Camera Mx Pro is a camera app which provides advanced features within an easy to use interface. The device runs on Android 2.3.3 or higher. However, it’s important to note that the full range of features are only available on Android 4.3 and higher. Live Shot functionality is the most significant feature which will be lost if using versions below 4.3.

The ability to take still images is the main and most readily available feature in Camera Mx Pro. As users become more familiar with the app they can use various tools related to video and even social networking functions.

About Camera Mx Pro

How Camera MX app worls

Camera Mx Pro is a camera app designed to take photography to the next level. The stock camera app on Android devices can take pictures and record video. Most users find their ambitions quickly growing beyond what the camera app is able to offer. Camera Mx Pro offers all of the standard features of the stock camera while also providing a wide range of additional options.

One of the more notable points about Camera Mx Pro is how it balances advanced functionality with ease of use. Most users who feel constrained by the limitations of the stock Android camera app won’t want to learn advanced photography techniques. Camera Mx Pro solves this problem by rethinking the entire process of photography.

Camera Mx Pro can be used in a similar way to the standard camera app. What makes the app unique is how this process can be scaled to achieve results on par with professional photographers. The app is able to accomplish this by leveraging the power of smartphones in a whole new way.

Taking a still photograph doesn’t require much processing power. Camera Mx Pro uses these spare resources to essentially create a visual data buffer for later use. It also mixes in a wide variety of easy to use editing features. Ease of use is also a high priority for the photo editing. Many of the advanced editing options such as filters can be activated with a few button presses. Many filters can even be used in real time.

Top Features of Camera Mx Pro

Camera MX app features

The most notable features in Camera Mx Pro relate to time. When a user takes a picture it will essentially target a single point within the video buffer. Once the picture has been taken the user will be able to select from a variety of different options. The Live Shots feature can make use of data from shortly before and shortly after the picture was taken. A single picture can be turned into a short video or even an animated GIF.

The Shoot the Past feature also incorporates the idea of a video buffer. Users can rewind or fast forward from the point a photo was taken. Shoot the Past can be used to fix some of the most common problems a photographer will face. For example, if someone blinks than the shot isn’t ruined. The photographer can simply rewind a few frames to grab the moment right before that blink occurred.

Live Effects brings several advanced filters into an easy to use interface. Users can see what a filtered picture looks like as they take the shot. The Live Effects feature is especially useful as a way to get feedback on filters right as the pictures are being taken.

Common Complaints for Camera Mx Pro

The most common complaints involve the following issues.

  • Problems saving files;
  • Sluggish response time;
  • System integration.

The majority of user complaints relate to the app’s ability to properly save data. One can usually assume that this is a problem with the file system or storage medium rather than the app itself. Simply replacing the SD or micro SD card should fix the majority of issues related to saving files.

Some users complain about latency or sluggishness when using the app. This is usually due to lack of proper resources on the device. The most common cause is a lack of free memory. Stopping programs which might be running in the background should have a high chance of fixing the problem.

Some users complain that brightness and power saving settings aren’t shared between the app and Android. This can be controlled by disabling auto brightness within the app settings.

Camera Mx Pro Compatibility

Camera Mx Pro can be used on devices running Android 2.2.3 and higher. The Live Shot feature is only available on Android devices running on 4.3 and above. It should run on both Android phones and tablets. Chromebooks which have Play Store access should be able to run it with Live Shot.

  • Android: 2.3.3 or higher (Live Shot functionality requires 4.3 or higher);
  • Chromebook: Any Chromebook which has Android Play Store support.

The app is around 50 MB and can be moved to the SD card. File size can be controlled by changing resolution from within the app. The location for file storage might vary by device. By default it should make use of any available removable storage. Chromebooks are an exception, as most isolate removable storage from Android apps.

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Summing Up

Camera Mx Pro is a great way for amateur photographers to get expert level results. The app presents users with a simple interface which can be expanded upon as needed. Taking a single picture is just as easy as using the stock camera app. The user can then add onto it with moments before or after the image was captured.

Anyone interested in photography should give the app a try. From there he or she can assist other photographers by commenting on the results. Exploring the app’s options can help others get the most out of it as well.