Plenty of Fish is an online dating website with over 3 million daily active users. The app is free to use and users never have to pay to message someone. Users from all over the world can hop on PoF. The online dating and matchmaking service is popular in Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia, and Brazil.

Other countries that have a PoF in their language include France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, and Sweden. Plenty of Fish is available as an app on Android and iOS. The following Plenty of Fish app review will cover what you can do with the app, common customer complaints, and app requirements.

About the Plenty of Fish App

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The Plenty of Fish dating app offers two important tests to take in order to find a good match: chemistry and relationship needs. Knowing what your emotional needs are in a relationship is essential for healthier relationships. You won’t waste as much time on those who aren’t capable of meeting your needs and vice versa. PoF’s relationship needs assessment also enlightens you on mistakes you’ve made in the past. You can use these insights to have a better relationship this time around.

With the Plenty of Fish app, you can browse matches based on various factors, such as when they were last online and newest users. With more than 3 million active daily users, you have a lot of options on the site. PoF offers many features you would expect from a dating app, such as a profile to fill out and messaging capabilities. You can check who viewed your profile with the PoF dating app too. This allows you to contact someone who may have been too shy to message you first. The Plenty of Fish app offers voice calling capabilities, so you can easily call someone without exchanging phone numbers.

The PoF app has a chemistry test that you can take in order to increase your chance of finding someone who’s a good match. You can have your chemistry test and relationship needs results display on your profile. Users who look at your profile can click on your results to understand you better.

Top Features of Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish app features

  • Priority Inbox. Plenty of Fish has a priority inbox feature you can use for those you’re really interested in. It will cause your message to show up at the top of their inbox. This increases the likelihood of them responding faster.
  • Is Your Love Interest a Keeper? test. Plenty of Fish has a test you can take called “Is Your Love Interest a Keeper?” This 28-question test comes in two versions: one for women and one for men. On the results page, it will go into an in-depth explanation of whether or not your love interest is a keeper and why. It can alert you to possible concerns. The test results also provide insight on your relationship with the love interest.
  • Relationship Chemistry Predictor. The relationship chemistry test analyzes your personality in five different factors: self-confidence, family orientation, self-control, social dependency/openness, and easygoingness. This is helpful for giving you a better understanding of a potential date’s personality before even talking to them. Assuming the person has taken the chemistry test, their results will show on their profile.
  • Relationship Needs Assessment. The relationship needs assessment reveals your overt and hidden needs in a relationship. This gives you have a better idea of who would be a good match. PoF also provides customized action plans to help you find a happy relationship in which your needs are met.
  • What You Want in a Relationship test. This is another excellent test that Plenty of Fish offers to help users find the right person. It will let you know what you really want in a relationship. You could learn new things about your desires via this relationship test.

Common Complaints About Plenty of Fish

  • One of the most common complaints from users of the PoF app is too many scammers on the site. Several people have reported on Consumer Affairs that they were approached by scammers. According to them, Plenty of Fish doesn’t do anything to minimize or stop the scammers from ruining their experience with the app.
  • Some people have had bad experiences with the people they met through the app. Both genders have struggled to find a decent person for a serious relationship. One woman said on Consumer Affairs that she encountered two married liars and a person who was too drunk to make it to their first meeting. However, she acknowledged that the app does work for some people because her neighbor’s son married someone he met through Plenty of Fish.

Plenty of Fish Compatibility

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PoF can be used on iOS, Android, Windows phone, and web browsers. It will work across different iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Windows phone users can install the app if they have Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, or Windows 10 Mobile. It takes up 3.3 MB of space on Windows phone. On iOS, it’ll use 54.6 MB of space.

Plenty of Fish Requirements:

  • Android: version needed varies depending on device.
  • iOS version: 8.0 or later.
  • Windows: Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, or Windows 10 Mobile.

The PoF app for iPhone and Android also offers in-app purchases:

  • A 3-month subscription is $38.99.
  • A 6-month subscription is $59.99.
  • A 12-month subscription is $89.99.
  • 1 token is $1.99.
  • 5 tokens are $8.99.
  • 10 tokens are $16.99.

Tokens can be used to by super yeses and highlighters in the app. In-app PoF purchases on Android range from $0.99-$81.40 per item.

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Summing Up

Plenty of Fish is a great dating app to use for finding suitable partner. As long as you take the assessments offered, you’ll have an easier time weeding through people. When you know what you’re looking for and who would be compatible with you, it speeds up the process of finding someone. Finding a good match is less stressful too. However, still be on your guard for scammers as several customers have noted it’s a problem frequently encountered. Utilize the app’s voice call capabilities to talk with a potential date before meeting them or giving out your phone number.

Have you tried Plenty of Fish before? Good or bad, feel free to share your stories with us in the comments below.