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​Need to keep on top of your daily ins and outs? We’ve rounded up some of the best reminder app available for you to sink your teeth into.

These reminder applications will get you ready for 2019, and provide you with good tools for your day-to-day life.

What Is The Coolest Reminder App?

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​There are plenty of Reminder Apps on the market to choose from, all with a variety of interesting and useful features.

Below are our personal choices, in no particular order:

1. Todoist (Mac/iOS/Android/Windows/Web)

​​The first one is Todoist - this is still our app of choice, and we use this application on a daily basis. We use it to visualize all of our tasks, sub tasks and more across our day.

We think Todoist will continue to improve on their views and layouts over the course of the year - over time, Todoist has become more of a list experience and we think that given time they're going to evolve into multi views.

By this we mean being able to visualize things in different to-do formats and what's quite interesting is that they had quite the event a couple of years ago that showed their potential.

Todoist ran an experiment on their windows a couple of years ago, something that showed enough promise to make people want to implement it.

So far, they haven't changed the product a huge deal, with more minor updates in improving the rigidness of the resource, but this is something we really appreciate, because Todoist is awesome when it's offline.

We really love it and it works really well consistently, and services its purpose brilliantly as a reminder app.

The next resource we had to include is not a to do list application per se, but something that we can imagine is going to be a very big contender soon, and that is Notion.

Notion is very similar to Trello, Dropbox Paper and Google Drive, but what it does is provides you with a hub to go in and choose your own layout and resources.

It's similar to creating your own intranet for yourself; we were impressed by it, and though it’s in its early stages, we definitely recommend if you want one that's a bit different, but has to-do list functionality.

​​Next is TickTick - we’ve been so impressed by TickTick and think it has the capacity to get pretty big and be a very popular to do list application.

TickTick is very simple, following the same sort of model and feature set as Todoist, but it provides you with a layer of calendar that its rival is lacking at the moment.

TickTick provides you with a great experience for beginners and intermediates in the productivity space and is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

They're getting ready to implement a big feature set, and the developers are always releasing new stuff constantly.

TickTick 4.0 came out recently, the Android version releasing Pomodoro timers as part of the update - pretty intricate stuff, so it's definitely worth checking them out to see what they’re up to.

Things 3 is next up, and although it’ll be a while before it gets an update - they take a lot of time to develop a new version – we do think Things 3 will come out with a update that will tweak a few things about its system.

At the moment, it's very simplistic and very basic; we imagine they're going to be adding a lot more stuff very soon, such as subtasks and other features.

Things 3 offers the perfect balance between design and to do list application, so if you're looking for a really simple heavy personal experience, Things 3 is brilliant for that optionality; highly recommended if you're an iOS and Mac lover, it’ll be great for you.

Number 5 on our list is Microsoft To-Do - although we’re very speculative about Microsoft To-Do, mainly because it's so small at the moment and they haven't really officially released and pushed it, we think it will be big as its an office 365 product, and that in itself is something that a lot of people use.

Admittedly, many people struggle to find a resource in the personal productivity space that works alongside their subscriptions at their office.

However, if you're an office 365 visitor, you will get Microsoft To-Do as a personal product included in the package and you can use it to organize your own tasks, so we think it's going to fill a huge gap in the market and will become a utility that people will take home and work with away from the office.

It has a fantastic chance at thriving in the office 365 space, but perhaps not the main market where the big boys are playing.

The next application is WeDo – this came out of nowhere and we it's a very impressive application that has had a lot of time spent developing it.

While it is very simple at the moment, it brings together habit tracking and a to-do list experience, which we think is quite intuitive. We also like how playful and fun it is, so we’re definitely watching WeDo over the course of the year.

Now Nozbe is a personal productivity application, but a team productivity application, so we recommend it as a heavy professional tool in the productivity matrix.

What we really like about Nozbe, and what we think it does very well, is providing that personal experience, but we can see them going for a design overhaul on a lot of the applications.

In our honest opinion, Nozbe is a brilliant application but the design is the thing that lacks. In a way, it's very similar to Todoist; the design is brilliant, but it needs a fresh face to make it more appealing to the current market. Hopefully, it’ll receive a design overhaul in the not too distant future.

The next app up is RTM, which stands for ‘remember the milk.’ The developers seem to have stayed around for a year-and-a-half since their relaunch, having relaunched as a new application and it's pretty impressive.

It’s on the iOS and Android, as well as on the web, and offers a very smooth experience, but we do think RTM are going to be trying to get back into people's applications list by spending more time on their design and UI efforts.

With the way that they have presented themselves we can see this being not too difficult, as their onboarding is on point, and that’s something that they're going to chase back into the game this year.

Number 9 is Any.DO - the Any.DO team always seem to be adding and focusing on a lot of advanced functionality, although the experience is quite basic, it provides you with a good experience to get going with.

If you're looking for a light professional application that you can use in the workplace, Any.DO is perfect. As far as their goals, Any.DO will more than likely focus on AI and putting more attention towards the actual experience, and more of the ability to add tasks in a faster manner.

So our tenth and final 2018 contender is Meistertask. The team at Meister Labs are very impressive in developing such a good resource, something that they’re also pushing forward with and are looking to release a business experience very soon.

Next on their itinerary is putting more and more attention into this, and this is an app we always see Apple recommend (and other people) recommend when you're using it with a team, so I they're definitely going to be growing and growing.

​The Coolest Reminder App You Can Get

​So that’s it for our coolest reminder app recommendations!

As you can clearly see, there are a range of different to-do apps to suit every different taste, with some taking the more traditional reminder route, and others having a unique take on personal productivity.

As developers keep working on these apps, more and more intuitive features will present themselves to consumers, and these apps will become powerhouse in daily organization.

So, which of these is your favorite app, and which one can you see yourself picking up next? Let us know which one takes your fancy, and let us know if there are any you think that are missing that deserve to be on this list!