Some people live and breathe music, while others tend to consider themselves as more casual listeners. Whichever side you lean toward, it’s safe to say that nearly everyone enjoys listening to music every now and then. It’s important to note, however, that how you enjoy this music makes all the difference. With so many brand new or reinvented music apps on the market today, it can be tedious to narrow down which apps are the ones most worth your time. Take a peek below for a list of some good music apps you should check out, sorted by overall popularity.

Top 10 Best Music Apps Out There Right Now

1. Apple Music

Apple Music interface

Apple’s first music streaming service, Apple Music provides users with access to each and every song available within its catalog — over 30 million songs. Customize a playlist for yourself or check out your recommendations to discover your next favorite band. Get the inside scoop by listening to featured content uploaded by artists. Despite the various features offered, the main draw that all users gravitate towards is the incredible music library they are provided with.

Price: $9.99/month
Available on: iOS, Android

2. Spotify

Spotify, one of the best music apps

Spotify was one of the groundbreaking names that paved the way for all other music streaming apps. More than a music streaming app, Spotify is a music download app — if you’re a premium subscriber, you can save an unlimited number of songs for offline listening. Another feature includes personalized playlists that provide you with lists of songs compiled with you in mind. Check out these playlists to discover any number of songs, bands, or artists that you may never have learned of otherwise.

Price: Free / $9.99/month (Premium)
Available on: iOS, Android

3. YouTube Music

YouTube screenshots

YouTube Music is unique from other music apps in the sense that it focuses largely on music videos, maintaining a library of over 30 million videos. Searching for an artist generates an endless playlist of sorts, which in turn results in personalized stations based on your preferences. Besides the music video element, YouTube Music provides users with full albums, classic recordings, covers, and remixes for an all-encompassing listening experience.

Price: Free / $9.99/month (Premium)
Available on: iOS, Android

4. Google Play Music

Google Play Music player

Access your cloud-based music library of up to 50,000 songs at a moment’s notice even while on the go using the Google Play Music app. Similar to Apple Music and Spotify, this app provides a catalog of more than 30 million songs and offers up personalized playlists and custom radio stations. Excellent recommendations are made based on user listening habits.

Price: Free / $9.99/month (Premium)
Available on: iOS, Android

5. Amazon Music

Amazon Music screenshot

Amazon’s premier music streaming app is known simply as Amazon Music. For those who already have Amazon Prime subscriptions, access to over 1 million songs is provided, all ad-free. One of the best functioning music apps without wifi, Amazon Music allows you to download any of these Prime songs, albums, or playlists for instant listening when not connected to the internet.

Price: $7.99/month (Prime Members) / $9.99/month (Non-Prime)
Available on: iOS, Android


TIDAL app on an iPhone

One of the most innovative music apps out there, the major draw of TIDAL is its ability to stream high-fidelity music, appealing largely to audio aficionados. This stunning audio is provided in either 320kbps AAC or lossless FLAC audio, depending on the subscription tier. Note, however, that this app does not have a free tier, meaning that the quality desired does not come without a cost. With a library of over 25 million songs and over 72,000 music videos, TIDAL is the perfect app for those who are serious about their music.

Price: $9.99/month (Premium) / $19.99/month (Hi-Fi Audio)
Available on: iOS, Android

7. Pandora

Pandora music app for Android

Since its groundbreaking release many years ago, Pandora changed the way radio had been perceived. Although not quite as popularly used as it was during those simpler times, Pandora is still the best free music app out there. Create stations based on your favorite songs or artists or use the app as your morning alarm to start your day right. Advanced algorithms are utilized in order to deliver songs that best suit your taste, a system that constantly updates with user preferences.

Price: Free / $4.99/month (Plus) / $9.99/month (Premium)
Available on: iOS, Android

8. Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio screenshots

Slacker Radio is different from many other radio and music apps. It not only offers up music from top artists, but it also gives access to news, weather, and talk stations from networks like ESPN and ABC. As you use the app, it updates with brand new playlists that conform to your particular tastes. Consequently, it provides you with the best listening experience possible.

Price: Free / $3.99/month (Plus) / $9.99/month (Premium)
Available on: iOS, Android

9. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio music app

By combining local radio stations with personalized ones that conform to your listening habits, iHeartRadio offers the most complete listening experience. Playlists based on moods or activities are available as well. Never again will you have to go searching for the perfect song that fits exactly how you’re feeling; iHeartRadio’s intuitive system will instantly offer up just the thing.

Price: Free / $4.99/month (Plus) / $9.99/month (Premium)
Available on: iOS, Android

10. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio Android music app

Providing users with streams from over 100,000 radio stations, not just locally but also from other parts of the world, TuneIn Radio is another one of the very best music apps available. With access to music, sports radio, news radio, talk radio, and podcasts, the listening possibilities are endless. Your own local radio stations can usually be streamed right from the app as well.

Price: Free / $9.99/month (Premium)
Available on: iOS, Android

Summing Up

These music apps, even the free music apps, are simply incredible. They each offer such a variety of content, especially in terms of genre. Although you have likely tried at least one of these music apps in the past, perhaps there are a few you haven’t yet given the chance; if so, now is the perfect time. You just might find yourself on a music journey and end up uncovering your next favorite band or artist. Drop us a comment below with any of your music apps of choice. Tell us what features won you over.

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