Using Flipp to save with coupons is a very easy process. It just requires a bit of prior planning to save on your everyday essentials during your next shopping trip. This article is going to explain how to save with coupons using this awesome app.

Flipp coupons on a tablet

  • Build Your Shopping List. To begin with, you should create your shopping list in the Flipp app. Be sure to include everything that you need on your shopping trip. Consult with your family members and review the list as a family to make sure you haven’t forgotten any of the smaller items.
  • Search Your Favorite Brands. The next step is to search for your favorite brands in the Flipp coupon app. Compare the product listings to your grocery list to find your potential matches. Go ahead and save these matches to the clippings section of Flipp by clicking or tapping the relevant deals.
  • Research Alternative Brands. If you don’t mind a substitute brand, consider doing one more search for the main types of products you are interested in. You can search for things like cereal, milk, and eggs instead of the name brand. Compare these deals to the coupons you clipped based on your favorite name brand search to determine the better deal.
  • You’re Ready To Print. Now that all of your favorite coupons are saved, you are ready to print. You will need to print your coupons from the Flipp website using your desktop or laptop. Simply click the blue “Print” button in the upper right-hand corner of the offers you are interested in. Alternatively, you can email the coupons to yourself for easier mass coupon printing.

Saving on your next grocery run doesn’t have to be hard. With just a little bit of planning and research, Flipp for Android and iOS can be your key to achieving sizable savings using valuable coupons.

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