In this digital age, where most interactions are done in social media, having a Twitter account has become imperative both for personal and business reasons. Not only that, interactions, comments, followers, and shares can now be measured by analytics. Twitter pioneered the art of microblogging, and because Twitter has gained worldwide popularity, it's only natural for another tech company to take advantage of the opportunity. Thus ManageFlitter was born in 2010.

What Is ManageFlitter?

ManageFlitter is a web-based application which provides insight to Twitter users about their account. ManageFlitter accomplishes this through a set of tools where Twitter users can curate, prune, or grow their Twitter account. To date, ManageFlitter has over 4 million users from more than a hundred countries.


This web-based application was developed by Melon Media Founder Kevin Garber as an internal side project to aid him in identifying Twitter users who weren't following back his Twitter account. Melon Media is a digital agency based in Sydney, Australia. Originally named ManageTwitter, ManageFlitter is now a company on its own. The name change was made to avoid infringing on Twitter's trademark. 

What Features Does ManageFlitter Provide?

With a monthly subscription fee, ManageFlitter has a variety of helpful features which include the following:


Follow and Unfollow (Removed)

Analytics and Reporting

Why Is There a Need for ManageFlitter Alternatives?

Earlier this year, Twitter took a major step by shutting down ManageFlitter along with Crowdfire and Statusbrew due to the way these make it easy for people to follow and unfollow. To date, ManagerFlitter has conceded to Twitter's request by removing its Follow and Unfollow features.

However, there is still a need for these features among Twitter users. The good news is that there are several alternatives out there which still comply with Twitter's policies while still providing tools for following and unfollowing.

These alternatives will ensure that your Twitter account won't be suspended, as Twitter has been removing millions of Twitter accounts for aggressively following and unfollowing other Twitter users or accounts. It's best to be prudent about your choice of tools so there's no risk of getting kicked out of Twitter.

Keep in mind though, that these alternatives are only tools to help you get rid of fake or spam accounts on Twitter. They are not the only means for you to grow your followers on Twitter. It's still the quality of your tweets that matters most.

The Best 3 ManageFlitter Alternatives

Here are our top three alternatives to ManageFlitter which provide the least risk when it comes to following and unfollowing features:

1. Circleboom

2. FollowCheck

3. Hypegrowth

Other ManageFlitter Alternatives

1. Hootsuite

2. Robofollow

3. Sprout Social

4. Buffer

5. Zoho Social

6. Sendible

7. AgoraPulse


Flashe on gold iPhone 6s screen is a twitter app

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

If you're an existing ManageFlitter user, it might be the best time to look for a reliable alternative. Some alternatives can even be used simultaneously (such as Hootsuite and Buffer), with complementing features which make them doubly efficient.

Your foremost concern is to keep your Twitter account running smoothly and to ensure that it complies with Twitter's policies. Find the best social media management platform that provides for all your needs.

Featured Image:  Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay