Grocery rebate apps can save you money each month on groceries, health and beauty products, and beverages. It’s possible to save money without clipping coupons with “rebate apps”. Adding rebates to your couponing habits can amplify returns.

Save even more with these 20 best rebate apps

If you’re looking for information about grocery rebate apps, we’ve collected details about some of today’s most popular grocery rebate apps. Check out the following apps to save more money on your grocery bill. You can even use all of these coupon rebate apps in tandem to save even more money on rebates.

1. MobiSave

MobiSave app on an iPhone

If you think all grocery rebate apps are alike, think again. As grocery cash back apps are concerned, Mobisave is in a class by itself. Whether you’re a new or experienced rebater, you’ll like the fact that MobiSave quickly pays users. It’s user-friendly. Simply add the items on your shopping list to the app cart before you purchase at checkout.

MobiSave offers rebates on items that most shoppers purchase each week. For instance, if you plan to buy a loaf of bread this shopping trip, review rebates for bread and add the offer you want to the cart. After you add an item to the app cart, you’ve got up to seven days to redeem the offer. The best part of all is that you’re paid right away after each transaction.

: Provide MobiSave with your PayPal address, and you’re paid automatically every time.

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2. BerryCart

BerryCart coupon app

Have you ever wished for grocery rebate apps for non-GMO, natural, and organic foods? BerryCart has granted your wish. Whether you shop at a local Whole Foods or your town co-operative, use BerryCart to save more money. You must have $5.00 in savings to ask BerryCart to process your rebate through PayPal.

You’ll need to perform a maximum of two actions to get your rebate. Write a product review or take a short quiz. BerryCart prompts you to scan the receipt for the purchase and upload it to the app.

Tip: If you’re pressed for time, do just one action. To get the maximum rebate, take a minute to do two.

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3. bevRAGE

bevRAGE search and save feature

Entertaining and taking staycations are frequent activities in warm weather months. If you’re looking for grocery rebate apps that pay you to buy beer, wine, and alcoholic beverages, take a look at bevRAGE. You can get a rebate on wine or liquor purchased at the grocery and liquor store as well as wine or cocktails purchased by the glass when you’re dining out. There’s no minimum needed to ask bevRAGE to send your rebate by PayPal. After you request, your rebate arrives in about 48 hours.

Many offers on bevRAGE limit you to one purchase. Some allow you to purchase once in a 24-hour period. Not all rebates specify a brand. For instance, a bevRAGE offer for six-pack of beer makes it simple to shop. Choose your favorite brand. Check other best rebate apps for beer offers to stock your refrigerator. Take a picture of your receipt to submit for the rebate.

Tip: Consider buying the rebate item as a separate order at the store. This makes capturing the receipt image an easy task.

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4. Yaarlo

Yaarlo screenshots

Yaarlo gives you cash back every time you scan a grocery receipt. Although Yaarlo claims to return one to two percent back on the total scanned receive, in some instances you may receive less than one percent. This may happen if you’re shopping at a store than isn’t linked to Yaarlo. Many national retailers, including Walmart, Subway, and Target are linked to Yaarlo. Some rebate offers are present to local markets only.

Recognize that even if you don’t receive the maximum two percent cash back on your retailer’s receipt, Yaarlo’s cash back results are competitive with some of the best rebate apps.

Tip: Look for a bonus code to get an extra $1 sign-up on Yaarlo.

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5. ReceiptPal

ReceiptPal features

Many grocery rebate apps are product-specific. Not ReceiptPal. Regardless of what you purchase this week, you can earn money from ReceiptPal. With this rebate app, you submit the full receipt. ReceiptPal isn’t interested in a specific product offer.

Upload a receipt from any store and receive a rebate from ReceiptPal. Shop at grocery stores, pharmacies, and other retailers. Let’s say you shop at a national retailer for your groceries, health and beauty aids, pharmacy, clothing, and school supplies. Just scan the receipt into ReceiptPal and you’ll receive points for every four receipts scanned.

Tip: You can donate your ReceiptPal points to a linked charity, Amazon gift cards, and other offers.

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6. Receipt Hog

ReceiptHog website screenshot

Receipt Hog is similar, but not identical, to ReceiptPal. Scan any store receipt and you’ll receive cash back from purchases. Unlike ReceiptPal, the receipt must be generated by a grocery store. If you want to achieve maximum return for your rebating efforts, Receipt Hog pays a little more than ReceiptPal.

Along with the Receipt Hog app, you receive a “Hog Slots” game. When you upload a store receipt or refer your friends, Hog Slots rewards you with additional spins. Every spin offers chances to earn prizes and additional cash.

Tip: Enter a referral code when you sign up for Receipt Hog to get extra spins in the Hog Slots game.

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7. Punchcard

Punchcard coupons app

If you’re carrying paper punch cards to get free stuff at stores like Target, Subway, or Starbucks, the Punchcard app can simplify your life. Punchcard has already managed to link to a wide array of partner stores so, whether you live in a large city or small town, it’s possible to use Punchcard to your advantage.

You’ll find small retailers (mom and pops) along with national brand stores and chains. Earn points for each purchase and, when you rack up 5,000 points, exchange them for a gift card at Amazon, Starbucks, CVS, and much more.

Tip: You probably won’t earn a lot of cash back with this app. Five thousand points are equivalent to $2.00. However, you have more shopping choices than other popular rebate apps.

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Summing Up

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average American family spends at least 10 percent of the monthly household budget. Finding ways to save money can help to defray the cost of rising prices on necessities.

Since many Americans – almost half – also grab food on the run or take meals outside the home, it’s a good idea to use grocery rebate apps in grocery stores and eateries. Couponing and rebating can save shoppers money each week. Do you use grocery rebate apps?

Do you use this type of apps? Then you may be interested in learning more about even more rebate apps.