Speech Jammer is an app for both play and productivity. The Speech Jammer app is for the smooth talker in your life – the person who thinks they know and say everything perfectly. Well, Speech Jammer is here to shake their tree up.

Speech Jammer is a play on speech and talking. This creative smartphone app will shock and surprise everyone who uses it. Speech Jammer slightly slows down the rate at which you hear your voice. The effect is equally stunning and hilarious.

Spend time with family stumping each other with this creative app or be the hit of the party by whipping out the Speech Jammer app as a new party game. The app is sure to create a stir and have people cracking up trying to fool themselves.

Speech Jammer takes the idea of an audio jammer, which is discussed later in this article, and turns it into a fun and challenging game for people of all ages. Speech Jammer is completely free to download so install the app today and see what it is all about!

What we love about Speech Jammer is that the game gets more challenging as you keep playing. The more you use your voice to talk to the Speech Jammer, the more difficult talking becomes. It truly is a one of a kind experience.

Speech Jammer in Full Effect

Speech Jammer makes it nearly impossible to hear your own voice talking. The more you record and continuously talk on the app, the harder your talking becomes. The app is something that is best explained by using it, but we will try our best to rely on the app’s goodness here in words.

Speech Jammer is similar to the old game ‘telephone’ that you used to play with friends at school. A message is told to a friend and then the message gets spread through a chain of people. By the time the message arrives at the end of the train, the message is completely inconceivable.

speech jammer screenshot

Source: speechjammerapp.com

The humor experienced by users of Speech Jammer is uncanny and the app offers many random voice text features that are hard to pass up. Speech Jammer offers adjustable delay effects to moderately impair speech.

The app even throws in tongue twisters to really tie things up. You can record your Speech Jammer sessions to share with all of your friends later too. Easily send hilarious recordings to all of your friends via iMessage, text, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or via a copied link on iTunes.

How Does Speech Jammer Work?

Speech Jammer is best used with noise cancelling headphones that allow the app to do what it was made for properly. Wired headphones are required for use of the app, but not included. Put simply, Speech Jammer app allows users to silence their own speaking voices.

For the average human being, speaking out loud requires us to be able to hear our own voices. The app’s technology allows users to slow down and stop talking the second their voice becomes distorted by outside influences.

The delay is microscopic at just a few hundred milliseconds, but the effects are certainly noticeable to users. The app gives users feedback by way of their own slowed down voice, leaving users speechless.

The app literally tries to jam up the user by challenging them to overcome the Speech Jammer’s talented voice technology. How does the Speech Jammer app work though?

Through using physics, Speech Jammer transforms sound waves to create effects most users are blown away by. End those boring lectures in school or stop that girl who is always on the phone at work but utilizing Speech Jammer’s impressive technology.

The Physics of Speech Jammer

The start of the Speech Jammer technology story starts with a microphone. Sound waves are a compression wave of energy that travels through air. As the sound wave passes the substance (in this case, air) there are sections of the wave where the molecules either spread apart or come closer together.

To keep things relatively simple for our non-science major folks, microphones work because the sound waves eventually strike an object (typically a diaphragm) that all runs within an electrical circuit. The change in the location of the intersection has one of two outcomes.

One of the outcomes is that an electrical current is caused meaning the motion of charged particle. The other outcome is that a voltage occurs. Voltage is the amount of energy per charged particle within the circuit.

The sound wave’s data is then stored inside the electrical signal. If we look at a speaker, we see that the electrical currents have the reverse function of a microphone. Speakers spark electrical currents through a coiled wire that changes the magnetic field.

As the coil is moved up and down, the diaphragm moves with it and ultimately produces the sounds we are used to hearing out of a speaker. The Speech Jammer app uses a small time delay between a microphone and a speaker to create the logic behind their app.

The data recorded by the sound is stored in a rewriteable storage system, such as a USB flash drive. A delay naturally occurs in sound currents due to the type and size of the coiled wire. The time delay integrated circuit works with the directional microphone and directional speaker to play the sound back like you hear with the app.

Audio Jammers and Their Uses

Speech Jammers are also known as audio jammers are popular tools used to confidential meetings. They create a unique noise ideal for masking or protecting someone’s personal information or identity.

While in the middle of an audio recording, speech-jamming applications are perfect for protecting conversations from external listening devices. Most commercial audio jammers rely on the ambient sound of white noise to filter out sounds.

Audio Jammers are ideal for keeping your private conversations private as intended. The jammers will desensitize any near-by microphones and are effective against any microphone based eavesdropping device.

Effective audio jammers will protect conversations from shotgun microphones, tape recorders, RF transmitters, microwave or laser reflection pickups and more. Jammers can be placed in different sized rooms to protect conversations or outside interference.

Reviews and Rating for Speech Jammer

Millions of people play their luck at jamming their speech on the best speech-jamming app around. Speech jammer plays your voice back to you at a small delay, which causes most people to not even recognize their own voice.

Users of the app seem to love the features and user-friendly showcase. On the Apple App store, Speech Jammer has 3.4 stars out of 5 and 32 ratings. The app reviews say it is fun to play and talking to people with it is hilarious.

A lot of reviews say that Speech Jammer is constantly crashing and failing so this could mean the developers have some technical issues to pursue. Other complaints say that the app crashes because of the loads of ads that pop up.

Most of the five-star reviews are talking about the one star reviews only being from users who are not using the app properly. It is imperative to use noise cancelling headphones with the volume up all the way to properly cancel with your own voice.

Other Useful Info

The latest version of the app is version 4.1. This newest version fixes an issue that could potentially cause issues when sharing a recording. The upload of recordings in the past seemed to have failed in certain cases, so the newest update aims to fix this.

The latest update also recovers support for AirPods and improves the pairing process for use with wireless headphones. In order to pair wireless headphones and AirPods, simply tape the question mark on the app and chose ‘enable Bluetooth.’

The maker of Speech Jammer is Dwight Dickinson. Dwight Dickinson also makes a popular app called ‘Heyhihello’ available on iTunes. Heyhihello is a band from Canton, Ohio, who uses the app as a platform to connect with fans.

Dwight Dickinson also created an app called Start Usage Meter. Start Usage Meter is a third-party app that helps monitor your Start.ca communications data usage. State Usage Meter allows users to take full control of their usage by monitoring it with this creative and useful app.