Saving on your everyday purchases at the grocery store is always a fun experience. You never know when the little bit of extra cash you save can come in handy down the road. This is why sites like SavingStar are so popular. This article is going to explore how to use SavingStar coupons to save up money.

1. Learn to Maximize Your Search for SavingStar E-coupons

SavingStar offers on their website

The first tip to efficiently use SavingStar coupons efficiently is to learn how to maximize your search. The SavingStar app and website allow you to search for coupons and deals using a variety of criteria.

One great idea to try is to search the available listings by expiration date. This will allow you to find all of the relevant deals for your area that are going to expire soon. It is an excellent way to ensure that you don’t accidentally miss out on a deal for your favorite product. Besides expiration date, you can sort the available listings alphabetically, by value, and by recommended product.

2. Time to Use Your SavingStar Coupons

Now that you have selected your favorite deals, you are ready to shop with SavingStar coupons. You simply need to purchase the products that meet the criteria of the deals you selected in the app or website previously.

Be sure to remember that your savings will not show up on your receipt as a discount on your total purchase. Instead, it shows up in your SavingStar account once approved. This process can take anywhere from 2-30 days. Once you have achieved at least $5 in savings, you can select a payout via either bank or PayPal transfer.

The way you redeem your deals will differ by the store type. If your store is an automatic savings store, you simply have to scan your linked loyalty card at checkout for your savings to automatically be recorded. For other stores, you will have to upload an image of your receipt to SavingStar for review.

3. The Power of Stacking Coupons

Generally speaking, most manufacturers have strict limitations on using multiple coupons at the same time for a single product. Using SavingStar coupons is no different. If you decide to try to use a manufacturer coupon with a SavingStar deal, you have to be prepared for a potential rejection of your qualifying purchase.

A better strategy is to stack store coupons with SavingStar coupons. Store coupons generally have zero to no limitations in regards to combining them with manufacturer offers. This means you can use them without fear of your qualifying purchase being kicked back. Better yet, you further increase your savings potential by taking advantage of cash back deals and more.

4. Don’t Underestimate BOGO Deals

Another strategy for using SavingStar efficiently is to never underestimate BOGO deals. For those of you not familiar with this popular retail jargon, BOGO stands for buy one get, one free. These types of deals are the motherload in terms of savings when you can stack them with a qualifying deal on SavingStar.

To get the most out of them, try to shoot for products that keep really well or that have long expiration dates. Prime products to consider are laundry detergent, pasta sauces, cereals, and canned goods. Be sure to check your retailer’s sales flyer regularly to see when these deals are in effect.

5. The One or Many Approach

One nifty feature in SavingStar that is often overlooked by new users is the One or Many offers section. This feature is the perfect way for you to get sizable savings on some of your favorite brands and products.

True to its name, the One or Many offer allows you to fulfill the purchase requirement in a single shopping trip or over several smaller ones within a set amount of time. These offers typically require a much larger amount of a product to be purchased to fulfill the deal requirements. However, you receive a much larger savings in exchange for meeting the terms of the deal. It’s one of the best ways to stock up on your favorite products.

Summing Up

Using these five steps can help you use SavingStar coupons efficiently and easily. All it takes is a bit of prior research and you and your family can be well on your way to significant cost savings. Just remember to check their website or app frequently to make sure you aren’t missing out on any great deals.