iHeartRadio is a free app that grants listeners access to their favorite music and radio stations from around the country. Users are able to live-stream music to their computer, tablet, or mobile devices. Listeners are also able to create their own commercial-free music stations from a database of over one million songs. The app is a direct competitor of Spotify and Pandora.

If you’re not satisfied with the iHeartRadio service, you can delete your iHeartRadio account. Many users find that the app uses too much mobile data to justify live-streaming their music. It’s important to be diligent when following these steps because there are multiple options that could be considered to be “deleting” the account. Be sure you select the process that matches what you wish to achieve.

Cancelling Your iHeartRadio Plus Subscription

how to delete iheartradio account

iHeartRadio offers two account options where users can pay for greater access. iHeartRadio Plus allows listeners to be able to play any song on-demand with unlimited skips. They can also save songs to their playlists directly from the radio. Listeners can also instantly rewind and replay songs that were just played on the live radio.

The company also allows customers to purchase iHeartRadio All Access. This feature is not available for use on the web but is instead limited to mobile applications. In addition to all of the benefits afforded by an iHeartRadio Plus subscription, All Access users are also able to listen offline and create an unlimited number of playlists.

iHeartRadio Plus costs $4.99 a month for Android devices and $5.99 a month for iOS devices. iHeartRadio All Access costs $9.99 a month for Android devices and $12.99 a month for iOS devices.

Before deleting your account entirely, you may simply want to cancel payments on subscription services that you’ve purchased. Doing so will revert you back to the free version of the app. As described here, iHeartRadio is very explicit in stating you cannot cancel a subscription like iHeartRadio Plus through the use of a mobile application.

This is incredibly inconvenient, as customers must return to the store where they purchased the subscription. It would be much easier to be able to cancel your subscription directly in the app. The inability to do so may help iHeartRadio keep users who don’t think to access the store where they purchased the subscription.

It’s also important to note that if you cancel a subscription, it does not stop immediately. Instead, it will stop at the end of your current billing cycle or free trial. You will not be reimbursed for any days after you cancel. So, if you want to cancel the next month, be sure to do so before that month’s payment processes.

Cancelling From iHeart.com

To cancel from iHeart.com, begin by returning to the website and logging in to your account. You should be able to do so after clicking the three horizontal lines that are in the upper-left corner of the screen. Your standard iHeartRadio login should work. Then, click on the Settings tab. Once doing so, you will be presented with another menu. Under “Subscriptions,” you should see an option for “Change Plan.”

After selecting “Change Plan,” another menu will appear. From here, simply select “Cancel Subscription.” At this point, you’ll be asked if you really want to cancel your subscription, to which you should indicate that you are. Once you indicate that you would in fact like to cancel, you should receive a confirmation message informing you when your subscription will expire.

Since you have already paid, you should be able to use your subscription until the expiration date.

Cancelling an iOS Subscription

To cancel a premium subscription on an iOS or Apple product, you should begin by opening iTunes or the App Store on your phone or tablet. You will be prompted to select your Apple ID. Be sure that the ID you choose is the same one you used to register your iHeartRadio account. It’s possible that the Apple ID you used to register could be different than your iHeartRadio account’s email address.

After selecting the proper Apple ID, you’ll be prompted to enter your password. Once logged in, select “Subscriptions.” Then, select “iHeartRadio.” Lastly, you’ll simply want to change the Auto-Renewal option to Off, or click on “Cancel Subscription.” What appears will be dependent on your phone model and software version, but both accomplish the same thing by canceling your premium subscription.

You can also cancel your iOS iHeartRadio subscription on a computer. Begin by opening iTunes and then opening the Account option from the Menu bar that is located at the top of the screen. Then, select “View My Account.” You may be asked to enter your Apple ID and password. If prompted, enter the information requested to continue. Be sure the proper Apple ID is used.

Then, you’ll proceed to the “Account Information” page, where you’ll want to select “Settings.” Next, you’ll see a “Subscriptions” page, where you will then select “Manage.” Scroll until you find the iHeartRadio app, and then select “Edit.” Finally, select “Cancel Subscription” to complete the process.

More information about canceling Apple subscriptions is provided thanks to Apple Support.  

Cancelling an Android Subscription

It’s very easy to cancel an iHeartRadio subscription that you purchased on an Android device. Open the Google Play Store. Before proceeding, be sure you are logged into the account that was used to purchase the iHeartRadio subscription.

Once you’ve confirmed the correct account, select “Menu.” Then, select “Account.” Under “Account,” you’ll find the “Subscriptions” tab. Select this, and then choose iHeartRadio. Simply select “Cancel,” and you should be good to go. It’s as simple as that.

To cancel an Android subscription on a computer, head to the Google Play website, and log in with the account information that was used to purchase your subscription. Head to the “Subscriptions” page on your account, and then select iHeartRadio. Choose “View.” This will present the iHeartRadio app page and should present an option to cancel. Indicate that you would like to cancel, and you’re done.

The Google Play Help Center has provided additional information about canceling or changing a subscription.

Uninstalling iHeartRadio

You also have the option to uninstall the app. The app can be reinstalled at any time later. Whether you need temporary space on your phone or just need a break from the iHeartRadio app, this could be the option for you. You can always redownload the app at any time.

However, you should note that uninstalling the app will not cancel your account or any premium subscriptions you’ve purchased. We have heard stories of users who thought that deleting the app automatically wiped their account clean, but this is not the case. If you are paying for anything, be sure to follow the steps listed above before deleting the app from your phone or tablet.

The benefit of this is that if you uninstall the app and later chose to reinstall it, all of your information will still be linked to your account. Logging in with your iHeartRadio account information will grant you access to your favorite artists, stations, and settings. Additionally, you will still be able to use your account from other locations, such as a laptop, even though the app was uninstalled from your device.

Uninstalling from an iOS Device

There are a few ways that you can uninstall the iHeartRadio app for iOS. The easiest way to do so is via the home screen. If the iHeartRadio app is installed on your home screen, simply hold the app until it begins to jiggle. When it begins to shake, an “X” will appear in the upper left-hand corner of the app. Press the “X,” which will cause another prompt to appear. Select “Delete” to uninstall the app.

You can also uninstall the app by navigating to “Settings.” Once in “Settings,” select “General” and then “Usage.” All of the apps that are installed on your device will appear. Scroll down until you find the iHeartRadio app, and tap on it. An icon will appear at the bottom of the screen that states, “Delete App.” Select this option to uninstall the app from your phone.  

Uninstalling from an Android Device

To uninstall the iHeartRadio app for Android, head to the “Settings” app on your device. Under “Settings,” select “Apps & Notifications.” Find the iHeartRadio app, and then choose “Uninstall.” With that, the iHeartRadio app will be removed from your phone.

Permanently Delete Your Account

To permanently delete your iHeartRadio account and everything associated with it, you need to contact iHeartRadio Customer Support. you will first need to open your account page. Once there, select “Feedback.” Continue until you find “Contact Us.” Then, submit a request that indicates you would like your account to be deleted.

You will then need to wait for a follow-up from their customer support team before officially deleting your account. You can also contact iHeartRadio Customer Service through the form here.