​Staying abreast of events and meetings is one of the most important things for most people.

So, we thought we’d dive into the Best Calendar App choices out there at the moment, so you can find the one that’s sure to change the way you get things done.

​Best Calendar App – Our Definitive List

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​Below, we’ll be documenting our choice of the Best Calendar Apps that are gaining the most attention at the moment, so that you can go away make that decision once you've read this article.

Ranked in no particular order, here they are:

So, let's start off with the first one, and that's Fantastical 2. Fantastical 2 is available on Mac and iOS and it provides you with a gorgeous calendar experience. We can confirm that on Mac it works really well, although it's quite pricey, with the iOS version $4.99 (subject to change) and the Mac version is $49.99 – much higher.

With this application, you get a pretty advanced experience; you can download it for iOS and Mac separately and the experience connects all of your calendars together.

It also provides you with a smart language input, which works really well on the Mac, allowing you to quickly add events at speed, which makes it very powerful on the go.

Now what we specifically like about Fantastical 2 is its design - its design is very beautiful, especially on Mac it's also available on iOS, with a gorgeous design there too.

Now Fantastical 2 push this as a smart, convenient and flexible application – we would have to say, it's definitely worth the pricing, it's a very well-designed application.

The second app is Calendars 5, which is an iOS-only application; that means iPhone and iPad only at the moment, although they're looking to develop a Mac version and expand the features. I

It connects to most calendars and has again a very similar function to Fantastical 2, allowing you to use smart language, quickly adding events and details at speed.

You can connect up with tasks as well and the brilliant thing about Calendars 5 is that it has tons of different views, so you can choose which layout you have - everything from lists, to monthly and everything in between.

That's one of the USPs of Calendars 5. Calendars 5 is our iOS choice of a Best Calendar App, mainly because it's really functional, fast and has that great view layout, which is really helpful when you're moving about your day.

Number three is Google Calendar. This is Google calendars application; obviously it is a provider as well, very similar to Apple calendar, but in a way Google Calendar goes a little bit further.

Google calendar has their own Android web and iOS applications and provides you with a really seamless experience. They've recently updated the web, allowing you to have consistent experience across all of the devices.

Google calendars is really basic; it doesn't have any amazing features, but we'd say the standout features are being able to set goals and keep track of them, which are then implemented into your calendar routine.

The other thing we’d say it does well is setting reminders that link up with your Google keep and Google search applications, meaning it keeps all the Google stuff in tune.

Next up is Outlook calendar, very similar to Google Calendar; this is a calendar provider, so it’s like starting afresh from here and it will natively connect with it, but is very similar to Google Calendar.

It has really strong applications that are free, but the thing with Outlook calendar is that it's connected to your mail, so you have the mail integrated into your calendar (maybe a weird experience for some).

This actually works really well because it connects up with that mail in sync.

Outlook Calendar is really well designed, mainly because of the team at sunrise, which was a really popular calendar application which we really like. They have an amazing design department that works on the calendar over in Outlook, so it's definitely worth checking out.

Our next application is iOS, and that is Moleskine Timepage, a leading application that is growing and growing rapidly. Timepage is an amazing gesture-based application, providing you with great views and the ability to add and interact with your calendar in a really traditional fashion.

You've also got loads of additional features, like rain alerts, follow-up, daily summaries and more - it's pretty intricate, but really well-designed. Timepage is $4.99 on iOS.

The next one is Cal by Any.DO; this is from the Any.DO creators, the task management application that's available on Android and iOS.

This is available on iOS and Android, and Cal provides you with a pretty simple experience and what we think the sort of standout futures are is that you can go inside and set up an event, but it also brings in different covers for all of the things that you add.

You've got a really gorgeous design in terms of being able to click in and it will be able to detect, for example, lunch. You'll put a photo of dinner etc. inside of the calendar event, so it makes it very interactive and that is free as well, so you can access all of that at no charge.

The next one is an Android only one – one of our favorite Best Calendar App choices on the market - aCalendar is an application that’s free on Android, and provides you with a pretty simple experience.

Now again, it has a good optionality for views and layouts, which make it one of the leaders on Android and it provides you with a pretty simple experience for getting on with.

You can connect up a lot of calendars and there is a free version as well as a premium version - it's called aCalendar plus, which is about $3.99 on the Google Play Store. There are two different versions with additional features.

Tiny Calendar is available on Android and iOS, again - rising in popularity, mainly because it replicates a very similar experience to Calendars 5.

There are a lot of views and layouts that are available to users, so if you're looking for a cross-platform experience, this could be your solution, because if you like views and layouts, you're going to love this one.

It has so many gorgeous ones and it seems to work really fluidly, just from playing around with it and using it, it seems pretty seamless in terms of moving around the layouts, so definitely worth picking up and having a go with.

Again, it's free to check out. So a competitor to Fantastical 2, too BusyCal 3.0 for iOS and Mac is available around about the same price, $4.99 for the iOS version, and $49.99 for the Mac version.

BusyCal provides you with a pretty nice host of views and layouts, allowing you to add lots of calendars, although it doesn't have too many of the smart functionality that Fantastical 2 does, but if you're looking for a professional, easy to get on with application, then this might be for you.

To top things off, we've got the Today Calendar, which is available on Android. This is by a designer called Jack Underwood, and his design of this application is absolutely gorgeous. It's what Google Calendar should be, and it provides you with a really nice material design experience on Android for calendar.

There is a 7-day free trial on the free application, but there is a $4 version that you can download and have Pro; it's called Today Calendar and Pro it's a really strong and beautiful application if you're just looking for something really simple.

The Best Calendar App For Your Money

​Those are our ten favorite calendar applications, and while there are tons more calendar applications, we can only fit in a select few.

Any suggestions, please feel free to let us know which ones you think should have made the cut!