Maybe we want photo editing apps to grow our Instagram following, or maybe we just want to show our ex-boyfriend how wonderful we’re doing without him via Facebook. Photo editing apps, when used even on a small scale, can make your smile gleam and your eyes sparkle, and it can be a lot of fun to go to a pizza restaurant with your girls and snap some pics of when your best friend rode the mechanical bull.

Whatever you need them for, this guide reveals the top photo editing apps and lays everything out plainly. It covers everything from iOS to Android apps. You’ll find that we’ve organized the list based on reviews, starting with the best apps and working our way down to lower ranking ones.

Top 6 Photo Editing Apps

1. Sktchy

drawing inspired by a picture on Sktchy

Photographers everywhere have highly polarized opinions of Sktchy – you will either love it or love to hate it. First, get connected to people around the world. Artists from 60+ countries are signed on the app. Then, you can upload your own works to the Sktchy community. Ever dreamed of being a muse or simply owning an actual drawing inspired by one of your photographs? Then upload a photo and let the artists work their magic!

If you’re an artist yourself, things get even better. Users love the fact that the app stimulates their artistic imagination. Feeling uninspired? Sktchy has thought of that too. There are literally hundreds of photo available for you to use as a starting point for your own creations. What’s more, your fellow artists are highly supportive! Sktchy scors five stars out of five, making it the best free photo editing app.

2. PixelWakker

PixelWakker transforms pictures into pictures into pointillist art.

Another one of the photo editing apps exclusive to the iOS, PixelWakker transforms your pictures into pointillist art. What’s that? It’s a technique in painting where small dots of paint form patterns to create a painting. The app breaks down images in their base pixels and components. After that, the fun starts. You apply one of the four effects that range from: Line, Pixel image, Dots, Color rain.

Watch as the dot art unfolds in front of your very eyes. Unfortunately, PixelWakker does cost $0.98, so this is not one of the photo editing apps that a hobby photographer will normally purchase. Still, it only costs a dollar, so most people can afford to try it out. This is one of the most creative photo effect apps you will discover for the iPhone. For those willing to pay a little, this app scored 4.5 stars out of five.

3. Camera MX

Photo being edited in the Camera MX app

A photo editing app that comes with dozens of brilliant photo editing tools, it’s one of the best photo editing apps for Android. Camera MX combines some of the most powerful tools with a simple and navigable interface. The intelligent image processing means you can take a much sharper snap, and this cuts down on and trims the picture to perfection.

Through the latest version of Camera MX, you can design some of the most lively and dynamic photos through the “Live Shot” feature. It saves within seconds before you have taken the picture, and the feature means you can capture a moving picture to relive and share it as needed. Camera MX can be used for free. On top of being free, it’s also free of ads. That’s important to note because sometimes “free” means you pay for it through an app loaded to the brim with annoying advertisements. It scored 4.5 stars out of five.

4. Prisma

How a Prisma edit looks like

One of the best photo editing apps with filter-based editing, Prisma transforms your pictures into photographic masterpieces like the famous artists of Picasso, Mondrian, Van Gogh and Munch. Basically, it makes a painting out of your picture. The app employs an AI technique known as “style transfer,” and you can work your creative magic through this app.

The interesting thing is how it goes beyond photo editing and you can edit videos as well. The fast sharing and modern art filters have made this a favorite of people looking for a good photo editing app. While the filters are great, some people have complained how a lot the filters don’t work. That can prove problematic. It scored 4.5 stars out of five.

5. Lensical

images edited with Lensical, one of the best photo editing apps

The best photo editing app for iPhone, Lensical creates stunning facial effects, and the process can be as simple as adding some photo filters. In particular, developers made Lensical so that it could target the larger displays and one-handed controls. It makes it almost perfect to complement the iPhone 6S or the iPhone 6 camera.

The best photo editing app you will find exclusive to the iOS, Lensical lets you play with your photos, and it doesn’t cost a thing. After installation, however, keep in mind that Lensical will ask for access to your photo library, and some people may have a problem with that. For those who can look past that, however, Lensical has a smart and elegant design that looks great. It scored three stars out of five.

6. PhotoChop

editing with the PhotoChop app

A fun and interesting way to bring the bizarre to your photos, PhotoChop does cost $2.99. With it, you can distort your pictures and experiment with the various features, which is the main utility. This cheap and cheerful photo editing tool chops up tiles and goes crazy. You can also work directly with tiles, rotate them, drag them around and resize them as needed.

This app works more with distorting photos than what it does collages. Still, it’s truly nothing you couldn’t do with most image editing apps, which makes the price seem overblown when you can get it for free. Nevertheless, it offers photographers a fun and interesting graphical toy that they can pull out at any moment. It scored three stars out of five.

Summing Up

These photo editing apps offer you a variety of interesting features and ways to edit your images. What you should choose depends on the effects you want to accomplish. Have you had experience with any of these photo editing apps? If so, we would love to hear your opinion. Also, we invite our audience to try out some of the apps mentioned to see if it doesn’t spruce up their photos. Some of them are just fun to play with and see what you can do.

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