Best workout apps

While some people have a natural aptitude for physical fitness, others struggle to achieve the level of health they want.

Though some people struggle to get in shape because of genetic conditions and injuries, others find their lifestyle habits hold them back. Stress and anxiety can cause a person to turn to bad foods while being self-conscious can keep them out of the gym.

Oftentimes a person finds their lack of time or lack of understanding about fitness is their biggest obstacle when it comes to getting healthier. But technology has presented some new options, allowing mobile users to get reliable workout tips, meal recipes, and more.

The best workout apps have helped people lose weight, gain muscle, improve circulation, lower their risk of certain diseases, and more. The best workout apps come on a variety of platforms, giving users digital assistance whether they want to get started with working out or improve their workout performance.

Some of the Best Workout Apps Today

PEAR Personal Fitness Coach

This app is used with Android and iOS, and the focus is on audio coaching. This enables hands-free and eyes-free workouts, effectively making the app a digital version of a personal trainer in many regards.

Users can be guided through workouts and choose them based on their intensity levels. Everyone from the fitness novice to the seasoned expert can find workouts they can perform along with the app’s instructions.

Users can choose between workout styles, coaches, and more while tracking their performance and understanding their metrics – or in other words, understanding how their body is changing thanks to the workouts. There’s a free version, but the premium membership gives users access to unlimited workouts and bonus features for $5.99 per month.

Map My Fitness

Another cross-platform app that can be a top contender for the title of best workout app for Android and iOS alike, Map My Fitness is created by popular fitness gear maker Under Armour. It logs hundreds of fitness activities and can sync with multiple devices to help users see their body’s reaction to workouts more thoroughly than ever before.

Giving users the option for GPS-based workouts, the app allows for the planning and easy searching of nearby running routes. It can track pace, distance, and calories burned along these routes. Once data is gathered, it can be used to create new personal goals.

This app is compatible with wearable fitness devices from Android and Apple, and has a premium option that allows users to personalize training programs and even monitor their heart rate during use.

Workout Trainer

An easy candidate for the best free workout app on the market, Workout Trainer from Skimble offers thousands of workouts with step-by-step audio and video instructions to make each exercise easy and safe.

This app is very versatile, offering workouts for losing weight, building six-pack abs, and even improving cardiovascular conditioning. The ability to make custom routines means the app can be tailored to individual fitness needs, and users can share their custom workouts with the community.

The app does come with ads, but these can be removed by upgrading to the premium option. This also gives users access to HD quality in their workouts and gives them access to more routines.

Fitted Lifts

Fitted Lifts is available on iOS devices for only $2.99, and the app is designed for longtime weightlifters who have grown tired of documenting their lifting regimens with pencil and paper.

The app has a large database of workout routines users can take part in and document their progress accordingly. They can also alter the exercises and add their own, giving them the option to go for holistic workouts or to target specific areas of the body.

The app can document how long It has been since a particular part of the body was exercised and can display fitness progress in the form of tables or graphs to help weightlifters get a better understanding of how they’re progressing.

Which Is the Best Fitness App?

These are only a handful of the popular workout apps on the market. When it comes to the best workout apps, Android and iOS both have plenty of options to offer.

Users who are new to fitness may choose an app that is more tailored to their needs. Apps that are customizable are very handy, as they allow fitness novices to continue using the same solution even after they become stronger and more aware of how to work out properly.

Whether a person is brand-new to fitness or they are an expert looking to improve their workout with a reliable digital tool, finding the best workout apps can help anyone get better control over their health and their exercise regimens.