Spotify music streaming app

Music is a universal language. Almost everyone loves the feel of relaxing to a song, or having a favorite playlist going in the background as they work, drive, or even lounge around at their home.

There’s no shortage of music out there, which means people have plenty of options when it comes to what they want to listen to. There are also plenty of options available in terms of how they can listen to their music.

Many apps, programs, and platforms have developed over the years with the goal of offering users a top-quality, all-in-one free music download solution. When it comes to the most popular music portals out there, Spotify is almost always near the top of the list.

Launched in October of 2008 and developed by Spotify Technology SA in Stockholm, Sweden, the service is a classic example of a “freemium” product. This means a free version is available but paid premium memberships can improve the quality of the service and thus improve the user’s experience.

Is Spotify worth it? Does the choice between the free and paid versions really make a big difference? Here are some facts about the platform and the services offered in both versions.

What Is Spotify? How Does It Work?

Spotify is a holistic streaming service designed for music, videos, and podcasts. While it’s certainly more than a music player, it’s ability to function as a cloud-based MP3 player and music library is easily its most popular function.

Users on the site can discover a massive library of music. Searching through it is easy, as the interface allows users to tailor inquiries according to a variety of common parameters. This includes artists, albums, and even genres, allowing people with varying musical tastes to enjoy the service.

There’s also the option to create playlists or enjoy premade ones created by the site’s owners and users. Spotify pays royalties to the artists featured on their site based off how often their music is played. Users can access the service through a variety of devices including computers, gaming consoles, and mobile devices.

One of the main perks of the free option is it gathers a lot more user input, and thus can make smarter recommendations. But does this mean the free option is better overall than the premium?

What Perks Come with Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium adds to the functionality and user-friendly design of the service in a number of ways. The first is through the added shuffle play feature, which lets users get a surprise song order from a list of preselected options. This is a popular function of many hardware-based and software-based music players.

The premium version is also free of ads, meaning users can enjoy uninterrupted music streams and full playlists without pesky commercials ruining the flow. They can also use unlimited skips, allowing them to move through the feed of songs presented to them at their leisure without worrying about exhausting their allowable options.

A major perk of the premium service is that users can listen to music offline. A popular feature of other streaming and media services like YouTube Red, this feature is handy for those who may not always have service on their device of choice.

Users can play any track on the site and enjoy higher quality with the premium service, effectively meaning they remove all limits imposed on them through the free option. This makes the premium membership a great choice for those who want the full effect of Spotify without interruptions or limitations.

How Do Other Free Music Download Services Compare?

As mentioned, YouTube Red allows users to access music offline and even keep it running in the background. Amazon Prime also gives users access to libraries of music and video, and other streaming services like Sirius Radio provide access to various libraries of songs ordered by genre.

Is Spotify on par with these services? In terms of functioning as a reliable music player, it is. Spotify continues to be a popular option for many who want a convenient way to listen to music from a single account across multiple devices.

While some people are perfectly content using the free option and dealing with the limitations and advertisements that come with it, others opt to buy a premium membership and get the full benefits this service has to offer.

There are many times when a person wished they could be listening to music while in their car, browsing the web, or using their mobile device. With the all-in-one media playing options this service offers, they can do so while getting access to everything from classic songs to hot new releases.

A Spotify download offers a lot in both its free and premium form, but the latter is easily the more functional and enjoyable option of the two.