The Common App onTrack turns into an invaluable companion tool for college students who want to stay on track with their college applications. After you have downloaded the app, it keeps you on track with deadlines, you can review your submission statuses and add and invite recommenders. You can also create a list of tasks and reminders.

Common App explores from a list of almost 700 colleges that utilize the app, and you can learn more about each one through the app. The developer encourages high school juniors to download the app, and if possible, put this knowledge in front of teachers who can recommend it to their classrooms to help students organize their college search efforts. In this review, we’re going to discuss all there is to know about the it.

Common App: What You Need to Know

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Ever wished you had an easy place to seek out writing requirements for each college? You can overview the requirements of Common App essay prompts for each college to determine the best choice for you. You will also receive notifications about the upcoming deadlines through the Common App essay tab. Basically, this app organizes your college search efforts to eliminate stress and make it easier to send out your applications.

Recently, they launched the app for free for both iOS and Android. Along with adding colleges, you can also remove colleges as you see fit. Also, check the items that have remained incomplete for each application, and you can also access contact information and video tutorials much faster than ever before.

The most useful way to use this app might be for designing an application schedule and reminding students to stay on top of things. You can also push notifications and customize reminders as needed to alert you to deadlines.

Common App could use improvement in the realm of simplicity. Use is not always intuitive, and outside the notifications, Common App looks pathetically bare. They could take the software much further where you could trigger deadlines and select plans or terms for early action. This seems like a basic feature the app could provide, but unfortunately, it fails to provide these things.

If you’re the type who forgets deadlines, you can turn your smartphone into a powerful tool to send you constant reminders and stay on top of the application process. It keeps college students disciplined.

Top Features of Common App onTrack

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The key feature of Common App onTrack relates to sending consistent reminders so that students don’t forget to send in their applications before the deadline. Nothing can be more frustrating than to write an essay only to find out you missed the deadline by a couple weeks.

Here are some of the other key features of the Common App:

  • Skim the writing requirements of each college.
  • Receive helpful notifications to stay on track with your college applications.
  • Access the Common App college list and look at the Common App colleges that support the app.
  • Maintains organization throughout the application process.
  • Learn about important events and upcoming deadlines before they happen.

When you’re juggling multiple deadlines with colleges, it can be useful to have a tool that reminds you of when you have to send in an application. Considering it’s only five megabytes, the app does not take up much space on your hard drive.

Finally, we have an app intended to simplify the process of college admissions. If you ever wanted to keep better track of the applications you send out, this app organizes. Common App achieves popularity because it puts you back in control over the college process with a revolutionary idea.

Common Complaints: What They Need to Improve

Despite overwhelmingly good reviews, every app could use improvement. Some users, for example, have complained about this app having bugs and issues that make it virtually unusable. That makes sense because when something’s supposed to make your life more convenient, it shouldn’t come with all those problems. Another person complained how they couldn’t do anything with the app other than look at the status of universities. It’d be more helpful if they let you fill out information.

The app could also offer more support to people who have questions. If you happen to have problems with this app, there’s almost no one around to help you resolve it. The Common App essay examples could also be improved. In one case, a student assigned a teacher evaluation, but the emails were not sending through the app. Common App did respond to this problem, so they can be helpful sometimes, but a lot of the complaints at the Google Play Store were left unaddressed.

Common App Compatibility

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Lucky for most people, you will be able to find compatibility with this app because it supports most platforms to allow for better usability. Here are some of the supported platforms:

  • Android 4.4 and up.
  • iOS 8.0 or higher.
  • Supports iPhone.
  • Compatible with iPad.
  • Works with iPod Touch.

Along with being compatible with both the Android and the iPhone, Common App costs nothing, so you can try it for free. You have nothing to lose, and you could find it works great in helping you get accepted into college.

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Summing Up

The app costs nothing, so what do you really have to lose? The best that can happen is you save yourself from missing a deadline, and the worst that can happen is you download an app full of bugs and errors that make it virtually unusable. Most people, however, left Common App positive reviews, and the app continues to try to meet the standards of high school students across the country. A lot of colleges have agreed to use this software for high school student applications because they recognize the innovation in the concept.

Have you ever tried Common App? If so, what was your experience and did it help you prioritize your college applications better?