If you’re searching for money making apps you can use for extra income, you’re in luck. Nothing in history has been more efficient at getting users to spend money than smartphones. Apps to make money help you save or earn money instead of spending for games, music, takeout food, or getting a ride.

It’s good to know that you can earn money with your smartphone or tablet. If you want to know how do free apps make money, recognize that legit money making apps are literally everywhere. It’s up to you to know that money making apps are available. The following 12 best apps to make money help you make extra.

Top 12 Money Making Apps Out There Today

1. Surveys on the Go

Surveys on the Go menu options

Large corporations, litigators, and political campaigns want user opinions. Surveys on the Go pays you to provide opinions. You get about a dollar to give opinions on a wide variety of topics. Some surveys pay up to $5.

It’s one of the best money making apps if you use an iOS compatible device. The app works with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch using iOS version 4.3 or higher. Surveys on the Go says it’s improving the Android app. Most users give it between four to five stars.

2. Ibotta

Ibotta, one of the best money making apps

Everyone shops for something at stores like Target, Whole Foods, Walmart, and other similar stores. As a result, Ibotta is one of the money making apps you’ll use often. Just buy whatever products you purchase regularly to make money. As a bonus, you’ll hear about more rebate offers to make even more.

Ibotta is one of the most popular money making apps because it pays users to try it. Users say both iOS or Android versions of the app work well. Ibotta gets an average review of 4.5 out of 5 stars, which is quite impressive.

3. Gigwalk

Gigwalk money making app

If you’re living in the app economy, you’ll like Gigwalk. It connects you to user businesses looking for contract workers, such as mystery shopping, delivery services, or mobile app testing. Gigwalk is considered one of the best apps to make money. Depending on your assignment and pay arrangement, you’ll receive compensation depending on your work and location in the U.S. or some Canadian cities. Users prefer the iOS version (compatible with iOS 5.0+) and give Gigwalk an average four out of five-star rating.

4. CheckPoints

How to use CheckPoints to earn money

Watching videos can help you earn extra money. CheckPoints is one of the best apps to make money because it’s simple to use. Just scan a barcode after you watch a video to earn redeemable points. Exchange points for gift cards at Walmart, American Airlines, or Amazon or get gadgets like gaming systems or tablets. If you prefer, you can donate your checkpoints to charity. CheckPoints if available in both iOS and Android formats. Users give CheckPoints an average four out of five stars.

5. Shopkick

Shopkick makes you earn extra money with the purchases you make

Shopkick is one of the country’s favorite money making apps. It provides incentives to look at items in certain stores. You earn on Shopkick by making a purchase. If you don’t buy a product recommended by Shopkick, you get kickbucks to view or scan the product. If you like shopping, you can earn points for gift cards. The Shopkick app is available in iOS and Android formats. Users give Shopick an average rating of four out of five stars.

6. AppTrailers

App Trailers app for making money by watching videos

AppTrailers from AppRedeem is one of the apps that make you money by watching streaming videos. For instance, watch movie previews and get rewards. Earn points and redeem for cash at PayPal or an Amazon gift card. Users slightly prefer the Android app and all users give AppTrailersan average of four out of five stars.

7. ESPN Streak for the Cash

ESPN Streak for the Cash screenshots

Sports lovers say that ESPN Streak for the Cash is among the best apps to make money. Just predict results for games. If you have the longest “winning streak” for the monthly period, you earn the $50,000 grand prize. Users give ESPN Streak for the Cash an average 4+ stars review.

8. PactApp

Earning money by eating healthier with Pact App

Money making apps are not always as creative as PactApp. It pays you to make a seven-day pact to work out. You get paid for each day you hit the gym but you also pay penalties if you miss a workout. If you commit to a 30-minute workout, PactApp pays you up to $0.75 per workout. Users give PactApp an average 3.5 out of five stars. They prefer the iOS version

9. Phewtick

Phewtick screenshot

Phewtick, a popular app designed in Japan, is one of the apps that make money with friends. Use Phewtick to record meetups with new friends. You earn points by scanning a meeting QR code on a friend’s mobile device or ask your friend to scan your code. Redeem points for cash at PayPal. Users give Phewtick an average four out of five stars.

10. Mobile Rewards

Mobile Rewards lets users watch videos and then gives them credits as a reward

The answer to “how do free apps make money” is sometimes relatively simple to answer. Mobile Rewards’ users watch videos and earn credits as a reward. Mobile Rewards earns a certain amount to collect input about videos and offers, and it pays a percentage of earnings to Mobile Rewards app users. Available in both Android and iOS formats, users say the Android version works best. Users give Mobile Rewards an average 4 out of five stars.

11. Field Agent

Field Agent gig app

Looking for work? Field Agent is a favorite gig app. Search jobs by map view or scroll through a list of opportunities. If you accept a task, such as price-checking an item at a store, you commit to completing it within two hours of acceptance. After you submit your assignment, you’re paid between $3-$12 per task by PayPal. Users give Field Agent an average 4.5 out of five stars.

12. EasyShift

EasyShift app interface

EasyShift is one of the most popular money making app. Find an assignment, such as providing reviews, taking photos, or recording product prices. Both iOS and Android apps are free to use and one doesn’t need to complete an application for the job they want. You don’t even need experience. Users get paid for their work on PayPal within 48 hours of processing.

Summing Up

No one’s going to get wealthy by these apps. The idea behind using the best money making apps is simple. If you’re looking for a little extra income and you enjoy trying new apps, it’s a perfect fit. The beauty of this type of apps is that someone – maybe even you – is always generating new ways to make a little extra juice in the mobile economy. Enjoy apps that make money, and share your favorites.

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