The Flipp coupon app is loaded with deals that can help you saving money quickly and easily. Many of these offers require that you print out coupons beforehand to maximize your savings. This article is going to explain how to print your own coupons using Flipp.

How to Print Your Own Coupons

How to print with the Flipp coupon app

  • Open the Flipp coupon app and enter your zip code. This allows you to see all of the relevant circulars for your area.
  • Research all of the deals that are most relevant to you. You can do this by using the search feature of the Flipp coupon app. Try searching for specific products or brands that you regularly use to see what types of sales are going on.
  • Select your coupons. Simply select each coupon you are interested in. You will see a blue “Print” button in the upper right-hand corner of the Flipp website page. Select it and follow your on-screen instructions to send the page to your local printer.
  • There is one final important note to remember. Not all of the deals featured in the weekly ads app for Android require printing. Many of these can be added electronically to your favorite store loyalty card to save you time. You can also add your favorite deals to the clippings section of the app for easy reference while shopping.

Flipp Coupons App Printing FAQ

Why Can’t I Print From My Mobile Device?

Unfortunately, the Flipp coupon app is not compatible with most wireless printing technology that mobile phones typically use. For best results, use the Flipp website for printing.

Why Didn’t the Store Accept My Coupon?

All of the coupons featured in the Flip shopping app come from local retailers and the product manufacturers themselves. If a coupon shows that it must be printed, the retailer cannot accept a digital copy on your phone. The other common cause is that there are quantity limitations or the coupon may have expired. Check the fine print for further details. If you printed the coupon and met all of the fine print requirements, you can contact [email protected] with information relating to the coupon in question.

Why Aren’t the Coupons Showing Up In My Email?

In certain cases, emails can take up to 24 hours to arrive. Be sure that you received a success message after requesting the coupons to be emailed to you. If over 24 hours have passed and you still haven’t received them, contact [email protected] for further assistance.

Why Can’t I Print My Coupon Again After a Network Failure?

The coupon providers set strict production limits on their offers. If you experience a connection issue while printing, try printing from another device to see if it resolves. You can also try waiting for 24 hours to see if the provider automatically corrects the situation. If all else fails, contact [email protected] with information relating to the specific coupon.

Final Thoughts

Printing your own coupons is not a difficult process. Once you have located your favorite deals in Flipp, all it takes is a bit of patience and connecting with your desktop or laptop. Go ahead and start printing your own coupons today. Your wallet will thank you on your next shopping trip.