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Cooking apps are useful for beginner and experienced cooks alike. The convenience of being able to pull a recipe up on your phone makes all steps of the cooking process much smoother, whether you’re wandering around the grocery store trying to remember the ingredients list for your ambitious Friday night meal or standing at the stove adjusting the temperature. These apps help you with scheduling meals, collecting recipes, working with specific ingredients and more. Whatever your weak spot may be in terms of cooking, these app options can help you work around them and get into the habit of regularly creating full, nutritious meals. They also provide a wealth of recipe ideas for more advanced cooks seeking out new challenges. Improve your kitchen experience by using these cooking apps to find the best recipes and organize meal information.

1. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes App

This well-known recipe website offers a fun novelty option through their phone app called the Dinner Spinner. It shows a series of randomly selected recipes for those times when you have trouble deciding what to cook for a meal. You don’t have to stick with the first random option it shows. Simply swipe left to reject recipes and right to accept them, just as you would on dating apps. The application learns your preferences and brings up recipes similar to the ones you like and decreases the frequency of recipes you dislike. Once you settle on an option, the detailed video instructions make it easy to complete a recipe. Use this app to break up a monotonous cooking rut and keep your family excited for mealtime.

2. Mealime

Mealime app

Mealime is an application dedicated to simplifying all the steps involved in making a meal, making it a great option for busy people who struggle with the logistics of cooking. From the meal planning to the grocery shopping to the cooking itself, it makes every step more manageable. When you select recipes from the app, it creates a complete list of all the ingredients needed to make the recipes selected for a weekly shopping trip. Dietary restrictions and personal preferences can be built into personal profiles for all members of your family. Recipes and ingredient amounts can be adjusted to fit the number of serving sizes required, making this useful for households of all sizes.

3. Sidechef

Sidechef app

Sidechef has an emphasis on more elaborate meals than other cooking apps. This free app has meals that are meant to impress, and is suitable for date nights, dinner parties and other special occasions. Recipes are broken down to be accessible to even novice chefs. Sidechef shows you pertinent information including preparation time, ingredients lists, ratings and recipe instructions. Wiki articles on ingredients get you familiar with the items you use to cook, which is always a plus when you are working closely with an item. Recipe collections, such as the top recipes of 2018, let you browse by theme. As you save recipes, you can create your own cookbooks, separated by meal type, cuisine type or whatever other organizing factor you decide to use.

4. Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories app

Kitchen Stories is a cooking app that focuses on the visual. Its recipes are accompanied by stunning photography, and many include video tutorials, both of which make every recipe look tempting. The recipes are grouped by theme, so you can search by type of dish or preparation time. It creates shopping lists based on the recipes you select, saving time on double-checking handwritten lists. When your shopping list is on your phone, you are less likely to leave it at home when you head out to the grocery store. The app includes educational videos that teach basic kitchen skills along with specific recipes. Informational articles that teach the difference between various soy sauces or how to ripen fruit immerse you in the world of food, showing the importance of making good decisions in the kitchen. This app makes it easy to improve your cooking abilities over time with its detailed visuals and clear instructions.

5. Epicurious

Epicurious app

Epicurious is a cooking app that includes 35,000 delicious recipes, with new video instructions for many of them. The app features a button that allows an easy, instant view of the ingredients list, in case you need a quick refresher on the amount of salt or the type of flour needed for a recipe as you are cooking. The application encourages use of local ingredients, and has a feature that helps with finding fresh ingredients at farms in your area. It includes recipe-saving functions and a shopping list function, to help you keep track of the ingredients needed for the recipes in your queue. The app is all clean lines and has smooth functionality, making it practical for those looking for a vast archive of modern recipes. The layout maximizes readability for easy use during cooking.

6. Yummly

Yummly app

Yummly lets you search recipes that include ingredients you already have. Instead of darting out to the grocery store before you even begin to cook, you can instead save time and money by using the potatoes that have gone untouched or finally figure out a good way to cook eggplant. This app is perfect for people who always seem to have unused ingredients left in the refrigerator at the end of the week. When you choose recipes that include ingredients you don’t have, you can automatically add them to an in-app shopping list. Schedule recipes for specific times and the app will add them to your calendar. As you use the app more, it adapts to your likes and dislikes based on your cooking history.


7. BigOven

BigOven app

BigOven outmatches other cooking apps in terms of the sheer number of recipes included. More than 250,000 user-uploaded recipes can be browsed using this app, and it includes a search engine that allows for highly specific searches. It also has useful and functional features like an online grocery list and menu planning that syncs to a calendar, allowing detailed menu planning. The application can help you search for recipes that use up leftover ingredients, preventing food waste. Serving sizes and calorie content are laid out clearly for informed cooking and eating.

8. Tasty

Tasty app

This app is associated with Buzzfeed and provides video instructions on a wide range of recipes. These quick videos show innovative, exciting recipes with snappy editing and quirky presentation. Recipes can easily be sorted by dietary needs and preferences, including vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free and more options. Other sorting options include difficulty level, preparation time and cuisine style. Many of these recipes are trendy and visually appealing, perfect for showing off at potlucks and social gatherings. Visual learners and young children will benefit from these step-by-step video tutorials, and soon gain mastery in the kitchen.

9. NYT Cooking

NYT Cooking app

The NYT Cooking app gives you access to over 18,000 recipes in the newspaper archive. Years of chic, fresh recipes from this culturally significant media outlet are available through this app. Searching options include filters for diet types, different meals, methods of cooking and others. The app includes a recipe bookmarking option for saving recipes that you want to reference in the future. The recipes can also be sorted into collections. Recipes from major culinary players like Nigella Lawson and Marcella Hazan can be found on this app, so those seeking refined, classic recipes should look here, as that is not common on other cooking apps. Monthly subscriptions to NYT Cooking are $4.99 a month.

10. Cookpad

Cookpad app

Cookpad is a cooking app with a social media component. Users share recipes with each other. Upload a recipe to share it with friends, family and strangers alike. Upload photos of your attempts at others’ recipes to the app to let others know how it might turn out. Groups and private chats are a venue for you to share cooking tips and information with others who are just as passionate about life in the kitchen as you are. This app is useful for large households. Involve your family members in the cooking process by showing them the recipes you plan to make and let them share their input or suggest recipes of their own. Create your own virtual cookbook, assembled from your own recipes and bookmarked recipes posted by others. If you enjoy a particular recipe, you can search for others from the same user. This app emphasizes the social components of creating a meal.

If you are looking for a way to spice up your kitchen routine, these cooking apps will help you get organized, find new recipes and streamline your shopping experience. Find recipes tailored to your specific dietary needs and preferences right at your fingertips and save them for later reference. Using your phone in the kitchen might be a new trend, but the convenience of having a recipe collection that fits in your pocket means that it is probably here to stay. New, digitally curated personal cookbooks are a far cry from the recipe boxes your grandma used, and the portability gives the new wave of cookbooks an edge.