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Whether you’re breaking bad habits or trying to create new ones, one of the most effective methods is by habit tracking. This process requires taking note of every time you perform a certain action in order to make yourself more aware of your behavior. Only once you’re aware of how and why you behave can you begin to change the action. Luckily, modern technology has made this easier than ever. With habit tracker apps, your phone becomes the nexus of your habit changes. You can keep track of your habit frequency on your phone or use it to set alarms to ensure you meet your goals.

This article details how to choose proper habits and why having an accurate habit tracker app is beneficial. If you’re on the fence whether to use a specialized tracker app or not, this article can shed some light on the subject and help you make an informed decision that’s right for you.

Choosing Habits

Before delving deep into the advantages of a habit tracker app, it’s important to discuss the best ways to choose habits. Habits make up the majority of our days, so choosing wisely is of the utmost importance.

Personal Interest

Choose a habit based on your own interests and pick something you find important, it may be a daily workout, yoga, or running. Don’t worry about if it’s something other people think is important or has value, because the behavior won’t have the same meaning for you as it does to them. It can be harder to motivate yourself to keep performing an action if it’s only for others. Performing behaviors for others requires intense willpower, and habits are better built on an action you consider worthwhile. Something you enjoy and want to do is a much easier task than something you dislike; for example, even if you dislike working out, going for a small walk might an attainable goal rather than running a marathon.

Regular and Consistent

An action you can perform regularly is much better than one you can only do once in a while. This is because the more often you do an action, the more habitual it becomes. Every time you repeat an action, it becomes more a part of you and your daily life; thus, rewiring your brain to recognize the habit is essential. After all that repetition, your brain begins to do the actions automatically, at which point you’ve fully adopted the habit. Once or twice a week is not enough to form a habit, as there are five more days in the week when you’re not doing it. A habit you can track every day, every weekday or every other day can be much more beneficial in the long run, as you’re priming your brain to incorporate the new activity. The more you do this, the faster it becomes automatic.

Achievable Goals

Making a bite-size goal achievable is an essential part of establishing new habits. If you’ve never worked out in your life, attempting to run a marathon wouldn’t be the best course of action, right? Choosing something achievable prevents you from taking on too much at the beginning and becoming overwhelmed, a point that often stops people from building a habit in the first place. Starting with a tiny, miniscule goal that you can easily complete every day is much easier than a large one that you’ll never be able to finish, it can also help by doing self-meditation app to boost your mind power. Plus, part of having a habit tracker is being able to see the days you’ve gotten something done. If your goal is too lofty, you won’t be able to finish it and get that sense of accomplishment that’s so important to building a habit.

One at a Time

Part of making an achievable goal is just that: making an achievable goal. Just one. Starting with too many habits at once means you can’t give proper focus to any of them, because you’re busy trying to juggle them all. Starting one new habit is difficult enough, much less starting four or five. A single new habit makes things easier and prevents you from becoming exhausted and overwhelmed. Too many individuals fail at the beginning because they’re trying to get a good night’s sleep every night while starting to work out, and also starting a new diet. Instead of achieving any positive habits, the individual feels like a failure because of the experience.

Positive Thinking

Over time, the habits you cultivate become a natural part of you. That means that the actions you choose should be positive – choosing to work out three times a week, sleep eight hours a day, or eat more vegetables, for example. These all improve your health and are things you can do to positively affect your life. Habit trackers can really only track the positive things you do, rather than negative things you don’t do. While a negative goal might seem good at first, like stop eating chocolate every day, over time you may not be able to keep it up. Replacing a negative behavior like eating too much chocolate with a positive goal of eating more vegetables is much more instructive, as your app can keep track of days you’ve completed something.


Advantages of Using a Habit Tracker App

Helps Achieve Goals

Habit tracking helps you transform your larger goals into small, attainable actions. Instead of big, abstract ideas, habit tracking makes bite-size chunks that you can complete every day. That way, the actions you’re performing seem less intense and easier to achieve, giving you confidence and the ability to better control your behavior.

Promotes Positive Growth

Keeping track of your actions on a habit tracker app ensures that you continue performing your good habits. By continuing to engage with good actions, the more success you’ll have and, in turn, the better you’ll feel. This engenders a positive growth spiral, in which you’ll be able to continue your new habits and feel better about yourself.

Sense of Accomplishment

Tracking habits every day gives you the satisfaction of finishing something. The more you complete an action, the more motivation you have to continue. Better yet, while you keep pursuing your new habits, you begin to rewire your brain until the actions become a part of you.

Eliminates Bad Habits

One of the best ways to get rid of bad, unproductive habits is to replace them with positive, new ones. By targeting a bad habit, you’re able to remove it entirely and replace it with a new one. Then, you can use your habit app to track your new action, which encourages you to keep that up until it has become a positive new habit.

Provokes Total Honesty

Often, it’s human nature to overestimate our accomplishments and abilities. A habit tracking app forces you to reckon with your actions by laying them out before you in stark, undecorated honesty. Habit tracking provides a glimpse of your actual behavior, which allows you to change it. Instead of glossing over problem behaviors, habit trackers make you stare them right in the face.

Generates Personal Accountability

Holding other people accountable is easy and comes second nature to most people. But holding ourselves accountable is an entirely different story. Habit tracker apps force honesty, and in doing so, they can keep you accountable for reaching your goals. These apps keep a record of your behavior, making it harder to ignore the things you may be letting yourself get away with.

Keeps You on Track

Of course, making mistakes is only human. You may be completing an action every day for four weeks when you miss a day. That’s okay! Habit tracking apps make it easier to get back on track because you can see a visual representation of all the success you’ve had thus far. For some reason, it makes it easier to push on ahead.

Gives You Control

Tracking important actions gives you control over your life because you know exactly how much or how little you actually did of your new habit. If you didn’t meet a goal, it lets you reassess and adjust, making it not only more likely that you’ll succeed, but helping you succeed on your own terms.

Changes Your Perspective

Once you notice how much of your life is made up of habits, you realize how powerful they can be. This may change the way you view your life and the decisions you make. Furthermore, you realize that other people are just like you, a sum of their habits. Aspects of other people that may have annoyed you in the past may make more sense now, as you see those people are just performing actions or deeds they had become accustomed to doing.


Using a habit tracker app or planner app can help you quickly and efficiently build habits into your daily routine and lifestyle. Over time, they eventually become automatic and a part of you, so always ensure you’re picking habits that make your life better. As always, it’s important to listen to your own needs and figure out the right path in your life, and an accurate habit tracker app can help you every step of the way.


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