We live in the technological age where massive amounts of information exist regarding almost anyone on the planet today.

And because of that, I’m sure we all deal with phone calls from numbers we don’t know. I deal with this every day, in fact, and it gets quite annoying – especially when I’m applying for new jobs or seeking new clients and I’m not sure if the number calling me is a fake IRS agent or a business prospect.

So, what if you could know exactly who is calling you at any given moment by looking them up on an app that has a database of phone records? That would be pretty sweet, wouldn’t it?

Well, that’s exactly what the designers of the US PhoneBook have attempted to allow you to do. So, in order for you to get familiar with the app, we have created this review! Keep reading and get to know the USPhoneBook app better.

First, Who Needs This App?

An app like this, if properly done, can be useful to almost anyone. If you are ever waiting for a call from a number your unfamiliar of (which is most likely all of us) then having an app to filter who’s who can really come in handy.

Like I said above, this is especially true when you’re looking for a new job.

But specifically, those of you who handle business transactions and deals over the phone with private or unknown numbers, then you really want an app that will let you know if the person on the other end of the phone is actually who they say they are.

This is for a few reasons, but most importantly because of the golden rule of sales: time is money. You don’t want to be wasting your time on anyone that isn’t serious, or worse, isn’t real.

If this is you, then you should absolutely get to know about the US PhoneBook app and what it can offer you.


What the USPhoneBook Offers You

Listed below are the various features that the USPhoneBook has:

Millions Public Records

The USPhoneBook app has access to billions of public records that allow them to showcase the millions of phone numbers that make up their database. And they offer this database to you.

The information they compile has everything from phone numbers, up–to–date full names and addresses, even the type of phone they use, the carrier they are under, their relatives and any known associates.

It sounds more like an FBI database that people on the show Criminal Minds would use.

And this is what USPhoneBook gives you.

Know Which Numbers Are Fake

The reason USPhoneBook compiles so much information is so that you and everyone else who uses the app can know without a doubt that the person calling them is real and safe to work with.

In today’s world where people are attempting to scam anyone they can, knowing who you’re working with is an absolute must when conducting any type of business.

This is true whether you are looking for a job, in sales, or simply receiving calls from people identifying themselves as IRS agents or more.

Just read this review about the USPhoneBook app:

“I buy a lot from private sellers online. I downloaded this to help verify that they are actually who they say they are. So glad I checked on the last person...this app really saved me a lot of potential hassle!”

It’s Free

You can’t beat something that’s free, especially when it offers what others are charging for!

And the USPhoneBook app is completely free. You don’t have to worry about getting incomplete information and seeing something saying, “Buy Our Pro–Edition for All the Information!”

Nope. Not with the USPhoneBook.

So, you really have nothing to lose. If you’re in the market for a good app that allows you to check the information of the people calling you, download the USPhoneBook app and see if it’s useful for you.


But Wait… There Are Some Downfalls

Not everything is sunshine and rainbows. And with technology, this means that they don’t always work as planned and oftentimes have holes where it may be useful for some but not others.

It happens with almost anything.

Cars break down. Sometimes they even have faulty equipment that needs to be recalled (an extreme headache if you’ve ever had to deal with it). Phone’s break, and sometimes they don’t work correctly right at the start and need to have continual updates (another cause of headaches).

It’s the same way with apps. Sometimes they need to have trial runs and update as they go. With the USPhoneBook app, there are a few concerns that customers have that should probably be addressed by the designers.

Far from being a puff–piece for USPhoneBook, we want you to know not just the ups but the downs, as well, about the app so you know exactly what you’re downloading.

Taken from Reviews

The downfalls of the USPhoneBook app are taken from the reviews online by people who have actually used it.


Because technological advances don’t just mean medical breakthroughs that save lives or new technology that propels the US to the largest exporter of natural gas. Technology has also allowed us to research the things we buy or download before having tried them ourselves.

And reviews are oftentimes the best source of research on a product.

Reviews are real people with real–life experiences regarding the product at hand, and they should always be considered before trying anything.

So, make sure to keep the following in mind when using this app.

Some Numbers Are Not in Database

Although you can look up any number you want, the USPhoneBook may not be able to actually find that number. And that will leave you right in the same spot as before.

However, these are definitely mixed reviews with some reporting they can never find a number, where some report that it is beyond useful when trying to register who is calling them.

But here are some first–hand accounts of people claiming the USPhoneBook cannot find what they’re looking for: “Every time I would put in a phone number for lookup it would give me the message wow we could not find a match for that number” “Almost every number I submit it either unknown or the wrong name.”

Not as Up–to–Date as Expected

There are also concerns, which can be assumed from above, about the app not being as up–to–date as promised. This review stands out in particular:

“I entered my cell number and my wife’s cell number, which we both have had for over 15 years, and gave the wrong names and addresses associated with each one. I also entered a business number that has been in use for more than 10 years, and it also showed a wrong name with that number. Unless they start using up to date databases, this app is useless.”

This review stands out because not only did they check their own phone numbers that haven’t changed for a significant period of time, but also that of a business with a longstanding background.

And there are more, too. “I tested this app before using it. I put in my own phone number and it said that I was a man from Texas. I’ll put in my husband’s phone number and it said he was a woman from Atlanta. I put in my daughters phone number and it said “number not found.” This app is really messed up.”

“This app isn’t updated or something I checked my phone # and my hubby # and the info is completely wrong.”

Concerns Over Privacy

Any app that has a database of millions of people’s information needs to be vetted properly. And that hasn’t been lost in the review sections for this app.

Here are some people concerned over their privacy with the USPhoneBook, the most detailed being the first one:

“US Phone Book app insists you sign your privacy rights away to use this app. There is no phone number for this company anywhere on the Internet including their own website nor on the BBB website that gave them an F rating for never responding to a single complaint! This company routinely gives out massive amounts of private individual data including information about family members when anyone enters your phone number online and when you attempt to opt out, it always gives an error message that there is a captcha error no matter what browser one uses! And if you try to email them on their website about the problem, you get ANOTHER captcha error message!!”

“This app is just a scam together access to your contacts. Have searched numerous phone numbers in app and rarely do they identify anyone associated with the number and when they do it is usually outdated.”

This next one not only has a privacy concern over having to enroll your own number before installing (something that bothered me as well), but raised the possibility of fake reviews flooding the internet to make the app seem more useful than it is:

“Requires phone number to sign up. Not sure why. I didnt follow through due to the obviously fake reviews.”


The USPhoneBook App: Not the Best Option

Overall, after reviewing the USPhoneBook app both on its website and in reviews, we would suggest holding off on this website.

There is simply too little information about the company itself and little communication between the designers and the people complaining about it to advise downloading it. Not to mention, it doesn’t seem to have correct information about people even though it advertises as being up–to–date.

We would suggest looking elsewhere to other apps for a more secure and safe route if you are in the market to look up random numbers calling you.