Are you tired of checking your pool’s chemical levels? Do you get sick of trying to remember which chemicals you put into the pool and when? Are you done with paying the pool company too much money to come and service the chemicals in your pool?

Well, thanks to technology and the wonderful creators of Pool Math, you can now control the levels of your pool all from your smartphone. Pool Math by Trouble Free Pool is completely geared up to make swimming pool maintenance and management as easy as Sunday morning.

What Pool Math Can Do for You

Pool Math is designed for the smart pool owners, the efficient workers and those looking to make every task on the list of things to do as simple and easy as possible. Pool Math literally allows you to check, maintain and regulate every level of your pool’s well being.

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Pool Math eliminates the need for a pool company to come over every week and make sure everything is running correctly. It might even be borderline fun controlling the levels of minerals and contents in the pool’s water.

Trouble Free Pool Math is an inventive tool that any pool owner can easily learn how to operate. It offers handfuls of features to allow a easier pool owning experience whether you are looking for something to use frequently or just every once in a while as a constant source of data.

What Sets Pool Math Apart from the Others

There are many pool smartphone apps out there, so how do you know which one is the best? Not only which one is the best, but also which one is the most fitting for your personal needs and lifestyle?

With Pool Math app you can track and manage levels of all chemicals and substances inside your pool. Trouble Free Pool Math is dedicated to serving their customers a pool completely crystal clear algae free pool for friends and family to enjoy.

Other smartphone pool apps use your phone’s camera to test the test strips for pool levels. Pool Math app thinks that this method is far too inaccurate. Test strips can also be super expensive and end up costing a lot of money after years and years of using them.

Using test strips is a great option, but the total cost you will spend on the test strips and the chemicals are probably more than you want to spend on your pool costs every month. Trouble Free Pool Math strives to bring their customers proper test kits that will bring nothing but the most accurate results.

What Exactly Does Pool Math Do

Pool Math keeps it simple and amazing to track all of your pool test logs and removes any and all guess work out of the amount of chemicals you need to add to your pool. Using Trouble Free Pool to manage your pool levels will allow the pool owner to spend more time with family and less time with chlorine.

Pool Math monitors levels for chemicals such as chlorine, pH, calcium, alkalinity, and stabilizer levels. Pool Math includes amazing features such as calculators to monitor the pH levels, free chlorine, calcium hardness, salt, total alkalinity, borates and CSI.

Trouble Free Pool Math also tracks maintenance for anything and everything you could need its help for. Maintenance trackers included with Pool Math are backwashing, vacuuming, filter cleaning, filter pressure, SWG Cell % and flow rate.

Pool Math will track chemical additions for when you need to add just a little of a chemical but want to make sure it is the correct amount. This smart app will even help track weather conditions in accordance with your pool logs.

Pool Math has the technology to calculate and track the effects of adding certain chemicals into your pool. You can even locate and track the best deals on bleach in your area with their insanely convenient bleach price calculator.

The app will even back up and export all of your data for you so that you can easily access it from whichever platform is most convenient for you. Pool Math is great for those teenagers or young adults in your life that might need an extra chore or task added to their life duties.

Other Helpful Pool Math Features

Pool math is wonderful to use as a monitor and tracker for all aspects regarding your pool. If you become a premium subscriber, Trouble Free Pool allows access to some premium features that definitely a requirement.

The premium access allows Pool Math users to run unlimited test log history storage. You can also plug in maintenance reminders so that the app will remind you when you need to check levels or add more chemicals.

Pool Math’s premium subscription creates an easy pathway to merge your iCloud sync and backup all of your data. It also allows the user to sync across multiple devices so that you can be on vacation or in your car and monitor your pool levels.

Pool Math premium makes it easy to run unlimited pool and spa configurations as well as test log CSV import as well as export. The premium features of Trouble Free Pool Math runs on an auto-renewable subscription for 1 year and is priced at $7.99 a month.

The purchase will be charged to your iTunes account after the subscriber chooses to purchase the premium version of Pool Math. A current subscription to Pool Math may not be cancelled during the active subscription period; however, the user can manage settings and turn on or off auto-renewal on their personal iTunes account.

The newest version of the app offers even more features, including an expense log tracking to help manage all things regarding budget when it comes to your pool’s maintenance and care. The latest update also improved various bug fixes, tweaks and improvements to keep the user swimming more.

How It Compares to Others

We took a long look at all of the possible pool apps for smartphones available on the app market today and here is what we found. The other main competitors in the pool-tracking department include Leslie’s – Pool CarePool-Calculator and Pool Doctor.

Leslie’s – Pool care does a lot of work when it comes to tracking and managing your pool and its maintenance. Leslie’s pool app allows for users to do a plethora of pool related management from their smartphone.

With Leslie’s – Pool care you can quickly run a water test at home and immediately receive detailed treatment results personalized for your specific pool. The app allows for easy tracking of testing history including the full 9-point test this is conducted in all Leslie pool stores.

With the app you can still test for a variety of chemicals such as pH, free chlorine, alkalinity and cyanuric acid. This profile is awesome but not as dense as the test that Pool Math conducts through its app. One drawback from this app though is that Leslie’s does not handle spa water, just pool water.

What sets the Leslie app apart from the rest is that it is all associated with your account at Leslie’s Pool Stores. That way, you can track your purchase history, warranty’s, returns and reward history as well as having it conveniently synced to your smart device.

Pool-Calculator is another pool related app in the running for best pool app. This app is brand new so it just beginning to receive feedback and reviews, but so far the reviews have been pretty solid.

Available calculations include chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, stabilizer, salt, borate (borax), calcium saturation index, recommended chemical ranges, and volume. By simply entering your swimming pool volume, the app will test results and preferred chemicals.

The interface is said to be not the most user friendly and the app does not do nearly as much as Pool Math, but Pool-Calculator is a great option for those looking to monitor and manage basic pool levels and functionalities.

Pool Doctor is the last competitor we will discuss. The Pool Doctor app is geared less for pool owners and more designed for pool experts. Pool Doctor is ideal if you are a pool professional needing a powerful digital assistant.

Pool Doctor allows you to do lots of the same measurements and testing as the other apps, except they take it a step further. Will Pool Doctor you can give results and explanations in pounds, ounces, grams, kilograms, liters, gallons, or even in the number of scoops.

One other prominent feature exclusive to Pool Doctor is that the app includes a shock calculator. All you have to do is enter the free and total chlorine levels, and Pool Doctor will automatically calculate how much of your preferred shock chemical is necessary to bring your pool to the correct chlorination levels.

So, how do you pick between all of these competent pool smartphone apps? Well, factor in if you want to pay for your app, if you need to just simply check levels or if you want the app to do most of the work for you.

All of these factors can play a major decision making role in which app you purchase. Another awesome plus is that you can always switch from app to app to test out which one is best for you and your personal pool preferences.

Trouble Free Pool Forum

Trouble Free Pool has wonderful resources available online for its users. Trouble Free Pool’s popular forum has gained notoriety in the pool maintenance world because it is a wonderful tool for pool owners to connect and troubleshoot.

With this simple and inexpensive pool care app any pool owner can achieve and maintain crystal clear water without reliance on the often-unproductive advice and unneeded expensive found at pool stores and pool companies.

The forum that Trouble Free Pool uses is unlike any app platform forum we have seen. There are literally hundreds of articles categorized into topics such as ‘Equipment – Build, Use, and Repair,’ and Water Chemistry’.

Trouble Free Pool strives to bring their influence into the world of pool care and pool ownership. The team at Trouble Free Pool lays a huge amount of importance on their customer’s abilities to self manage, self test and learn how to maintain their pool and its chemical levels.

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Pool School Rules

We love Trouble Free Pool Math because they make it accessible for any level of pool owner to take their pool into their own hands, quite literally. They teach methods based on science that are simple, effective and will save you money over time.

They even have an online Pool School, where Trouble Free Pool members can go to read interesting articles, research common questions and find helpful troubleshooting advice. Pool School is a collection of easy to articulate articles designed for the average pool owner.

The categories and articles are arranged so that users can easily navigate and find the topic they are searching for. The articles include titles such as ‘The ABC’s of Pool Water Chemistry,’ and an amazingly helpful ‘Pool School Book’ that covers any and all topics Pool School.