Of all the technological breakthroughs made over the past several decades, the presence of drones in the sky is perhaps the most impressive.

While digital platforms that improve communications and interfaces that change industries are certainly impactful in their own right, never before have individuals had the ability to take to the sky and get a complete view of the area below.

But drones have made this possible, and these devices have improved substantially over the years. They’re more reliable and more affordable than ever, with the progress made in this area not expected to stop anytime soon.

One of the ways drones have become more versatile and user-friendly is through the use of apps. A drone app can be an asset to anyone who owns one of these devices and wants an all-in-one, user-friendly interface for managing it.

A drone app can be used to pilot and navigate the device, as well as to take pictures and footage of the view from high in the sky. Whether they’re using an Apple Drone or any other type of model, there are apps users can choose from to enhance their experience.

Examining Airmap: A Holistic Drone App

Many different incarnations of the drone app have been developed in recent years, and all of them need to perform a similar set of functions.

These include making sure drone use is safe and non-intrusive according to local rules and conditions. It also involves making sure the drone can perform at its best given the environmental conditions at the time.

Airmap aims to accomplish all these ends through their app. Their tool can check flight plans beforehand to ensure they comply with all established airspace rules and regulations. Different areas have different rules regarding drone use, so having a tool to ensure compliance is very handy for those who like using their drones in many different locations.

The app can also help to craft flight plans based on airspace conditions such as temperature or wind speed and direction. Users can even get real-time notifications about nearby traffic and obstacles to ensure safe usage.

Using the Litchi App for Impressive Flight Options

The Litchi app is another popular program invented to improve drone use and enhance a user’s experience when they’re piloting a unit throughout the skies.

Also known as a DJI app for its use with drones of the same name, it helps users unlock the full potential of their aircrafts. The app does this by helping communicate to the drone information about its surroundings. This is accomplished in the same way autonomous vehicles can pilot themselves – through vision algorithms.

By scanning surroundings and relaying information to the device, the Litchi app allows for manual and even autonomous flight modes. This makes things much easier for the person who is looking to photograph or record using their drone. The Litchi app can control the drone’s movements, allowing users to focus only on horizontal controls for better shots.

Users can set missions up by placing waypoints around the map and fly through said points either manually or through automated controls. This makes it great for those who like the feel of flying a drone or for those who just want to enjoy the view the footage provides.

Flight logs are also provided, detailing performance and storing the data in a custom account for accurate post-flight analysis. Anyone who owns a drone likely wants to know how it performs while in the air, and there is no better way to gauge performance than with analytical reports.

Does Every Drone Operator Need a Specialized App?

There’s no question that having a drone app can help a person get more out of their aircraft. They can control it more easily, gather more information about its journey, and review this data afterward to increase their overall knowledge of their device.

For the person who simply likes flying their drone in their front yard, the local park, or even around the block, a specialized app may not be necessary. It could help, but many of the functions may be viewed as unnecessary given the situation.

Those who like flying their drone in many different locations, traveling with it, and using it to gain aerial views of massive regional areas can get more use out of a drone app. This is because they may encounter more obstacles during their trip (both related to weather and aerial regulations) and the app could help them manage these complications.

Apps have been used to control everything from door locks to lights, and now drones can be added to that list. Whether they’re flying the machines themselves or simply gathering data about the trip, a drone app can be a very valuable tool.