or digitally “clip” coupons to your tablet or smartphone before you shop. To save you time, here are at least 10 functional and reliable grocery coupons apps for you to use now.

1. SnipSnap

SnipSnap is one of our favorite apps for grocery coupons. If you’ve ever tried to organize coupons before a major shopping trip, you know how frustrating it is. SnipSnap’s virtual “coupon binder” makes it easy to search for digital grocery coupons at the stores you shop, then download coupons directly to the SnipSnap app.

Your coupons will be sorted by expiration, but you can easily search the coupons you save by the retailer’s name. At checkout, ask the cashier to scan your device save on your grocery bill.

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2. Yowza!!

Yowza!! coupon app

Yowza!! can save you serious dough on grocery coupons. Retailers upload offers and coupons to the app, then you search by location or by favorite stores. Yowza!! currently has more than 70,000 stores for you to search. You’re not tied to a specific area, so use the app wherever you are.

If you prefer, just download and scan from the app to save more time at checkout. It’s completely free.

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3. CardStar

CardStar screenshots

If you’re like most shoppers, you have more loyalty cards, discount cards, library cards, etc., than you know what to do with. You need the loyalty card to get the current week’s discounts on groceries. Some stores may load digital grocery coupons directly to the loyalty card. One of the easiest ways to store and use your loyalty cards at the grocery store, or when you’ve using points earned at the grocery store at the gas station, is to get the CardStar app. It’s free.

Losing a grocery loyalty card is no longer a problem. Scan or manually input your number into the app. CardStar magically populates the entry with the retailer’s logo. When it’s time to check out, the cashier scans your mobile device.

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4. Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa screenshots

Coupon Sherpa can help you find manufacturers’ product coupons, along with grocery store specials and coupons, to help you save more money.

Just download the free app, then search coupons to add to the virtual wallet. Note that you might need to print out the free printable grocery coupons if the version doesn’t include a barcode. Use the Coupon Sherpa app in the store to scan your coupon savings.

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5. ShopKick

ShopKick helps you save more when you visit a store – even if you don’t buy anything. It searches your location and shows you deals at local grocery stores and other retailers, but it’s also tracking rewards.

When you enter the grocery store, ShopKick tells you about current coupons and deals. If you’re going into a store but don’t plan to do a full week’s shopping, or you’re not sure the grocery has something you’re searching for, ShopKick can help.

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6. Grocery iQ

Grocery iQ works well for couponers at the grocery store. This free grocery app is part list and part coupon matching app, so it’s ideal for saving lists, such as items you tend to buy each week. That can mean you make fewer in-the-moment purchases.

Start by creating a grocery list to search the app for your grocer and manufacturer coupons. Sync lists with a friend or spouse, or add things to the list by voice. You won’t forget anything on your list.

You’ll need to print out some of your grocery coupons because not all are scannable, but Grocery iQ takes a lot of time from the process of searching, matching, or clipping products and coupons.

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7. Checkout51

Checkout51 is a grocery coupon app for people who aren’t extreme couponers. Just buy what you normally buy. After your purchase, scan receipts to earn money on items you just bought. Checkout51 keeps track of your earnings and deposits savings in your account.

For instance, if you just bought a package of Nabisco graham crackers and the offer is for $1.00, Checkout51 applies $1.00 to your balance. After the balance reaches $20.00, you can ask for a check or add to the balance. An extra $20.00 on a regular basis is a good thing.

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8. Ibotta

Ibotta is like a rebate machine in your mobile device. You choose items from the Ibotta list each week and complete a task (such as taking a survey or watching a video). After you purchase the item(s), take an image of the receipt to submit as proof of purchase.

You’ll get paid in cash or gift cards when you have a minimum $20.00 balance. If applicable, you select the gift card you want. Ibotta is free and extremely easy to use, and there’s a special section for Walmart grocery coupons.

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9. SavingStar

SavingStar screenshots

SavingStar consolidates your pharmacy and grocery loyalty cards and links offers from manufacturers and retailers. Search the database for savings, then purchase the items on your list. SavingStar even includes coupons for cocktail fixings.

After you accrue savings of just $5.00, ask SavingStar to send the funds to PayPal, your bank account, or send the money to a charity like American Forests. New charities are joining SavingStar all the time. Using your SavingStar app can help you give more generously to causes you care about.

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10. Yipit

Yipit website screenshot

Yipit aggregates deals from many retailers in one location. Find offers savings on groceries to travel deals. It uses your location to offer the best deals in your market and delivers them in one place. This feature can save you lots of time.

Because you’re receiving multiple offers, it may take more willpower to avoid making impulse purchases. Sometimes, though, the offers are just too good to pass up.

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Summing Things Up

The top apps for mobile grocery coupons or printable grocery coupons help you save money at your favorite grocers, pharmacies, and other retailers.
Recognize that, along with many different coupon types, grocery stores’ specific redemption policies may apply. Before you assume that your pharmacy will accept a juicy $20 coupon off your favorite probiotic brand, call the pharmacy to confirm.

Try a new coupon app to save money on groceries. Let us know how much you save!

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