It’s a busy world out there indeed! Most of us, to some degree, become addicted to using our phones and their useful apps. While many would see this as a negative, one must think of its essentiality. Think about on why not take advantage of the wide world of apps and use them to further your meditation practice?

The Viability of Meditation Apps

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While “meditation” and “app” seem a bit oxymoronic, there remains actually a number of fantastic meditation apps out there. These help you separate yourself from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Also, to remind your mindfulness every single day.

The great thing about apps is that they are endlessly customizable. Some of these apps feature hundreds of hours of guided meditation. Others intend to help those who prefer independent meditation. Various apps focus on meditation for children to bring the whole family in on the practice.

Best of 2018’s Meditation Apps

The Mindfulness App

According to the creators, this app’s design helps you remember and carve out mindfulness in your busy life. Packed full of great features, the offerings come with a five-day guided meditation practice, reminders to relax, a customizable timetable for your individual meditation practice. We like app this for its simplicity and ease of use. The availability of the Mindfulness App comes with a free trial. However, you purchasing a premium subscription comes along with even more features, such as 200+ different guided meditations.

This app unboxes itself on a global appeal as used by millions of meditators in more than 130 different countries. This certainly means virtual companionship in your quest for mindfulness.


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This reaches your app store as an astoundingly popular meditation app. With all it has to offer, calm offers a variety of different meditation practices. This lasts for as short as 3 minutes to as long as 27 minutes. It contains a 10-minute feature called Daily Calm, a great way to begin or end your day. It also offers sleep stories, breathing exercises, unguided meditations and even soothing sounds. This helps you get to bed at night (or for use on an airplane for when you’re trying to block out the noise and get some shut-eye).

Calm is a free app, though there is a premium subscription available at a variety of different price points. This depends on how much of the app you wish to access. Since this became Apple’s app of 2017, it features a very well-loved meditation app and still going strong in 2018.


Headspace Website Homepage

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Headspace attains its well-loved character from its excellent animations. It guides you down the path of meditation in a fun and lovable way. You go ahead access the Basics course for free. It offers you a variety of beginner mindfulness and meditation exercises that will certainly leave you refreshed and wanting more. If you want to access the rest of what Headspace offers, a variety of subscriptions at varying price points comes available.

Headspace uniquely offers meditation for kids. Those who have hyperactive little ones may want to give Headspace a try. They also offer a variety of specialized meditations on everything from sleep to stress. Many people love using Headspace as a way to start the day. Some use its techniques to successfully navigate through stressful situations, like hospitalizations.


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This holds its reputation as a great app for those who want to experience using an app for meditation. If you don’t want to deal with paying for hefty subscriptions, you can access the entirety of Buddhify’s 11-hour database. This comes at a very reasonable price of $4.99 for iOS, and $1.99 for Android, which makes this a great one-time purchase. There are a variety of different meditations available from Buddhify.  The app’s features include helping you to sleep or quickly unwind from stressful situations at work. Buddhify keeps track of how often you are accessing its repositories. This makes you possible to chart how well you’re sticking to your practice over time.

Insight Timer

This is another great choice for those who want to avoid subscriptions. This stays completely free to use and access so long as long as you have internet access. (If you would like to use Insight Timer offline, there is an option to purchase a version that doesn’t require Wi-Fi.) This wonderful app offers more than 4,000 different meditations from a variety of different practitioners. So, it’s a great way to try many different meditation approaches for the very low cost of zero dollars.

Insight Timer is also highly customizable. It comes with a variety of different sounds and background images available for you to use. There are also 750 different soundtracks you can choose to boost your meditation time even further.

Meditation Timer Pro

Most of these apps are geared toward those who are either just getting started with meditation practice or who are specifically looking for guided meditation. However, there are plenty of people out there who are already well into their own personal meditation practices. Likewise, they don’t need additional bells and whistles. Meditation Timer Pro comes in on these situations. This app highlights very simple meditation tips and techniques for those who are already accustomed to meditation. However, it helps individuals especially if they just got started in their independent practice. It’s also very inexpensive: a mere $1.99 for iOS.

10% Happier

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There are many people who are skeptical of meditation but might be able to be convinced to give it a try. This is where 10% Happier shines. It offers a variety of simple meditation practices that gears toward the beginner who doesn’t want to be overwhelmed with a lot of mysticism. 10% Happier is designed to be simple, short, sweet and effective. Even better, much of its content is available for free.  It’s easy for beginners to really put their all into a meditation practice without having to spend a dime to do it. For those who would like to take their meditation practice further, there is also a subscription option.

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind Mobile Interface

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This is an app designed for parents who want to encourage their kids to get into a meditation practice. It may be one of the only apps on the market that specifically caters to meditation for children.  Rather than having it as an add-on or ignoring it altogether. This app can be configured to suit the needs of little ones as young as 7 years old. It stresses an option for classroom use. Teachers who would like to share the benefits of mindfulness with their young students should use this.

Stop, Breathe, & Think

This app is highly rated for both iOS and Android. The free option offers 55 different meditations for you to explore and enjoy. It’s also a highly-customizable app, with different meditations dedicated to topics like anxiety, depression and sleep problems. It will also help you record your daily meditation practice so you can chart your progress throughout the time you use the app. If you’re really in love with the app, then there is also a premium subscription available for purchase to unlock more meditations.

Sattva Meditations & Mantras

Sattva Meditations & Mantras Mobile App Showing Its Features

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This meditation app focuses on Sattva practice, which encourages you to meditate daily. It also includes a unique collection of chants. If you would like to listen to the sounds of monks while they are engaging in their daily meditation. Plus, there are different chants that you can listen to while you are engaging in other activities. For instance, Sattva offers a particular chant that you can listen to on the way to an important meeting to encourage strength and willpower.

Sattva also offers a very comprehensive tracking mechanism so you can keep tabs on your practice. There are various different meditation challenges that you can take on to keep your practice fresh and exciting. Even better, there are ways to share your challenges and accomplishments with friends, and this adds a fun social aspect to the app. Even better, it’s free for iOS.

The Best Meditation Apps

We really love what all of these Meditation apps have done for our practices and focus. While it may seem strange to rely on technology for something that is rather pointedly about disconnecting from the world around us, not all of us have our own personal gurus to run to on a daily basis.

If you are curious about the benefits of meditation you may like to give it a shot. These Meditation Apps offer an affordable and accessible way to work meditation into your daily life. If you’re looking for one to try for free, we really highly recommend Sattva Meditation & Mantras since it doesn’t rely on a free trial.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to jump in with both feet, we highly suggest a premium subscription to Calm. It’s one of the most popular apps for iOS for a reason, and the reason is its quality. Few apps can surpass the absolutely incredible amount of material that Calm will offer you. Also, the price is certainly cheaper than attending a meditation retreat. However, there’s no putting a price tag on mental calmness.