IP cameras, once installed, enable users to engage in a wide range of surveillance activities from home security monitoring to business monitoring to pet monitoring, and baby monitoring and more, via a remote location, with the simple use of an ip camera app.

Whether you are a homeowner who wants to keep an eye on your pets while you’re away, or you are a business owner who wants to monitor their site for suspicious activity, the following review of the best IP camera apps, arranged by popularity and quality, will help you select the best IP camera app for you, and they are all compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

1. iCamViewer

iCamViewer allows for remote viewing of up to 8 IP security cameras, including Zavio and Vivotek ip cameras and more, from your Android or iOS phone or handheld device via your local network or the internet. It also includes a blog, Twitter, and YouTube section so you can remain up to date on the latest additions and updates for the app.

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iCamViewer, one of the best IP camera app options

2. Home Security Video Surveillance WardenCam

WardenCam provides ultra high definition live video monitoring and audio sensors, which enables users to monitor their office, store, or home from anywhere in the world via the internet. Additionally, it includes free cloud storage, scheduled motion detection, and it enables users to review events that they missed. Users can also access setup for multiple cameras on one system, and it is compatible with both older and newer model smartphones and tablets.

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3. iProSecu A.M. V2

iProsSecu A.M. V2 enables users to connect their IPCam, DVR, and NVR to monitor live views remotely. They can also playback images and video inside IPMCAm and DVR scard and snapshot real time images and save them to the path of their choice, and more.

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iProSecu A.M. V2 IP app

4. Legacy IP Camera Viewer

Legacy IP Camera Viewer is hailed as one of the easiest IP camera setups in the industry because it enables users to view live video straight from their smartphone, and they don’t need a complex router set up in order to do so. With the X10 Easy Scan Setup, users just simply scan their cam and watch.

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5. MonoCamLite

MonocamLite, a utility app, is a creative app for watching the video of plug and play ip cameras on your smartphone or tablet, and it is considered the best IP camera app because no internet or router configuration is required. Users simply key in the password of the IP camera, and they are free to view the video via their smartphone or tablet anytime and anywhere. In addition, they also have access to on screen pan/tilt, snapshot, audio controls, and more.

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MonoCam IP camera app

6. MCamView

MCamView is another app hailed as the best IP camera app because it enables users to view IP camera video without the use of an IP address for the IP camera or DDNS or port mapping for router configuration. Instead, users simply key in the password for the IP camera, and they can view video from their smart device.

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7. CamSee

CamSee is an app for IP cameras that allows users to control and view their ip camera video from anywhere via their iPhone or Android device. In addition, users have access to full screen views by simply adjusting the screen to landscape. It also enables multi camera support, swiping to show next camera, sharing via email, and more.

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CamSee by himesoft

8. Vivotek iViewer

Vivotek iViewer provides access to your surveillance camera right from your handheld smart device. With this app, users can make a direct connection to individual cameras via Lan search or IP address, or they can access live video from various cameras within their grip, including those managed by NVR, Vivotek, Vast, and more. Users also have access to two way audio for camera, Fisheye camera dewarp, Timeline playback, and more.

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9. GV-Eye

GV-Eye is rated the best ip camera app because it gives GV-IP device users access to live views via multiple cameras for free. With this app, users can remotely watch live views via their smart device, receive audio, take snapshots, control PTZ, and more.

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GV-Eye IP camera app

10. iVMS-4500

iVMS-4500 is hailed as the best IP camera app because it supports a full line of Hikvision products, including network cameras, standard H.264 video codec speed domes, DS-9000/91000 series DVRs, DS-7300/8100 series DVRs, DS-7000/8000 series DVRs, and DS-6000/61000 series DVRs. This mobile phone surveillance app also enables real-time previews up to 16 channels, calibration for brightness, support for configuration and preset activation, and more.

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Summing Up

With the best IP camera app, users have a variety of options for monitoring their home or workplace activity, and with some apps, you don’t even need the internet to interact with your system. There are numerous IP camera apps available; however, to narrow down your search for the best IP camera app, simply refer to this list, and be sure to share your own experiences with these apps, as well as others, to help other IP camera app users with their search for the best IP app.