Manual Camera is an app on Google Play that allows one to customize the way they take photos. It is recommended for professional photographers who often find the cameras on smartphones sorely lacking. This is because most of the controls of the camera settings are out of the user’s hand.

On the Manual Camera App, the user can change settings such as shutter speed, ISO, focus distance, and exposure compensation, as will be discussed later. This app is compatible with Android devices only that run on Lollipop. Let’s find out more about it and its features.

About the Manual Camera App

Manual Camera app

Manual Camera is exactly what the name suggests it is; manual. Almost every setting in the app can be adjusted manually. These settings include white balance, shutter speed, and exposure compensation, among others to aid you in taking stunning images. The major advantage is that even as you are given the ability to fully customize the camera, the app is still simple enough for you to navigate.

To use this app, your device must be Android, running on the Lollipop version. However, before buying the app, you can check the compatibility of your phone using the free Manual Camera Compatibility App. If your device runs on Lollipop but is still incompatible with Manual Camera, Google suggests that you contact your ROM provider for them to implement Camera2 API.

The Manual Camera can occupy as little as 2MB in your phone’s storage, which is quite impressive. The images one takes will be saved in a RAW format, an advantage that gives the user more room for editing them later. As you can control the shutter speed, this app enables you to capture as many moments as possible within a short period. You should note that the features of this app are wholly dependent on the smartphone that you are using. This means that the higher the resolution and camera quality your phone has, the better the image quality.

Features of the Manual Camera

Manual Camera on a tablet

  • Manual shutter speed – With this camera app, you are able to control the amount of time you want the shutter to stay open. This enables you to capture as many moments as you wish to
  • Manual focus distance –When you are capturing an image, this app allows you to adjust your focus manually for better clarity. However, you still have the option of using autofocus, a property useful where the object is in motion
  • Manual exposure compensation – The amount of exposure determines the quality of the image that will be captured. With Manual Camera, you can control the amount of exposure that your camera gets
  • RAW format – This app allows you to save your image in a lossless RAW format. With it, you get a chance to do a more in-depth editing on the device where you are using an external photo editor
  • GPS –Manual Camera allows you to indicate the location where the image was taken
  • Manual white balance –This app gives you the ability to adjust your setting so that objects that appear white in person also appear white as an image
  • Manual ISO – You can adjust your phone’s ability to capture light using the manual ISO button
  • Other features include ability to adjust the maximum brightness button, sounds, timer, and gridlines

Common Complaints for Manual Camera

  • The main complaint that the users have about on this app was the issue of compatibility. Even though the app promises to work on devices running on Lollipop, some customers noted that it didn’t run on their phones. To deal with these, customers are advised to first run a compatibility test before purchasing the app.
  • Another user complained that while it took great photos, it did not save them
  • A number of other users have noted that the RAW has a bluish hue that is unchangeable when editing.
  • For some, the application either refuses to start or crashes when in use. Others complain that their devices hang when running the app.
  • Another complaint was that you can neither zoom in or take an image in portrait when using this app.
  • Some features that were promised, such as manual white balance, do not work on the phone. A reviewer noted that in the app, the white balance could be controlled. However, when saved, the image lost the quality.

Manual Camera Compatibility

  • Manual Camera is compatible with any device that has Android 5.0 and above.

These devices include HTC One M7, M8, and M9, LG G4 and G3, Nexus 5 and 4, Sony Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact, Z1 Compact, and Z Ultra, and Huawei P8. There are many more devices apart from these that have Android 5.0. The device can be either a tablet or smartphone, as long as it has the appropriate software.

To confirm compatibility, you can download the Manual Camera Compatibility App and run it. If your phone is compatible, you can buy Manual Camera and if not, try another camera app. This app occupies less than 2MB of your device’s storage.

However, there are situations where your phone could be an Android 5.0 or any of the later versions, but it is not compatible with Manual Camera. In such a case, you are advised to contact your Android ROM provider and have them implement the Camera2 application.

Photographing with Manual Camera

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Summing Up

Your phone may be good for an impressive Facebook photo, but there are situations where you hope for better images. With Manual Camera, this is made possible. The app allows you to make changes in the settings of your camera. This is impossible under normal circumstances as the settings are fixed.

With this app, you can make changes to the shutter speed, exposure compensation, focus distance, and white balance. The images you get are in a RAW format to enable you to edit easily. This app is compatible with Android devices that have Android 5.0 or any later versions. If you wish for quality and simplicity packed in one camera app, this is the one for you.

If you have any comments on the app, feel free to share them.