There is a wide variety of gaming apps available for both Android and iOS platforms, from match-three puzzle and maze games to those that feature some of today’s most well-known pop culture characters. However, there are apps based on classic and well-loved games as well, such as Scrabble. Many variations of this game are available for smartphone users, and you can store more than one Scrabble app on your phone or tablet to enjoy a variety of popular games, no matter where you are.

The Benefits Of A Scrabble App

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While there are millions of gaming apps available for your phone, a Scrabble app has a variety of advantages that might suit your lifestyle and interests. For example, these apps allow you to exercise your brain and improve your vocabulary while making new social connections with people who share your love of word games. Giving these skills a boost in your spare time can sharpen your mental alertness in a way that can be enjoyable and entertaining.

A Scrabble app can also allow you to pass the time while sharpening your senses. Instead of scrolling through an entertainment news feed or looking at memes, you can build your vocabulary while waiting in the doctor’s office, in line for a movie or concert and any place else you are waiting for services. This can be especially helpful for older players, as some studies have proven that brain games like Scrabble can help slow the progression of dementia and other mental acuity issues related to aging.

How To Play Scrabble Apps

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While each app has its own rules, the overall concept for every game is similar to the original popular board game version. Each player is given a variety of random letter tiles, and they must each create words with them in a crossword-like pattern. The more tiles they use at each turn and depending on whether the board allows for double or triple-word scoring, the higher the score for that turn. Opponents can use each other’s words to create new ones or add letters onto an existing word to make an entirely new word.

When you first download a Scrabble app, you will probably be given the option to make a profile that includes a username and photo. Other players see this information when you challenge them to games. Most apps allow you to connect the game to your Facebook, where you can post about your scores, which opponents you have beaten and save your data in case the app crashes in the middle of play. In-app purchases will probably vary per game, but some popular purchases include buying hints for creating new words or to unlock the ad-free version of the game. Currently, there are six popular Scrabble apps that have people all over the world playing different versions of the classic game that has been beloved by word game enthusiasts since 1938.

1. Scrabble

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This is one of the most popular Scrabble apps on the Google Play Store, with over 5,000,000 user installs to date. This is also the official Scrabble app and is hosted by EA Games, the creator of some of the world’s most popular online games, including The Sims collection. There is an array of features that makes this app one of the most popular of its kind, including a language selector that allows you to play in English, Italian, German, French and many other choices. The game is rated E for everyone.

Some users of this app find it fun because you can choose to play against your friends, a random opponent online or play against the app itself. There is also a speed play option if you are feeling especially sharp. This Scrabble app also includes a virtual teacher that helps you improve your play over time by showing you how to make the best of the letters you have. You can connect this app to your Facebook account to show off your scores to friends and family, and there are in-app purchases available as well.

2. Words With Friends 2

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This Scrabble app, which is rated E, is technically the third game to be released into the franchise, as the first two consisted of the original game and its update. This app is quite user friendly and popular with many different age groups. The game, which is available on both platforms, includes a dictionary with fun pop culture references, online play and a solo option if none of your friends are available to participate. Zynga offers this Scrabble app and is one of the app world’s largest developers of smartphone game apps, such as Farmville. The game includes ads, but you can upgrade to an ad-free version.

3. Wordfeud


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This Scrabble app is available for both iOS and Android users. It is an up-and-coming app, with over 15,000 downloads to date. Many users appreciate its simple interface, which does not slow down their phone or tablet’s performance. You can challenge people on your friend's list or choose an opponent based on location. Each player has 72 hours to make a move, which means this is not a rapid-fire version of Scrabble; however, it does give you plenty of time to plan which word you will play. For now, you can only play one user at a time, but fans hope for a multiplayer option soon.

Wordfeud was created by Bertheussen IT, which has created a few games for both operating systems. If you are new to Scrabble, this might be a good app to start off with before you graduate to other Scrabble-type games that have more features. By doing so, you can perfect your word-building skills and challenge more advanced players. Wordfeud is rated E.

4. Words With Friends

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This Scrabble app is one of the most well-known word games for iOS and Android, with over

10,000,000 downloads on the Google Play Store alone. You can play with friends who have the app downloaded on their devices or choose an opponent at random with the Smart Match feature. This app has more choices than Words With Friends 2, and it now includes a variety of languages to choose from, including French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and even British English. Both versions include the option for in-app purchases, and you will encounter ads as you play. This app is rated E.

One of the features that players enjoy about this Scrabble app is the option to chat with your opponent as you play. This can be especially fun when playing with family members who live in other states, as you can catch up on family gossip as you score. This social aspect of Words With Friends has made it one of the most popular word game apps of its kind.

5. Abble Dabble

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If you want a Scrabble App that is not as predictable as the classic games, then you may enjoy Abble Dabble. It is much like Words With Friends, as you play opponents from your friend's list or at random, but it is less strategic because the bonus tiles shift each time you or your opponent moves. This interesting element can make for more unpredictable scores. The app, which was created by Coresoft, has in-app purchases available, such as ads-free play and additional dictionaries.

The Abble Dabble app is not available for Android, but a Facebook version of the game is available on that site. One feature that many users enjoy is the boot, which automatically ends games if your opponent has not answered within seven days. This prevents you from having to forfeit a game due to your opponent’ lack of reply, something reviewers of other games on this list have complained about. The app also includes a spellcheck feature that allows you to double-check whether a word is acceptable to place on the board before you complete your turn. If you want to improve your spelling skills as you play, this app may be the right one for you. Abble Dabble is rated E.

6. Word Chums

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This Scrabble app takes the classic game and adds cute, customizable characters that help increase your game scores. It is one of the highest-rated apps on Google Play Store and includes a variety of modes, such as team play and solo mode. Up to four people can play one game, and the app lets you know how valid and powerful each word is before you play them. The characters interact with each other within the game, and the more you customize them, the more helpful they can be when it comes to increasing your score. This Scrabble app is rated E and can be played either on smartphones or tablets.

Scrabble Is Exercise

Downloading a Scrabble app can keep your mind sharp and give you plenty of opportunities to play with friends old and new. While the number of apps you choose is only limited by the storage space on your phone, the choice may help you choose the one best suited for the way you play app games and how you communicate with your friends and family during game play. From multiplayer blitzes to playing individually, Scrabble apps combine entertainment with mental exercise, giving you the best of both worlds.