SavingStar is a free app that provides savings, produce offers, and freebies. The app is available for Android, iOS, and browser. Over 70,000 grocery stores and retailers offer great deals through this app. Large families will find it especially helpful due to the abundance of offers involving bulk orders.

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You don’t have to buy an excessive amount of items for deals either. It mostly involves larger purchases that a family of three or more people would make. Below we have reviewed the SavingStar app to help you decide whether or not to download it.

About the SavingStar App

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The SavingStar app is a cash back, grocery savings app. It offers freebies, big savings, and produce offers. This app is free to use and helps you save money on groceries. Saving Star features Healthy Offer of the Week in which users can save money on certain fruits and vegetables. How the app works is you select grocery offers and scan your receipt or use your store card. Then you receive cash back in your SavingStar account.

An example of savings offered by this app include up to $1.75 on Yoplait products. Another example is saving $4 when you spend $16 on Butterball products. SavingStar has a mixture of offer types for saving money. Some of them apply to all brands, whereas others are brands from select retailers. It will let you know clearly on the offer if any restrictions reply. There is no fine print.

Media outlets that the SavingStar app has been featured in include Time, Wall Street Journal, and The Boston Globe. More than seven million people use the app. Some grocery stores that participate in SavingStar offers include ACME Markets, Farm Fresh, Food Lion, and Walmart.

To receive cash back on items from some retailers, you must scan the receipt. SavingStar lets you know when a receipt is required on an offer for cash back. You can upload receipts via the Android app, iOS app, or on their official website. Other stores allow you to link your SavingStar account with your loyalty card to easily redeem offers.

Top Features of the SavingStar App

  • User Friendly Interface. The SavingStar app has a user friendly interface, making it easy to browse and select offers. The expiration date of each offer is clearly stated below the product. You don’t have to click on it to find the expiration date.
  • Over 70,000 Stores. You have over 70,000 stores to choose from on the app. This gives you more options in where you shop. It’s likely you’ll find your favorite grocery stores in the app. SavingStar has an assortment of both large and small brands. Thus, if you shop at a local retailer, you may find SavingStar coupons in the app.
  • Add Stores Where You Shop. A convenient feature that SavingStar offers is the ability to add stores where you shop. You can search by zip code, nearby, or view the full store list to find locations. Add a store you like to continue seeing Saving Star coupons and offers from that store.
  • Link Deals to Your Store Loyalty Card. For eligible retailers, you can link your store loyalty card to your SavingStar account. When you link your store loyalty card, cash back will automatically process in your account. You don’t have to go through the extra step of taking a picture of your receipt.
  • Take Pictures of Receipts. You can take pictures of receipts through the app. This is helpful if you don’t want to link your store loyalty card to your SavingStar account. Also, as stated earlier, some stores require that you upload a picture of your receipt to receive cash back.
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Common Complaints About the SavingStar App

  • One of the most common complaints about SavingStar is it’s geared at households larger than two people. In her review, Catherine Mihm said that the purchase requirements for savings are too much for two people. Food would expire before they had the chance to eat it if they were to use the coupons. They have limited storage space, so they can’t buy a lot of other items that have longer expiration dates.
  • Some app users think the app doesn’t provide enough variety for them. If you have a small household or limited storage, then you may find that to be the case. It’s an app that’s ideal for large families.
  • Another complaint that some users of the app have is the inability to see receipts when they’ve been denied. This makes it difficult for them to know if the pictures were too blurry. SavingStar replied to one of those complaints on the GooglePlay store letting her know they would work on it.

SavingStar Compatibility

SavingStar is available on Android, iOS, and browser. On Android, the app was last updated on April 19, 2017 at the time of this writing. It was last updated for iOS users just a day later on April 20, 2017. On iOS devices, the app takes up 31.5 MB space. It’s compatible with the iPad and iPod touch in addition to the iPhone.

SavingStar Requirements:

  • Android version: 4.0 and up.
  • iOS version: 8.0 or later.

Important Links

Google Play link: SavingStar 4.8.3.
iTunes link: SavingStar 5.2.2.
Official website:

Summing Up

The SavingStar app is suitable for large families because it has many offers for bulk or large orders. Households with two or one people may not find the app as useful. This cash back grocery app is easy and convenient to use. It has a clean, simple interface and the option to link your loyalty cards with the app. However, some stores still require members to upload their receipts to receive credit.

What do you think of SavingStar? Are you interested enough to try the app? Let us know what you think below.