Are you always on your phone? Is scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter a common pastime of yours? If so, you're also probably heavily invested in Snapchat. Snapchat is a unique and fun application that helps you connect with your friends and acquaintances on a daily basis. If you are looking for a way to find Snapchat friends and more hilarious memes to share, keep reading. Below we are going to cover all of it including the top five Snapchat accounts to follow right now. So, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling!

What Are Memes?

If you're new to the social media world and are looking to stay on top of the latest online trends, you have to understand memes. Memes are often pictures or videos that comment on our culture and society in a humorous or ironic way. That being said, the point of memes is to share them. Memes are meant to be relatable and cause an emotional response whether it be humorous, sad, or even disgusting. If you want to find Snapchat friends, one of the best ways to reach out is with a funny meme.

If you want to stay relevant while on the internet, one of the best ways to do so is to stay up to date on the latest memes, hashtags, and jokes that are circulating. Once you find yourself responding to and making memes organically, you will have fully integrated yourself into this unique and purely digital cultural phenomenon.

Are There Great Memes on Snapchat?

In order to find Snapchat friends using memes, you'll want to understand the great and popular possibilities on the platform itself. Snapchat is such a fun medium to use because you can take pictures and videos, use filters, add text, GIFs, stickers, and even draw to make a meme. Keep an eye on trending hashtags on Twitter as well as the new filters uploaded to Snapchat to ensure you're using what's popular and relevant to create your memes. Below we have included a few of the greatest Snapchat memes to date:

Deceptive Photography

Face-Altering Filters

Snapchat Map

Friends Versus Crushes Versus Family

Here Are 5 Must-Follow Snapchat Accounts

Now that you know more about memes and how to find Snapchat friends, you are going to want to start following popular accounts to help you stay in the know. Below we have put together a list of the top five must-follow Snapchat accounts this year. There's a meme style for just about everyone, so keep scrolling to learn more!

1. LilSwag79

LilSwag79 is none other than Kevin Hart himself. With a username like that, it's no wonder that he had to be on our list as a must-follow account. Not only will you find hilarious meme content here that is uploaded almost daily, but you'll also get to see fun snippets of him on set and with other big-name actors like Dwayne Johnson.

2. ChrisDelia

If you're already a fan of Chris D'Elia, then you're going to absolutely love his Snapchat account. He's practically a meme lord and is the source of many hilarious Snapchats that poke fun at society and the ridiculousness of the application itself. Trust us when we say it's hard to watch his uploads without at least cracking a smile.

3. BrittanyJFurlan

Brittany Furlan, former Vine star, is a popular YouTuber and social media star that's taking Snapchat by storm. If you're not familiar with her original content, she's known for her lively skits and down-to-earth memes that are sure to have you rolling. The best part is, she's now married to music star Tommy Lee, which means you'll even get to see him participate in the meme antics every once in a while as well.

4. Hartoooo

Comedian and social media star Hannah Hart is a hoot to add on Snapchat. She's been on the Food Network and has met a number of interesting and equally hilarious celebrities which is always fun to watch; however, the Snapchats of her show are what really hooks us. Snapchats and behind the scenes glimpses of My Drunk Kitchen always make us laugh.

5. RealGraceHelbig

Grace Helbig is a YouTube creator and host that's known for her comical take on life and relatable humor. If you're looking for a Snapchat account to follow that often posts content commenting on society or the ridiculousness of mundane tasks or interactions, she's your girl. Another reason we like to flock to Grace for memes is that she often surrounds herself with other funny content creators which are always a joy to watch.

How to Find Snapchat Friends

The best way to find Snapchat friends is by typing in their name or adding them from your contacts. To search for a user by name, all you have to do is open Snapchat and click the magnifying glass you see at the top. Clicking that will trigger a box for you to begin typing. Look for the right display name and click add; it's that simple! It's even easier adding friends from the contacts you already have in your phone or on your device. Simply click contacts instead of typing in a name and click the add button next to anyone you'd like to connect with.


It's so much fun to find Snapchat friends and make new ones. Snapchat is a more intimate social media application than anything else out there because you get daily glimpses into people's lives and thought processes. When you find a friend to send Snapchats back and forth with and to share and create popular memes, you have a much stronger connection than you would with someone you talk to every other week through a text message. So, what are you waiting for? Open up your Snapchat app, add some new friends, and start sending out the memes that would make you burst out laughing and brighten your day.

Fe​​atured Image by MrJayW from Pixabay