Trying to slim down a little and get in shape? Calorie counting apps are the best way to do so – as long as you keep an accurate log of what you consume and what you burn, you’re sure to lose weight. Below are our top picks for the best calorie counting app around.

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Best Calorie Counting App

MyFitnessPal Calorie Counting App

My Fitness Pal is a free calorie counting and weight management program that makes it fast and easy to track your calories and lose weight. Anyone can lose weight if they have the right tools and the right support system. Medical studies show that keeping a food journal doubles your weight loss, but most people believe they don’t have the time to keep track of their food and exercise.

MyFitnessPal has solved that problem – on your computer, or on your smartphone, MyFitnessPal makes tracking your food and exercise incredibly fast and easy.

The more you use MyFitnessPal, the faster it becomes to record your food, because it remembers the foods you eat and makes it incredibly easy to never miss logging a meal.

Let’s say you’re logging your lunch and that you’ve been using My Fitness Pal for a few days – from the first time you use MyFitnessPal, it will remember the foods you add to your diary, so it takes no time at all to add the same foods again later.

Your favorite foods are available for you and foods you haven’t logged are just a few keystrokes away. Most regular users of MyFitnessPal can log a meal in less than a minute!

The search functionality, with its huge database, makes it easy to find the items you are looking for and add them to your food diary. The Multi-add option can be used to save even more time, by using a checkbox system to select more than one food at a time.

Food that you eat often can be found in the frequent foods section; anything you’ve had recently can be found in your recent food list. The app even has a barcode-scanning feature, which can make scanning new foods unbelievably easy – just tap the barcode icon next to the search area, line up the barcode with the rear camera of your phone or tablet and the app will automatically show you the matching result.

After adding the food you want, your remaining calories for the day are updated. Other time-saving features include the meals feature, which lets you combine items that you typically eat together, so you can save a set of foods and log them again later with a single tap.

The recipes feature lets you easily capture your homemade recipes and then log a single serving of a larger recipe when you record your meal. MyFitnessPal makes getting started fast and easy, but if you need help sticking to your goals, there are millions of users in the online community who can help you stay on track – the MyFitnessPal website will keep you motivated like nothing else!

Cronometer Calorie Counting App

Cronometer is a unique diet tracking app that enables you to track all the food you eat in a day, any exercise you participated in, as well as numerous biometrics, from sleep to heart-rate.

Unlike most diet tracking apps, Cronometer provides you with many levels of detail about the food that you eat. This includes total calories consumed and burned for the day, breakdowns of your macronutrients and energy expansion, 48 different micronutrient targets, and even medication, all of which can be customized to meet your individual needs.

You can log your favorite foods, set weight goals and even create your own foods and recipes and share them with other users. As you log your diet and other activity, chronometer provides comprehensive tracking so you can view your progress from any angle you want.

Cronometer integrates with your favorite fitness devices, such as fitbit and Apples health app, which makes tracking your data even easier. These are only a few of the powerful features Chronometer offers to help you reach your fitness goals. Opening an account with Cronometer is free, and offers plenty in the way of fine-tuning your health.

Livestrong Calorie Counting App

Eating right and losing weight can be challenging, but the Livestrong calorie tracker app is sure to help. You can start by getting your personalized daily calorie goal based on your weight and profile information, then just keep track of your meals and exercise to reach your goals.

Tracking is simple – just scan a barcode or find your meal in the Livestrong database. Updating your intake and exercise is reflected by the remaining calories in your daily diary – don’t forget to track your water consumption either!

If you find yourself unable to find certain dishes or food, you can easily create custom food items, and since calories aren’t the only thing that matter, Livestrong will also help you visualize your macronutrient breakdown in just a few strokes. Reaching weight-loss goals is made particularly easy with the Livestrong calorie tracker – and you’ll be one step closer to a healthier and happier life, too!

MyNetDiary Calorie Counting App

With MyNetDiary, you can lose weight and get healthier with next to no effort at all – losing weight has never been easier! Stick with MyNetDiary for five days and you’re sure to see the results. It only gets easier as you learn your way around and the app, which learns your favorite foods. Your eating habits will start to change, but remember to keep logging foods no matter what and don’t go hungry.

MyNetDiary encourages you to create a plan during app setup, which you can adjust for later but, for now, you are all set. You now know the target calories to stay under every day, just have to keep track of your foods and stay on plan.

Food tracking is very easy in MyNetDiary – go to the meal you want to log and start typing a food name – the food database will be scoured for relevant matches, or you can use the barcode scanner.

And don’t worry if you cannot find the exact food, it’s okay to log a similar food! Simply tap the serving you need or type the number and then tap the serving you want. With only a couple of taps, you’ve logged your food!

While you are logging foods, MyNetDiary shows you how much you ate and how much is left in the meals row. The analysis row shows the calories left when taking exercise you did into account. You can try logging your meal before you eat – you’ll learn how many calories are in each food and this will help you eat better.

The analysis screen shows more details about the day’s calories, estimates your weight loss progress and provides insights about foods and nutrients helping you to eat better and lose weight.

Getting more active is a great idea you can start simple by taking walks. You can track your walks, runs and other activities in MyNetDiary similarly to how you track foods. Start by typing the activity or exercise name, then enter a time or distance. MyNetDiary also has a great community, with forums supported by a registered dietician.

You can also team up with friends or find new friends on there; make sure to check out the MyNetDiary library, which has short and helpful articles on choosing a weight loss strategy, nutrients and calories, estimating portion sizes and even overcoming a weight loss plateau. MyNetDiary also has many more great tools to make tracking easier and fun. A health app sync and a special app for Apple watch is also available. With so many features and ways to track yourself, you can’t lose!

Choosing the Best Calorie Counting App

So those are our top picks for the best calorie counting apps around. Do you think these will aid you in your weight loss mission? And do you have any other calorie counting apps that are worth raving about? Let us know; you might be onto something!

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