One of the fully featured and free camera apps for Android phones and tablets, Open Camera claims the title of best photography app on the Google Play Store. If you have a new Android and want to try out the features, Open Camera offers you free and open-source software. This software is 100 percent free, and you can record videos in HD and take stable shots because of an auto-stabilize feature.

The camera hands you various settings and camera modes, and you can switch to flash, white balance, color effects, focus, scene, exposure lock and face detection.

Everything You Need to Know About Open Camera

Open Camera app

Once you start to open the camera and capture life, you will enhance the quality of your photography shots and make for a better experience. As a default camera app for the Android, this isn’t a good choice for advanced users or those with higher experience levels because you will find the features limiting.

This camera shows the angle of your device, and you can hold it straight to snap the best shot. With Open Camera, you have the basic functions needed like compass direction, configurable volume and geotagging. You have a variety of features like video recording where you can record up to 1080p resolution. In addition, you have the option to lock the orientation to a landscape or portrait. Some of the other salient features include configurable volume keys, auto-repeat mode and external mic support.

You have plenty of features with this app where you can open the camera and capture life, but despite the tons of available features, it remains free, and at the same time, free of ads. You also have experimental support for the Android 5 Camera 2 API. We do have to understand how not all the features on here will be available everywhere on all the Android devices. You can also take advantage of some of the remote controls. For example, the time, which also has an auto-repeat mode.

Top Features of Open Camera

Open Camera features

  • Auto-stabilize your pictures;
  • Expose the functionality of your camera;
  • Support for focus modes, color effects, ISO and white balance;
  • Configured volume keys;
  • Disable shutter sound;
  • Optional GPS and location tagging.

Open Camera has become a popular app because of its simplicity, and you don’t have to deal with an app overloaded with intrusive ads that slow down the performance and make it hard to use. The only ads you can find on this app are ones from their website, which is a more than fair trade off—the company needs to make money somehow. You can even take selfie pics, which includes support for the screen flash.

Another reason Open Camera has become such a popular choice is because of how little space the file uses. In fact, it only takes up 30 MB. In that way, you can save space for more important things without having to worry when you open the camera that it will slow down your new phone because it takes up so much space.

Common Complaints and Troubleshooting for Open Camera

Some customers have complained how when they open the camera to take shots on their Galaxy S7, it snapped horrible pictures. For example, it seems to sharpen the photos too much, and in the end, the photos don’t look like solid quality. It could be that this app doesn’t react well with the programming of that phone because other people seemed to like the quality. Another reviewer talked about how the app failed to work with their Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and how it constantly crashed. This shows that the problems could be with using Samsung for this app, so it is not recommended.

Another common complaint was how it seems to take too long to snap pictures. Even when you have the Fast Shutter feature turned on, the pictures come out slow, and it fails to capture the faster moving objects. You can miss key moments because of how the photos aren’t taken on time.

The satisfaction with Open Camera may depend on what you ultimately expect out of a free camera app. For example, plenty of people talked about how this app did better than their base camera, and the interface provides you with functionality on all ends. You can lose nothing by trying it, but if you want something a little higher end, then you may want to just buy a camera app.

Open Camera Compatibility

Open Camera app screenshot

  • Works with the Android 4.0.3 and up;
  • Some features will only work with some devices;
  • Poor support for Camera2;

Difficulty with the video feature is said to be one of the hardest parts about this app because it doesn’t always work across all devices. Unfortunately, many devices have poor support for Camera2, and this is when you will experience the most problems with it. For example, manual exposure will sometimes get corrupted, and the device may freeze. This includes the HDR. In some cases, low light scenes have also shown the wrong shutter speed or ISO, and this will mean the HDR and expo bracketing won’t work.

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Summing It Up

Overall, Open Camera gets the job done, and it’s risk-free to try because you don’t have to pay anything. You can simply open the camera app and see if this camera meets your photography needs. For some people, it may not because of compatibility issues and other problems, but other people will find it more than enough.

As a free camera app, the developers are some of the only designers who don’t even place ads on their camera, which only adds to it being an app to check out. Open Camera accomplishes what it sets out to do, and enough people have rated it five stars out of five to make it worthy of downloading.