Apple has become one of the world’s most successful tech companies, due in large part to their revolutionary iPhone.

With its tenth incarnation currently on the market and a number of variations available for various prices, the iPhone has become a go-to option for many individuals who want a mobile device they can rely on.

Some people prefer these phones for their intuitive iOS design, while others choose them for their robust quality. Others see perks in both the functionality and durability, choosing Apple’s iPhones because they offer the best of both worlds.

The Apple iPhone can do a lot, but that’s only if users can keep track of it. “I can’t find my iPhone” – that’s a statement many disgruntled and flustered owners have uttered at one time or another. But in the age of mobile apps that can do anything from organizing companies’ finances to helping people lose weight, can they help with finding lost phones?

There are many apps designed to help people track their phone and follow its location in the event it becomes misplaced or stolen.

Why Losing a Phone Is So Frustrating

Find my iPhone app

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Anyone who has ever lost anything of value to them knows how it feels. The idea of property being unaccounted for represents a person’s investment unraveling before their eyes.

But beyond the problems associated with losing an item of high monetary value, there is the issue of losing a device that is so crucial to everyday life. The iPhone, like many other popular mobile devices, has become a holistic tool people use to communicate, work, and entertain themselves.

It isn’t like misplacing a flip phone from previous decades – a lost iPhone represents a lot of handy apps and functions being inaccessible. And since so much information can be stored on iPhones, a missing device means a person’s personal data could be compromised.

The phone numbers of friends, family members, and coworkers could be placed in the hands of strangers. Even worse, strangers can send them messages they may believe is from the phone’s true owner.

Everything from passwords to bank account info is often saved in phones, meaning a person who can’t find their device has a lot more to lose than just an expensive toy.

How Can a Person Find a Lost iPhone?

“How can I find my iPhone” is something no one ever wants to search as anything other than a hypothetic statement typed out of sheer curiosity.

But in the event a person’s phone is lost, the best solution is often to have a tracking app installed beforehand. The Find My Phone: Find My Lost Device app lets users track their device through multiple methods including SMS, IMEI, and more.

These apps use GPS technology to tell how far a phone is from a signal tower – the same data carriers use to determine signal strength in many cases. This tracking feature allows users to see a phone even if it is on the move, whether it was left behind in an Uber or swiped by a thief.

The tracking process itself can be done through websites, which show real-time data about the location of missing devices. This is also great for those people who have children or elderly family members who sometimes misplace their device.

The Apple iPhone isn’t the only device that can be tracked and recovered using a specialized GPS app – the Android market also has access to these features, showing how important this feature has become for recovering lost or stolen mobile devices for all users.

Are Find My iPhone Apps 100 Percent Successful?

Even in instances where a person’s phone is visible on GPS tracking platforms based on the SMS information, iCloud credentials, or specialized PIN given out by the app, it is no guarantee the device can be recovered.

The apps that track devices can be used to show where they are, but they can’t guarantee the device will be recovered 100 percent of the time. In the event the signal is lost, the device becomes damaged, or the app is compromised, the ability to track the device may be lost.

This doesn’t mean the apps aren’t worthwhile. They’re a great solution for protecting valuable belongings like the Apple iPhone from being lost forever. Even if a person lives in a small town and only goes to a few places on a regular basis, a lost phone could end up anywhere.

Can an app help me find my iPhone? The answer to this question is an emphatic yes. Is it worth it? For those who have never had a problem keeping up with their device, they may view the installation of “find my phone” apps as unnecessary. But as with most precautionary measures, it’s better to err on the side of caution.

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