Flipp is a shopping app available on Android, iOS, and web browser that finds coupons and deals.

You can search for discounts and other deals via brand, item, and category on the app Flipp.

The average Flipp user saves $1000 – Find out how you can too

It can save you time and money each week that would have been spent on shopping. Continue reading for a thorough review of the Flipp app to decide if it’s an app you’d like to try.

About the Flipp App

Flipp app logo and interface

Flipp saves you time on finding coupons and deals and helps you navigate stores faster. It has a shopping list feature to save even more time. You can keep track of what you need to buy on the shopping list, then search for coupons on those items. The app will show you which stores have what’s on your list.

Flipp delivers digital circulars from over 800 retailers, so you don’t have to look at paper circulars. You’ll save time by using the app to find the relevant deals from circulars. Examples of retailers that share their digital circulars with this app include Best Buy, Walgreens, Walmart, Macy’s, Staples, and Dollar General. The Flipp Canada version shows local retailers as well, such as Canadian Tire. You’ll only see stores that are in your area.

As stated on their website, Flipp aims to take the “extreme out of extreme couponing.” Users can save up to 20-70% on products through the coupons they find on the app. U.S. app users can directly clip coupons to their rewards cards at checkout.

The Flipp app was developed in 2007 by former Microsoft engineers. It was originally called Wishabi. They thought that weekly shopping was too much work and wanted to create an app that made it fun. The developers made it their goal to decrease how much time consumers spent shopping while saving them money. Flipp aims to help customers buy the right product a the right time as well.

The company is large, with over 300 employees around the world. It is partnered with major retailers like Walmart, Macy’s, and Target too. Media-wise, Flipp app has several partnerships, including with Facebook, Twitter, Google, CBS, and MSN. Headquartered in Toronto, the company has earned the Best Workplaces in Canada Award and the Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures Award.

Top Features of Flipp

  • Shopping List. Flipp’s shopping list is simple and easy to use. While you’re at the store, you can tap items on the list to cross them off. This helps you keep better track of what you’ve already placed in the cart. You’ll save time and frustration by not forgetting the milk or another item on the list. Flipp’s shopping list feature helps you stay organized and plan ahead.
  • Notifications. Isn’t it disappointing when one of your coupons expires before you had the chance o use it? Flipp solves that problem by offering a notifications feature. You can set up reminders about when a coupon is close to expiring, so you don’t miss out on your favorite deals. The flipp app also lets you set up notifications to alert you when there are new deals at your favorite stores.
  • Clippings. While browsing digital circulars on the Flipp app, you can clip an item by tapping it. This saves time on cutting the coupons like you have to do with paper circulars.
  • Discount Slider. The discount slider feature highlights deals in your feed that meet a certain minimum requirement, such as 10% off. You can slide the percentage sign farther right to increase the percentage. This can be used to effortlessly spot the best deals.

How the Flipp app works

Common Complaints About Flipp

  • Flipp app reviews are mostly positive with users praising the app for being useful, saving them a significant amount of money, and easy to use. Common complaints about Flipp state that the app was once good but isn’t anymore. On the Apple store, a mother gave a negative review for this reason. She said that the app dropped two major grocery stores from her area before losing all but one grocery store.
  • Another user of the Flipp app stated in their review on Amazon that it only shows a partial list of the stores in their area. They think it’s quicker to bookmark the stores’ weekly flyer page on their browser. Their second complaint about the app was it only shows stores in a specific zipcode, but they’re willing to consider deals in other zipcodes.

Flipp App Compatibility

The Flipp app can be used on browsers, Android, and iOS. Compatibility with Android varies with devices, so you will have to check the Google Play Store to see if it works on your device. The version of the app for Android also varies with device. For iOS devices, the app can be used on the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone, as long as the device is running iOS 8.0 or later. Flipp’s app for iOS takes up 85.2 MB of space. Its size on Android differs depending on your device.

Flipp app on an iPod

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Summing Up

The Flipp app is a good shopping app to use for finding great deals in your area. It can save a tremendous amount of time on finding, collecting, and storing coupons. All of these tasks can be done from within the app. You can also create a shopping list within the app and tap items off the list as you go.

Although Flipp has great reach around the world, people in some areas will find that their options through the app are limited. However, we think that it’s worth giving the app a try for the possibility of saving 20-70% on shopping and having more time in your day to spend on other activities.

Does Flipp sound like a good shopping app to try? Let us know what you think in the comments below, especially if you’ve tried the app before.