Your local circular is the perfect way to maximize your savings when you shop. Unfortunately, browsing through all of the different sales flyers is often a difficult process. You have to keep track of which days each flyer comes out and constantly compare prices between different retailers.

Fortunately, there are apps like Flipp around. This article is going to offer a little bit of information about Flipp and explain how you can maximize your potential savings with this handy little application.

How the Flipp App Works

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Have you ever endlessly browsed through mailing circulars to find the latest shopping deals for the week? Flipp is an application that is designed to circumvent this process by allowing you to browse all of the advertisements for your area from one place.

The app works by displaying all of the circulars and other advertisements based on the zip code of your area. You can search through Flipp by using many different fields like retailer name, item, or even a specific brand.

If you prefer to look through all of the available advertisements for your area, you can use the Flipp feature to quickly glance at all of the selections that are available. When you find one of interest, all you have to do is double click or tap the flyer to view its contents in greater detail.

When it comes time to collect your coupons, Flipp allows users to add their selections automatically to their supported store loyalty cards and more. Some examples of stores that support digital coupons are Dollar General and CVS.

If your store doesn’t support digital coupons, you can quickly and easily print out your selections using your printer from the comfort of your home.

Flipp App Features

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Flipp is the primary feature of the app. This is where you can quickly and easily view all of the circulars containing the latest deals for your area. To use it, you simply have to input the zip code for your area.


The search feature is how you can effectively narrow down your coupon selections to those that are most relevant to your situation. You can search for specific retailers, brands, and general product types.

Shopping List

The shopping list feature provides the perfect way to stay organized and plan ahead for your next shopping trip. Using it is the ideal way to prevent forgetting even the most mundane shopping supply.


Clippings is a great feature in Flipp that puts all your saved deals and coupons in a dedicated area. It makes keeping track of your deals a breeze.

Discount Slider

The discount slider is the tool of choice for true coupon fanatics. Using this feature, you can quickly identify all of the best deals in a given flyer based on the discount percentage. This allows you to home in on the deals with the most savings potential.


The coupons feature holds all of the relevant manufacturer coupons and coupons that are being offered by the retailers themselves. It is the perfect way to further maximize your shopping savings. You can also link many coupons with your store loyalty card and more.


This feature is perfect for those of you who forget to use expiring coupons until it’s too late. Notifications alert your phone or mobile device whenever a saved deal is getting ready to expire. You can easily customize the types of deals that your phone will track for you to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

How to Use the Flipp App

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To use Flipp, you must first begin by visiting their website or downloading their mobile app:

The 4 Steps to Using Flipp:

1. Enter your zip code. Once you have visited their website or downloaded the app for your mobile device, you are ready to begin saving. The first thing you must do is enter the zip code for your area. Flipp uses this information to get all of the relevant circulars that are for your area.

2. Browse the sales. The app will display all of the current sales that are going on for your area. If you want to casually sort through the available circulars until one catches your eye, you can use the Flipp feature. Flipp allows you to browse through all of the available sales at your own pace. Simply swipe left and right to view new circulars. If you want to dive right in and look for sales for a specific store, you should go ahead and use the search function. You can also use this function to locate specific deals for your favorite products and more.

3. Add the items to your clippings section. Once you find a deal you like, be sure to tap the item to add it to your clippings section. You can do this with advertisements from different circulars to easily store all of your favorite deals in one convenient space.

4. To get the most out of Flipp, remember to register an account. Once registered, you can easily link your favorite store loyalty card to your account. Many of the coupons can be easily added electronically to your card. This helps you save time by avoiding having to print coupons before your shopping trips.

Flipp App Tricks and Tips on How to Save Money

How to save money with the Flipp app

1. Maximize Your Searches

The first Flipp tip every user should learn is how to maximize your searches. If you live in a large metropolitan area, navigating all of the available sales flyers can often be a difficult process. This is where using the search function comes into play.

The first thing to try is searching for your favorite grocery store. This will deliver only the ads that are relevant to your favorite store. However, to achieve true savings there are other search strategies to try.

For example, you can search for a product like milk. This will display all of the sales relating to that product and allow you to see where it is currently cheapest. A small extra trip to an additional store can yield significant savings if you look for common items in Flipp this way.

2. Discount Slider for the Win

For those of you who are really pressed for time, the discount slider is your ideal solution. Try playing with the percentage slider bar to see what deals are available at certain thresholds. This helps you bypass all of the typical browsing that is normally required to find only the best deals.

To get the most out of this feature, try doing a few basic searches with it. Consider starting with a lower number like10 or 20 percent. You can easily adjust the slider higher to see what other deals are available to fit your budget needs.

3 .Never Underestimate Price Matching

If your store price matches, you are in luck. Using traditional advertisements results in an often embarrassing juggling match at the register where you have to present the cashier with all of the relevant sale prices for the items you want price matched.

This is where the clippings section of Flipp shines. Remember to tap all of the sales for products you are interested in. This is even important for the stores you do not typically shop at. Once the sale information is stored in your clippings section, you can easily show the cashier all of the deals that you want price matched using one convenient location within Flipp.

4. Link Your Loyalty Card

The main advantage of creating an account with Flipp is that it allows you to link your favorite loyalty cards with supported stores. Linking your card makes achieving substantial savings much easier.

For most larger retailers, you can use electronic coupons that have been added to your loyalty card. You simply swipe your card at the end and any of the applicable coupons and sales that were added are automatically applied to your purchase.

Not only does this make saving a breeze, it helps save you a substantial amount of time. It is also a big win for the environment since you don’t have to worry about wasting paper.

5. Don’t Forget the Golden Couponing Rule

There is one rule that is true for all couponing programs including Flipp. Remember to always focus on products that your family will actually use. This is one of the most important couponing basics that no user should ever forget.

Consider searching for deals and coupons relating to essentials that almost any family can use. Things like cereal, milk, eggs, and pasta are usually good staples to keep in mind. It also helps to stock up on seasonal items like cold medicines before they typically are in high demand. These are the times when you will often find the best deals on these types of products.

6. Never Forget with Notifications

If you are prone to forgetting some of the best sales until it is too late, consider setting up your notification settings now. Flipp allows users to quickly customize the types of notifications they receive based on their favorite retailer, selected coupons, and more.

These notifications alert you on your mobile device before the sale ends. It is the perfect way to make sure you never miss out on that seasonal sale price that all your friends rave about each year.

Final Thoughts on Saving with Flipp

There is a reason the Flipp app reviews are so positive for both iOS and Android. The reason is that Flipp works. It allows users to quickly and easily access all of the available flyers and circulars for their area.

Browsing for your favorite store, item, and brand is easy thanks to the intuitive search feature. Once you find an item you like, you can save it to your clippings folder with a simple tap on your screen.

Feel free to try Flipp out for yourself. It only takes minutes to get yourself set up and start saving today.

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