Saving with Flip coupons using the weekly flyers app is very easy. All it takes is a little time and patience to achieve savings on some of your favorite products. This article is going to explain how to use these coupons in four easy steps.

Here’s how weekly ads can save YOU money

woman in the grocery store paying with coupons

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  • Find Relevant Deals. The first step to using Flip coupons in a store is to focus on finding relevant deals for you. You can do this by searching the app for weekly ads that feature your favorite products and brands. The grocery ads app and the website can both be used for this part.
  • Clip Before Printing. The next step to using Flip coupons in a store is getting all of your favorite deals in one place. When you are finished browsing the Flip ads, go ahead and tap or click each deal and coupon you are interested in. You will get the option to clip the deal. This will send all of the ads from the different circulars you were browsing to one convenient area.
  • Getting Ready to Print. You will have to use the full website using your desktop or laptop to print your coupons. Go ahead and access the clippings section to view all of your deals. All of your saved deals will show up in the shopping list area. Any of your deals that require printing will show up in the lower lefthand corner. Simply press the white and blue “Print” button to send all of the coupons to your printer. Once printed, you are ready to save on your next shopping trip.
  • Register Your Loyalty Card. One important tip to remember is to register an account and link your store loyalty cards. Many of the coupons featured on Flipp do not require printing if you link your card. This is a great way to save time.

Now that you know how to get your very own coupons with Flipp, you are ready to begin saving today. Take your time browsing the ads to discover deals that you would ordinarily miss out on. With couponing, patience is a virtue that pays off in substantial savings.