The world wasn’t always so connected.

There’s a reason why pathways like the Silk Road became famous and are still known today – they were some of the only routes back then that connected people across vast territories where different cultures, languages, and people would exist.

It was because of trade routes like the Silk Road which allowed people to travel that resulted in the spread of different religions, customs, and traditions.

Nowadays, the same transfer of ideas occurs and even more rapidly, but is largely because our means of traveling is a bit different than before – and tremendously quicker in duration.

Not only do we not rely on our feet and horses to get us from point A to B – because now we rely on mostly bikes, cars, or trucks – but we also don’t need to keep our feet on the ground. If we want to travel across the world, it won’t take months in a ship. We just have to hop on a plane and off we go.

But we also no longer need to travel with a compass, travel guide, or have our own connections in the places we want to go.

That’s right, we no longer have to take the trip alone.

Because now there are great travel apps that can accompany you on any trip to make sure you find the best deals on flights and hotels, the best local attractions to visit, and more.

And if you’re planning to travel anywhere for whatever reason, you should absolutely consider downloading some.

To make your decision on which one to choose, we have even developed a list of some of the ones we suggest you get that can all be used for different reasons. Consider this list the ultimate package of travel apps that will make your trips the best they can be.

Travel Apps: Why They’re Needed

The modern era is extremely fast–paced and any and all help is useful when it comes to saving you time, money, and stress.

That’s what these travel apps will offer you.

And frankly, there is just so many hotel deals, flight prices, restaurants and other sites to see out there that it comes in handy to have travel apps that compile them all in a database for you with reviews, suggestions, and more.

So, here are some great travel apps that will help you when flying or driving, when you’re finding a place to stay, and when you’re looking for a place to eat or site to see.

Places to Stay: Airbnb

Airbnb logo

Whether or not you are flying or driving, having Airbnb can come in handy.

Because everyone needs a place to stay and using Airbnb will lead you to possibly the nicest ones to choose from.

You can use this travel app to find locals who are offering their houses, apartments, or any other living accommodation for rent for the weekend – or however long they’re willing to rent it to you.

If hotels or motels aren’t necessarily your thing, be sure to give this travel app a try.

Last Minute Reservations: Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight logo

Not everyone plans their trips the best. Or, sometimes, plans change in the middle of a trip and you want to go somewhere nearby.

This is what happened to me when I went to Texas. Originally going to Dallas, during the last few days my girlfriend and I decided to go to San Antonio, as well. Hotel Tonight would have definitely been a useful app to have during this time, because we had extreme difficulties finding a hotel reservation last–minute that wasn’t over $200. And if this has ever happened to you – or something similar – you know the pain. You can now do this with a travel app designed specifically for finding last–minute reservations online to ease any anxieties you’ve ever experienced when seeking one out.

Flying: FLIO

FLIO logo

Do you ever get stuck in an airport because of a delayed flight or layover flight? I think we all have. And if you ever get stuck in your head with what you should do to pass the time, you need FLIO.

FLIO tells you everything you need to know about what airport you’re in: available seating lounges, restaurants in the airport and around it, and things to do nearby and within.

You don’t have to be bored at the airport any longer. Get FLIO.

Flying: Hopper

Hopper logo

Some people are very difficult to plan a trip with because they need to cross reference flight prices with other sites and make sure they’re saving every penny they can. And that’s nice, but time consuming. Not anymore with Hopper.

Hopper not only shows you the available flight prices at the moment you look but tells you whether you should wait for better prices or not, as well. That is an extremely helpful travel app to have.

Driving: Gasbuddy

Gasbuddy logo

If any of you have taken long road–trips, you know the struggles of finding gas stations in the middle of nowhere. Maybe you’ve even ran out of gas on the road, unable to find one nearby. Well, luckily someone made Gasbuddy.

Gasbuddy is a travel app that shows you all the nearby gas stations so that you can plan when and where you’re going to refuel on your road–trip. If you’re always on the road, consider downloading this app to make sure you’re never that guy on the road getting your car towed.


iExit logo

Need to know more than just where gas stations are located? iExit tells you what is off of every exit you pass on the road, so that you never have the, “I should have stopped 3 exits ago” moment. Starbucks and McDonalds, contrary to popular belief, are not as abundant when you’re on the road!

So, now you can find restaurants, fast–food chains, gas stations, car repair shops, and more with the iExit app and never feel like you missed an opportunity.

Local Attractions: Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet logo

Despite its name, the Lonely Planet travel app makes the world seem less lonely. If you have trouble finding local sites to see or restaurants to eat at, then this app will certainly be useful to you.

You won’t have to google maps “food near me” anymore. All you’ll have to do is open the app and find what you’re looking for in whatever city you’re in.


Roadtrippers logo

Are you someone that has absolutely had it with planning trips out, but still love experiencing them?

Then you need Roadtrippers. This travel app simply needs to know when and where you’re going and what you like to do on trips, and it will plan the entire journey for you!

Sound interesting? That’s because it is. Even if you like to plan your trip (like I do), Roadtripper can almost serve as a second opinion that you can bounce your ideas off of and maybe even find some more that you didn’t know about.

For Those Cancelled Trips: Roomer Travel (Bonus)

Roomer Travel logo

Not every trip follows–through, and sometimes we have to cancel. But we don’t always enjoy doing this because of prepaid hotel rooms that don’t offer refunds.

Roomer Travel is a great remedy for this. Now, you just need to post your hotel room on this app and it will list it so that someone will hopefully buy it from you. That means you no longer have to pay for a hotel room you’re not even staying in!

Travel Apps Can Make Your Trip Better

Seriously, I don’t think there’s many arguments against getting any of these travel apps, unless you know all the flight deals that are out there, all the hotel deals to choose from, where all the gas stations and attraction sites are, and so on.

We go to new places because we want to experience new things, and that means we don’t know what to expect.

These travel apps can make that easier on you – because let’s face it, experiencing a new place or being somewhere unfamiliar can often be stressful.

So, get some of these travel apps – or all of them – and see how easy your next trip can be.