If you live in a major city like Manhattan or San Francisco, you likely have an overall idea of how to use the Uber app, whether or not you’ve used the ridesharing service yourself. Uber is a cleaner, better, and all-around safer alternative to a regular taxi. Easily schedule a ride to your destination in under a minute. Consistent high-quality service is synonymous with the name “Uber,” making riders feel safer than they otherwise would. Pair the quality of service with cars that are clean and comfortable, not to mention the fare pricing system — and the benefits of using Uber are undeniable.

About the Uber App

learning how to use the Uber app

Uber makes the most of smartphone functionality by connecting riders with drivers. How to use Uber app is simple — just request a ride and once a driver accepts the request, your app will display their estimated arrival time. Never miss out on a pick-up, thanks to the notification you’ll receive just before your driver is about to arrive. Learning how to use the Uber app is simple and will be discussed in more detail below.

On the chance that Uber services aren’t offered in your area, check out some apps like Uber. The next best-known app is known as Lyft and offers the same type of services. Gett offers lots of promotional deals to riders worldwide via the app; a top feature of this app is the ability to book your ride up to two weeks in advance. Other apps like Uber include Easy Taxi, another great alternative that also takes rider safety very seriously, even going so far as to provide training to their drivers.

How to Use the Uber App as a Customer

Learning how to use the Uber app is incredibly easy. It takes a mere few steps to set up a request. First off, download the free Uber app and sign up — you’ll need to provide your name, phone number, email address, and payment information.

Next, look into Uber’s ride options, which shows you the waiting time, a general estimate of the price, and how many people a particular car will fit. Choose your car type to match your desired price tag and the number of people you have with you. The “budget” options consist of UberX, which seats four, and UberXL, which seats six. Uber’s Black Car seats four in a high-end sedan. Fitting six people is Uber’s SUV. Finally, the taxi option will provide you with a taxi that has an arrangement with Uber.

Enter your location or drag and drop a pin, thanks to the Google Maps integration, and see Uber cars nearby in real-time. Doing this allows you to determine which car is closest to your location. After choosing a car, simply set your destination and select your payment method. Acceptable payment methods include any type of credit card, PayPal, GoogleWallet, or Uber Credits. The payment is automatically charged to your account without any money changing hands between you and your driver.

Finally, request your ride. Watch the app for the driver’s estimated arrival time. While learning how to use the Uber app is fast and easy, there are some extra details that users may not be aware of. For instance, if you cancel a ride after five minutes, expect to incur a fee. However, if your driver’s ETA puts them at your destination five minutes later than expected, you can cancel the ride without dealing with the charge. Just keep those small details in mind while navigating the Uber app and you’ll always enjoy the ride.

Uber pickup information

How to Use Uber App as a Driver

Driving for Uber is an excellent way to rack up good money. The perk of being your own boss with the ability to work as much or as little as you want isn’t too shabby either. To become an Uber driver, you must be at least 21 years old, have a smartphone, a valid US driver’s license, and access to a four-door car (earliest model year allowed varies by state).

If you’re looking to drive in New York City, you must have a TLC driver’s license and a TLC-licensed vehicle, both of which Uber can help you obtain. You will also need to show proof of in-state auto insurance and license plates. Proof for New York City requires a TLC-for-hire vehicle permit, as well as commercial auto insurance and license plates. Your vehicle then needs to go through the Uber inspection process. After that, you will be scrutinized in the form of a background check and driving record check. These checks look for any instances of driving without insurance or license, DUI or drug-related offenses, criminal history, and fatal accidents or a reckless driving history.

Next, you might wonder how to use Uber partner app. When you’re ready to drive, just start up the app and select, “Go Online.” After that, you will be viewable by riders in your area. When you receive a trip request, tap to accept. Turn-by-turn directions are intuitively provided to and from your intended destination. Once the trip is over, rate the overall experience with your rider. Track your earnings and cash out instantly up to five times per day. Learning how to use the Uber app is actually quite simple and takes minimal getting used to.

Uber driver showing his Uber app

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Summing Up

Now that you know how to use the Uber app, if you find yourself in need of a ride to your destination and want to ensure a quality trip that is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable, go Uber. On the rare occasion that you experience an issue with your driver or the overall quality of service, simply message Uber via the app, either during your ride or immediately afterward, and they will do whatever they can to rectify the problem. Are you an Uber customer? If so, we want to hear about it. Share your experience, good or bad, by leaving us a comment below.