10 Best Podcast Apps That You Should Try Out

Do you find yourself with extra time on your hands?

Do you accidently scroll through endless websites wasting your time and energy without accomplishing anything productive?

What if you used that extra valuable time to learn fun things and educate yourself?

With the rate of technology and outstanding capabilities of the Internet today, it is equally overwhelming and incredible the amount of information available right at our fingertips.

The list of best podcast apps and websites are endless.

A person can literally learn languages, teach himself or herself world history, or learn to build a home by watching videos and digesting information available through apps and technology.

Become inspired by listening to iconic members in society be interviewed by notable journalists.

Dive deep into the current economic state of the world. It is no joke.

There are hundreds of thousands of resources available for use and all you need is a smart device and a solid Wi-Fi connection.

Start Educating Yourself Via Podcasts

We are so excited about the endless online educational opportunities at the world’s disposal. You can literally type any subject that you want to learn about into the ‘Google’ bar and hundreds of well-researched articles and resources will instantly pop into your web browser.

But how you do you know if a website is credible and worthy of your attention, though?

This is the main downfall with trusting the Internet, especially with all the talk of ‘fake news’ that has surfaced since Donald Trump took office.

We have made it easy for you to weed out the useless information and get straight to the juicy educational content.

Our list of best online educational websites is meant to expand your mind, ignite inspiration and keep you learning every day.

The 10 Best Podcast Apps to Try

1. Reddit 

Reddit logo

Reddit is the hottest news source and meme bank in the history of the world. Every single meme or funny graphic you see on Facebook, it surfaced on Reddit first.

Reddit is where the conversation begins.

It is the landing pad for thousands of creative communities, real time conversations and genuine human connection.

Whether you are looking for the hottest memes, breaking news, sports statistics, what the president tweeted to so-and-so, you can literally find anything you would ever want to know on the Reddit podcast app.  

It is the go-to source and the place to find cutest animal videos, ask Reddit ‘the best places to camp in California,’ or figure out what is really happening on the set of ‘Vampire Diaries.’

Reddit is a platform for millions of people worldwide to connect, converse, comment, spread information, and meet people who are like-minded and share similar interests.

The site is the #5 most visited site in the world on Alexa and the site has over 330 million average monthly users.

National Geographic Weekend logo

National Geographic has done incredible work when it comes to the preservation of sacred lands, people and places. Nat Geo is the main source for awe-inspiring travels, heart opening photography, and groundbreaking discoveries for generations.

The National Geographic Society supports endless research, expeditions, and conservation efforts worldwide every day of the year. They gather scientific grants and focus extreme attention on subjects like science, human history and culture, at-risk species and habitats, and protecting the Earth’s precious resources.

Nat Geo has been providing a stellar stream of world coverage since 1888 and the National Geographic Society has awarded over 13,000 grants to up and coming figures in conservation, storytelling, technology, and human awareness.

The National Geographic Weekend podcast is a weekly talk show hosted by Boyd Mason that interviews and features some of the world’s forefront scientists, explorers and environmentalists in the world.

Aubrey Marcus Podcast

If you have not heard of Aubrey Marcus, do yourself a favor and download his amazing podcast now. Aubrey Marcus is the CEO and founder of Onnit, a lifestyle brand based in Austin, Texas. Onnit uses a holistic health approach aimed to inspire people towards Total Human Optimization.

Onnit is an incorporated 500 company and a leader in the health and wellbeing movement. Aubrey Marcus is the head of this vision and he does a phenomenal job spreading his message and opening up the minds and ears of thousands of people who look up to him.

The Aubrey Marcus Podcast is one of the best podcasts apps you can listen to because it is filled with motivational conversations with key players in all sorts of industries. From athletes to business to science to relationships, Aubrey brings light and education on popular topics and taboo issues.

TED Talks logo

TED Talks is a life-changing platform for inspiration, motivation, information, and perspiration.

The service is an arm of TED, the platform by which thousands of iconic figures have given talks of wisdom, service and coveted material. The TED Talks Podcast is the place to find all of these incredible talks.

Every weekday, TED Talks brings listeners the latest talks available through TED.

Become truly inspired, listen to heart wrenching stories, gain practical knowledge, and genuinely expand your mind. From Zoology to music theory, TED Talks offer talks by the world’s leading thinkers and doers.

TED Talks are given all over the globe and are available in both video and audio format.

There are also TEDx conferences worldwide where fore-thinking figures in various subjects join together to present, converse, and create long lasting impressions on millions of people.

Another key leader in the podcast world is the renowned comedian who also holds many other roles, Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan is a standup comedian, host of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, a UFC commentator, and actor and ultimate cool dude.

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast features long standing conversations with people from all sorts of life that covers. It is one of the most popular podcast apps on iTunes today and for many good reasons.  Joe Rogan exudes a wide love for life and all of its insanity.

Joe Rogan revels in the art of standup comedy and adventuring through life with raw honesty and realness. His podcast interviews everyone from Elon Musk to Mikhalia Peterson to Chuck Palahniuk to Joey Diaz.

6.  The RSA

The RSA logo

The RSA claims to offer ‘world-changing ideas at your fingertips’ and we certainly agree with this online educational platform. The RSA comes to the world via their YouTube channel and they have over 600,000 subscribers.

The RSA brings to the table world-changing concepts, RSA Animates, self-improvement, conversations, debates, and juicy videos chalk full of useful information.

The RSA podcast features the words of the world’s leading thinkers on topics like education, design, creativity and politics.

The Royal Institution logo

This one is for our science nerds (and also aspiring science nerds). The Royal Institution is an online platform via YouTube. The platform offers videos to make you think more deeply about all things science.

The Royal Institution is a whopping two hundred years old and based out of London.

The independent charity is devoted to making human connections through the world of science through current events, educational opportunities and their famous Christmas Lectures. They provide endless films and educational videos to increase user information and wisdom around major scientific topics.

ed2go logo

Ed2go is a key educational website for learning and mastering new subject via the inter webs. Learn new skills online and change your life for the better with one of ed2go’s various online courses and resources.

Local schools team together to create a wide network of available career paths all at the tip of your fingers. The online school per se offers some of the most in-depth courses available online today.

Ed2go also offers financial aid for career training courses.

Ed2go teams with well-known institutions such as Auburn University Outreach, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, George Mason University, and California State University San Marcos.

Improve your chances of landing your dream job with a certificate that employers will actually deem credible.

Instructables  logo

Instructables is the number one online resource for those looking to create. Instructables provides consistent, detailed, and credible content for learning how to make literally almost everything you could ever think of.

This site weeds out all of YouTube’s ‘How-to’ nonsense and gives its readers the most straightforward and direct instructions for creating whatever their hearts desire.

Learn trades such as leatherworking, metalworking, baking, welding, crafts, home projects and tons more.

10. Babbel

Babbel logo

Babbel is the go-to when it comes to educational websites that teach you how to speak new languages.

This online resource is the #1 best selling language learning app in the world as told by Priori Data in May 2017.  

Babbel delights in crafting the tools everyday people need to have practical and everyday conversations in different languages. They aim to produce more enlightening, bigger and brighter conversations, and deeper immersion in different cultures.

Learn real-life conversation skills crafted by language experts around the world.

The big babble about Babbel is their goal to instill confidence in their students and create ways for humans to utilize state of the art language technology to create lasting language skills. This amazing language app allows the user to completely personalize their learning experience and go at their won pace.

The Joy of Amazing Apps

Amazing Apps

Some say education is the ultimate guide to inner riches and wisdom.

Learning is an experience you can have at any given age, economic status or physical place. It is quite remarkable that the amount of educational resources is widely available in today’s technological age.

When we couple learning with the best podcast apps out there and the rate at which these resources are available online, we receive an invaluable access to learn and educate ourselves.

What are you waiting for?

The time is now to discover more about that topic you have always dreamed of.