Here’s What Everyone Needs to Know About GPS App Choices

There’s no question about it – GPS apps are changing the way our world works, plays and even communicates with family.

Here are a few of the many uses for GPS apps:

  • find lost phones
  • find lost children
  • find lost pets
  • find lost golf balls
  • navigate traffic jams
  • notify meeting attendees of our ETA

Some businesses even use these apps to track employee movement so they can calculate wages and time. From frivolous to downright lifesaving, there’s an app for that. Here are six of the most interesting and useful applications.

The Six Most Popular Mobile Phone GPS App Choices Right Now

6. Fly GPS App

Fly GPS menu

Ok, we have to admit that the whole point of Pokemon Go is to get us up, moving and interacting. Of course, wherever there is a game, there is a hack. It’s just a thing now. Enter Fly GPS. This app actually lets you play Pokemon Go while sitting comfortably on your bottom, watching Sailor Moon and eating potato chips. Basically, it tricks your phone into thinking that it’s somewhere else. Why does that matter? Because you have to physically go to a location to train your Pokemon or engage in battles. Or at least you used to.

Don’t put away your walking shoes yet though because the app is a bit glitchy and the joystick makes it hard to control your character. Also, every time Android does an update with a patch to show fake locations the app developers have to scramble for yet another workaround. It’s almost like watching a GPS app based arms race.

5. BackCountry Navigator

BackCountry Navigato, one of the best hiking GPS apps

If you are into backpacking, this hiking GPS app can help you find your way through any terrain. BackCountry Navigator costs $10 per month, but it’s worth it if you travel frequently in areas where there is no cell phone signal because it includes offline maps. You can try it before you buy it so you have a chance to check out the extra features it contains like topographical mapping and the ability to mark your location as you travel.

4. GolfLogix

GolfLogix GPS app for golf players

If you have ever wondered what kind of insanity could lead a human being to chase a tiny white ball across miles of golf course, well, you haven’t tried GolfLogix! This Golf GPS app gives you free GPS distances for any golf course, any where in the world. You can track up to four player’s scores and their stats, and navigate with the included 3D course images and yardage book. It takes an ages-old sport up to a whole new technical level.

The app comes with discounts at thousands of golf courses as an added bonus. While it’s functional on Android as well, it’s designed most functionally as a GPS app for iPhone because it works in conjunction with the Apple Watch.

3. Family Tracker

Locating family members on the Family Tracker app map

It’s not paranoid to want to keep track of your kids in this day and age. Thankfully, we have some modern phone apps that help us keep a little peace of mind. Family Tracker is a GPS tracker app that lets you locate your children where ever they are. It’s not perfect because they might leave their phone, turn it off or run out of battery. Still, there are a lot of features on this app that help us find our family when it matters. One of the best is the ability to force the phone to make sound whether it’s on silent or not. This way you or your family will never miss a text when it’s an emergency.

The app costs about $5 to buy and requires in-app purchases for some upgraded services. But most users find it completely worth it for the peace of mind.

2. Maps.ME

Maps.ME app on an iPhone

Maps.ME is for those who spend a lot of time traveling around the world or in places where there is little to no cell signal. If you are paying for cell service in a remote location, real-time GPS navigation can get quite expensive with the data requirements.

With this app, you can download maps for the areas you need and then use them to create routes with turn by turn instructions. This GPS app also has information stored on over 16,000 restaurants, 4,000 points of interest and more than 14,000 stores. It’s been downloaded by literally tens of millions of people worldwide and is available for Android, Apple, Amazon, Blackberry and several other older Android platforms.

1. Waze


What’s the Best GPS App for Your Phone? Top 6 Apps Reviewed

Waze is fast becoming the most widely used GPS app for Android. As it rises in popularity, Apple fans are realizing that this is the best GPS app for iPhone as well. Where most iPhone apps require in-app purchases for lane guidance or other perks, Waze gives it all to us for free. Google acquired the GPS navigation app in 2013 for an astounding 1.3 BILLION dollars because it was giving Google Maps a run for it’s money. Now, Google maps runs on Waze.

What makes this the best navigation app? It’s also a social media app too. Users can input traffic data, warn other drivers of road hazards, traffic jams and yes… speed traps with one click buttons. If this sounds like a bit of a safety hazard, there have been concerns expressed. But these concerns have shown to be mostly unfounded so far.

It appears that Waze’s ability to guide drivers to the correct lane for an interchange and warn drivers of upcoming hazards is helping them to drive more safely. Of course, law enforcement isn’t too happy about the app’s ability to locate speed traps. Regardless of the complaints, there’s no question that Waze is taking over the GPS world. In fact, Uber now uses Waze as the onboard navigation tool for all its drivers.

Summing Up

As you can see, whether they are employed as a hack for our favorite game, tracker for our favorite golf course, or practical navigation tool for our busy schedule, GPS apps are changing our lives in a big way. Hopefully you’ve found a couple new and interesting apps to try out in this list. Of the six above, are you using any? If so, which are your favorites? How do you think  they’ll continue to change our lives in the future? Leave us a comment below!

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