We use our smartphone every day for entertainment purposes, and it holds a prominent place in our hearts. You will see a lot of methods mentioned on how people can watch their favorite media through the smartphone, but out of all those methods, the Showbox app takes everything one step further. It caters to your entertainment needs on the move, and the streaming capabilities let you watch your favorite TV shows and movies. The best part? You don’t need to pay for a subscription to use it. All the services are free, and you have access to all the functionality once you’ve installed it. It’s a great app to try out and learn more about if you never want to miss your favorite TV shows ever again.

About the Showbox App

Sometimes, the TV plays nothing interesting, which many individuals complain about. Showbox brings your favorite TV shows to your device through the Showbox for iPhone app as well as the Android app. It works fantastically, and it hands you access to content in the HD format.

The quality of content cannot be understated, and you have access to media anytime you want it. Whenever you feel like kicking back on the sofa and watching your favorite movie or catching up on your favorite TV show, this app makes it available to you. All you have to do is open the application and start watching. The features have made this service a prime entertainment choice.

With free access to movies and TV shows, you can watch whatever you want. The app does not take much to install, but the downside is you will not find it on Google Play Store or iTunes. We’ll discuss other download options at the end of this article.

Showbox app for iPhone is less controversial than some of the other alternatives out there like Popcorn Time. That app had its official site taken down because of legal problems. Showbox is relatively safe to use, and an overwhelming number of people reported having a positive experience with it.

You can watch movies, cartoons and TV shows from the comfort of your Android or iOS devices. You can consider Showbox the complete entertainment package, and it doesn’t cost users anything. Sometimes we miss our TV shows because of a hectic schedule, but this application brings astounding simplicity back to viewing your favorite shows.

The Best Features of Showbox

Showbox achieves superb value for people who need this type of app. They will be able to watch their favorite TV shows and movies from the comfort of their own home.

What is Bumble App?

  • Watch your favorite TV shows and movies.
  • Fast media streaming service.
  • Available on all the major platforms.
  • Unlimited media content every day.
  • Hook it up to a smart TV and watch your favorite TV shows on the big screen.
  • Stream your favorite movies and TV shows in HD.

What made Showbox reach such a high level of popularity was probably the fact that you can do all this for free. The service became popular because it offers a free alternative to the mediums that try to charge you for streaming movies and TV shows. If you wanted to watch regular TV, you’d have to pay money, and you wouldn’t be able to watch your shows when you wanted.

Also, the busy-bee lifestyles of many have led them to download the Showbox app. It makes a lot of sense and people can recognize the value in it. Keep in mind, however, when you install it, you should visit a trusted website to avoid viruses.

Common Issues You May Face with Showbox

Some people have wisely questioned the legality surrounding the service. Truth be told, it’s not necessarily legal to watch movies and TV shows this way, which is why it’s missing from the Google Play Store and iTunes. You use the software at your own risk. The likelihood of you being prosecuted for it is extraordinarily low, but it could happen. Other issues have arisen when people downloaded the software from unknown sources and gotten viruses. When you use torrents to watch movies, you have a higher likelihood of getting a virus.

Here are some of the major issues associated with the app:

  • Popcorn Time – a similar app that normally causes Shadowbox to crash.
  • Weak internet signals or weak resolution capabilities can cause this app to fail.
  • Nothing overly innovative.
  • Concerns over security while using.
  • A lot of apps offer similar services.

Showbox Compatibility

Showbox works for an overwhelming number of platforms, which is another reason it became so popular. The wide availability makes it a phenomenal choice. Some of the potential devices available to download Showbox include:

  • PC
  • Amazon Kindle.
  • Android.
  • iPhone.
  • Blackberry.
  • iPad.
  • iPod.
  • PS4.
  • XBox One.

Even if you don’t have a smartphone or iPhone, you could still download Showbox for PC. The wide availability means you can easily get access to it. Some gamers have even taken a liking to it because it works for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Important Links

Here’s a list of resources to help you decide if Showbox will meet your movie and TV show watching demands:

Summing Up

A busy work life can sometimes mean we have to put our favorite TV shows on the altar of sacrifice. Luckily, Showbox brings us a free alternative where we don’t have to pay to watch our favorite TV shows that we missed. When you’re stuck inside on a rainy day with nothing to watch on TV, the app provides you with a much better alternative to watching TV. Have you ever watched movies through Showbox? If so, we’d love to hear your opinion. With so many websites available to download this software, what site did you use? Was it safe?