To say that selfies have gone viral in the past few years would be an understatement. Selfies have even made their way into the professional marketing world. Consequently, they’ve become a valuable tool in the modern world. There are numerous apps that make taking selfies easier and more effective. This guide presents ten awesome selfie apps for both Android and iOS that will make finding the best selfie camera app a lot easier.

5 Best Selfie Apps for Android

1. YouCam Perfect

Created by, the YouCam Perfect app features incredibly simple yet effective editing tools, such as the face re-shaper and other cosmetic effects. Because of the app’s simplicity and sheer number of editing tools, this apps is highly recommended for high school and even college students. Other cool features of this app include being able to adjust skin tone, pimples and blemishes, along with social media sharing and more. It’s also able to detect and remember faces in one’s photos, making it the best selfie camera app for families.

2. Bright Camera

The Bright Camera app gives one a bunch of cool special effects to play with, like adding different frames. Selfies created with this app can be directly shared on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other social media platforms. Beautification, selfie timer and image filters are other nice features of this app. Like the previous app, this one is able to recognize faces with names. Overall, this app is great for people from all walks of life.

3. Candy Camera

Started by the JP Brothers, Candy Camera is notorious for having its excellent reviews and ratings, along with performance of course. This app takes photo editing a step further by allowing users to use the special effects in real time, a feature that very few, if any, selfie apps offer, making this app arguably the best selfie camera app on the market. Additional features include selfie filters, beauty functions, stickers, silent camera and collage. Over seven million people are currently using this app!

4. Retrica

Although it’s not among the most popular, exclusive selfie apps, Retrica does offer exceptional features, such as watermarking, collage maker, timer and more, along with over 100 different filters. Overall, this app combines both simplicity and innovation into one single package, making it excellent for beginners. However, even expert users will find joy in using this app. One can also embed personal texts and messages into their selfie, making it great for marketing and other social media uses.

Retrica, best selfie camera app

5. Selfie Studio

The only limitation that Selfie Studio has is that it requires a good front-facing camera. Other than that, one can control the colors and brightness of their selfie, along with using other features like auto reverse, silent shoot, volume key shutter and more. One can also share their selfies on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites. Not only can one embed text messages, but they can doodle over their selfies as well. Like just about every other app on this list, Selfie Studio offers collages, filters, stickers and other common adjustable features.

5 Best Selfie Apps for iOS

1. CamMe

Made by PointGrab LTD, CamMe comes with both regular and unique features. One of its unique features is Photobooth, which allows one to capture multiple images in a sequence. Funshot, on the other hand, lets one add special cuts and designs to their images, or selfies. It’s these two features that make this app stand out from the rest.

2. Picr

Picr essentially allows one to create their own movie, or story line, with their own selfies, setting it apart from all other selfie apps. Therefore, this app is ideal for those who travel or have overall adventurous lives, whatever that means. With this app, one can make movies, access powerful editing tools, customize text, music and more. Without a question, Picr wins this list for being the best selfie camera app for those who travel.

3. Frontback

What really sets Frontback apart from other selfie apps is that it’s essentially its own social media platform, using both cameras together in unison. One can follow their friend’s posts and make other interactions while on the app, which includes making new friends and followers. Like the previous app, no sign up or registration is required. Although the app is quite limited in editing features, it gives one plenty of capabilities when it comes making their selfies get an audience, making it the best selfie camera app for gaining an audience and overall socializing.

4. Perfect 365

This very simple app, Perfect 365, lets one add makeover effects such as changing hair style, complexion, blemishes, teeth and much more. Although this selfie app may seem overly simple, it has over 80 million users and counting, mainly due to the apps amazing ability to combine both simplicity and effectiveness into one app.

Perfect 365 selfie editing app

5. oSnap

Steve Young created oSnap to make taking selfies as easy as possible. With this app, one can switch between the front and back camera with a simple swipe or click. Even though it lacks a lot of features, there simply is, without a doubt, no other selfie app as simple as this one, making it hands-down the best selfie camera app for sheer simplicity. Interestingly, this app seems to be the only app that has absolutely zero negative reviews. After all, what is there to complain about such a simple selfie camera app?

Summing Up

Make no mistake, there are many features of these apps that weren’t mentioned in this guide, due to the sheer number of features. However, the unique aspects of each app were covered. Both experienced and novice selfie users should have no problem finding the best selfie camera app for their particular needs while reading through this guide. Please share your thoughts and experiences with selfie apps, whether from this list or elsewhere.