Do you ever get caught in a rainstorm and wish that you had known it was going to rain? Do you ever go on a vacation and bring the exact opposite of weather appropriate clothes? What if your phone helped you know what to expect weather wise?

Well we are going to bring the power of weather prediction to your fingertips – in the form of an app.

​What Is In a Weather App?

A weather app is a smartphone application that can help you stay on top of the wacky weather and what it is planning on doing. Although no weatherman or weather app can be totally accurate, with today’s technology, following the weather can be easier than ever.

With so many weather smartphone apps these days, it can be hard to pick and choose which ones are worth downloading and which ones should not take up any of your precious time. There are endless weather apps for both Android and IPhone but today we will break down the best weather apps for the IPhone.

Best Weather App for iPhones – Our Top 10 Picks

1. Dark Sky  

Dark Sky logo

Dark Sky is the ultimate best weather app for IPhone. This weather app is wildly popular and by far stands out among the rest of the weather apps for many different reasons. Dark Sky claims to be the most accurate source of hyper local weather information available.

Dark Sky pins the weather forecast down to the minute and exact location of its users so that they can receive the most accurate and up to date weather news possible. The app is powered by Dark Sky’s own homegrown weather service.

Detailed weather forecasts allow the user to explore all of the details of the forecast to get the information they truly care about. Advanced maps show local and global weather patterns and the forecasted projection for major storms and weather systems.

AccuWeather logo 2013

If you are a lover of the details in life, then AccuWeather is the best weather app for iPhone for you. AccuWeather is known to be the most detail oriented weather app out there, providing a weather tracker, minute-by-minute updates and their RealFeel predictor.

Enjoy dependable and accurate weather forecasting regarding wind speed, temperature, severe storms and animated radar maps. The AccuWeather app helps you predict the unpredictable and always stay prepared.

The MinuteCast feature offers minute-by-minute viewing for rain and temperature forecasts for the next two hours, hyper-localized to the user’s precise location. Pushed severe weather alerts help the user to track dangerous weather and stay up to date with extreme storms.

The RealFeel Temperature feature uses AccuWeather’s weather widget to show you how the temperature really feels outside instead of just simply telling the user ‘it’s hot.’ AccuWeather also allows the user to completely customize their weather report, a feature that is extremely loved by AccuWeather users around the globe.

The Weather Channel​ logo

You cannot go wrong with using The Weather Channel app as your main source of weather related news. The app fuses forecasts, alerts, radars and news to create the ultimate foundation of weather news fit to your personal needs.

Plan your day, week or even your next vacation with the right tools and insights directly at your fingertips in The Weather Channel app. Get current conditions at a glance with the data that uses your location to give you news regarding weather.

The Weather Channel app allows users to stay safe with extreme weather alerts and safety tips linked from the National Weather Service. Keep informed with easily accessible news and conditions on this convenient and informative best weather app for IPhone.

Yahoo! Weather logo

Yahoo has always been a go to source of information and news for decades and there weather department is no exception. The Yahoo weather app for IPhone is ideal for preparing your days and weeks around the weather.

No getting stuck in a storm or dust tornado because the Yahoo weather app has got your back when it comes to the most up to date and accurate weather forecasting. The app is both informative and striking and provides location images based on where the user is located. 

Yahoo’s weather app does not provide as much information as some weather apps, but their presentation and visual presence allows for a super user-friendly aesthetic that people seem to love.

NOAA Radar Pro​ logo

NOAA Radar Pro is a powerful database and app used to bring real-time animated weather radar images to life on your IPhone. The highly interactive maps available on the app enhance your weather watching experience by bringing severe weather warning and alerts of the highest quality.

Radar and Satellite overlays display real-time rain, snow, mixed precipitation and cloud cover in vivid colors and high resolution that simply is not matched on other weather related apps. The snow depth map gives local and global views of the earth’s current snow layers, which is a top feature NOAA.

Hello Weather logo

Hello Weather is a weather app built by three guys who wanted to create a straightforward, no-nonsense app that is a joy to use. The app is totally about saving time, energy and resources to create the most simple and easy to use weather app available.

All of the information you will ever need is in the Hello Weather app. The beautiful, data-rich design allows for users to easily access the current weather conditions and future forecasts. The app adapts to changing conditions and gives you predictions you can trust.

Hello Weather takes meteorology and makes it understandable for the layman and laywoman. The app is also filled with cute and thoughtful little touches to create a pleasing and enjoyable aesthetic for users.

1Weather logo

1Weather is a weather app that offers a fresh and modern design to bring essential weather information to the masses. The in-depth forecast information is just a tap away with their simple app layout and user face.

From the 1Weather app, you can check temperature, precipitation, the Doppler radar, sunset and sunrise times and severe weather alerts. The app showcases hourly, detailed and extended forecasts along with 12-week precision cast based on the Lezak Recurring Cycle.

Enhanced cloud layer for international locations is featured on the radar screen allow for a detailed review of worldwide weather conditions. You can also save multiple locations on your 1Weather app to personalize your 1Weather experience.

WeatherBug logo

WeatherBug is a widely loved and well known weather app bringing extremely accurate information to the masses regarding weather, storms and future forecasts. The WeatherBug network delivers the fastest alerts and real-time forecasts from current, hourly, daily and 10-day.

WeatherBug features eighteen different weather maps including Doppler radar, lightning, temperature, wind, barometric pressure and humidity. The app also features Apple watch support, lifestyle forecasts and spark lightning alerts, features that other weather apps just do not have.

The WeatherBug hurricane center keeps users informed of all hurricane related weather alerts and as well as changing conditions to protect yourself and your loved ones. WeatherBug showcases forecasts for 2.6 million plus locations worldwide and has the largest total lightning detection network.

Space Weather

Space Weather is a weather app that takes weather apps to an entirely new level. The app is a concept of changing environmental conditions in near-earth space or the space from the sun’s atmosphere to the earth’s atmosphere.

Space Weather is basically the sun’s effects on earth for those of us who are not scientists. THe app showcases awesome features that you do not normally find on your typical weather apps, such as their aurora forecast.

The aurora forecast tells users their chance of seeing the aurora lights depending on where they are on earth. The app also gives users alerts if something important is a-brewin’ on the sun. The app detects solar flares, gives you past information and allows you to totally nerd out on weather-related topics.

10. RadarScope

RadarScope logo

RadarScope is the best weather app for IPhone when it comes to following and tracking major storms. It is specialized designed for weather enthusiasts and meteorologists that allow the user to view NEXRAD Level 3 and Super-resolution radar data.

RadarScope also features the most up to date information regarding major storms such as tornados, thunderstorms, flash flood and special marine warnings. It displays the latest reflectivity, velocity, dual-polarization and other products from any NEXRAD or TDWR radar site in the United States.

The Best Weather App for iPhones – Is all in the Details

There you have it – the 10 best weather apps for IPhone. There is a weather app for each individual’s needs and each app has its perks and downfalls.

Whether you are looking to pay a few bucks for a weather app with no ads or just looking to get basic weather conditions, there is a specific weather app for you.