Does Number Guru Really Work?

​Getting a call from an unknown spam number can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you’re waiting for an important call. Today, hundreds of thousands of spam calls are sent out in the United States every day. This phenomenon has changed the way we use our phones, as many people refuse to pick up unknown numbers.

Dodging phone calls can be tiresome, especially when you’re getting 2-3 calls a day. Number Guru strives to put the power back in your hands by providing a free-to-use reverse phone lookup. This way you can finally see who is leaving all of those pesky calls.

What Is Number GURU?

Does Number Guru Really Work?

​Number Guru is a free service that allows you to look up information about the owner of a telephone number. It was launched by background check company Been Verified in 2011, and quickly became one of the most popular reverse phone services on the web. Number Guru has been featured by a number of prominent publications, including PCworld, BGR, Mashable.

Number Guru allows users to search for any North American telephone number. Search results will provide you with information such as the owner’s name, age, address, and social media profiles. It also allows you to see whether the number belongs to a telemarketer, scammer, or debt collector.

How Does Number Guru Work

​Number Guru can be accessed through a website or downloaded through the Apple App Store. The service prompts you to enter a 10-digit North American phone number. Currently, Number Guru has information that covers about 100% of landlines, 100% of 800 numbers, and roughly 50% of cellphones.

Once you’ve entered the number, Number Guru brings you to a new page that shows any information they have on the entered number. This includes the phone type, general location, carrier, and the ‘spammer score.’ The spammer score is calculated by the amount of spam reports, which reported by other users who have received calls from that number.

More information can be extracted by clicking the Full Report button. This will provide a more detailed report on the caller, and lets you scroll through all other user comments. You will need to make a Number Guru account in order to access a Full Report.

Ways To Use Number Guru

​Number Guru is a tool that helps you look up phone numbers and protect you from spam. There are a few different ways you can use Number Guru to gather information and make informed decisions.

Identify Unwanted Calls

Verify Background

Number Guru Limitations

​Number Guru can look up just about any number in the United States, but there are various limitations that may prohibit the service use. Let’s take a look at a few of the legality issues that may inhibit your ability to look up a number through Number Guru.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

Educational Qualifications

Employment Decisions

Financial Screening

Screening Tenants

Ways To Access Number Guru

As we mentioned before, there are several ways that you can access Number Guru. Below is a brief description of the various ways to access Number Guru’s services.


App Store

Android App

Do We Recommend Number Guru?

Spam calls can be frustrating, especially if you get several calls a day. If you’re curious about who is calling you, Number Guru can be a great way to get a little more information at no cost. It can also be used to verify that someone is who they say they are, such as an online seller.

No matter what number you’re looking for, Number Guru will provide you with relevant information that is constantly updated.