The digital age has simplified a lot of things about information sharing.

Online communications have been streamlined as individuals ditch the paper and pen for a keyboard and mouse. Handwriting is becoming a thing of the past, as even signatures can be applied through online portals.

But while a person can type in letters and words just like they would write them, what about drawing? Granted drawing isn’t something most people do on a daily basis, but what if they wanted to perform it digitally?

Most people find themselves needing a digital alternative to writing more than drawing, but it doesn’t mean the latter is never needed. In fact, being able to scribble down a drawing can be important in numerous applications.

Giving others directions, explaining how something works, and even filling out online forms may require people to draw in some cases. Finding a quality drawing app is important for making sure these needs are manageable with ease.

Who Might Use a Drawing App?

Drawing app

There are many people who like drawing as a hobby. It relaxes them and helps them unwind and can even function as a healthy avenue for self-expression.

For many children and even adults, drawing is something they’ve missed after the move away from paper and pencils. Anyone who has ever found themselves feeling this way can benefit from using a drawing program or app.

There are also those who create works of art as part of their job. Graphic designers know how important it is to be able to draw quickly and accurately, and how valuable it is to be able to add effects to their drawings later.

Apps made for drawing can be very handy to graphic artists. They can create sketches and drafts without having to leave their computer or phone. These sketches can be sent, viewed, edited, and refined all the way until they’re a finished product ready to be delivered to the client.

While drawing tools like apps and programs can be helpful for personal and professional use alike, how do they work? And which platforms offer the most responsive digital drawing apps out there?

Creating an Apple Drawing with a Pad and Pen

While the pad and pen have largely fallen out of favor in the traditional sense of the terms, their digital variants are alive and well.

Many people own an iPad and use its pencil accessory for various purposes. One of the most popular drawing apps available on Apple devices is Astropad Studio. Aimed at serious artists who use their Apple pencils to create vivid creations, this subscription-based service is great for drawing digitally.

Users can transport their creations into programs like Photoshop or GIMP for additional detailing and coloring, allowing them to mix in hand-drawn creations and digital enhancements to get the overall best result.

Another popular drawing app is Pixelmator, an affordable digital editing and painting tool compatible with stylus devices. But what about those individuals who don’t use Apple devices and thus don’t need an Apple drawing program? What is the best Android drawing app?

Autodesk Sketchbook is a popular drawing app designed for use with a variety of tools. There is a free account option available providing layering and symmetry tools, as well as a subscription option offering more drawing options and a variety of brush, layering, and selection tools.

There’s also Infinity Painter, which can be used to create beautiful results with a variety of drawing and brush tools. This means whether a person is looking for the best drawing app for Apple or Android devices, they have a nice selection to choose from.

What’s the Best Google Drawing App?

Google has become such a leader in the tech world it should come as no surprise they have their own drawing apps for digital artists to try out.

One of these is AutoDraw. Available from a website, it uses artificial intelligence to recognize what the person is drawing as they’re drawing it. This lets the program offer suggestions to help them transform amateur looking sketches into beautiful, professional-looking creations.

Google QuickDraw offers website users a chance to try and draw a picture and see if the program can guess what it is before the end of a time limit. This is a very creative way to test both the prowess of the artist and the efficiency of the program at the same time.

Finding a good app can be helpful for graphic artists, hobbyists, and casual users alike. Whether a person needs to create a beautiful product for a client’s advertisement or they simply want to express themselves through digital art, there are plenty of options to try.