Weekly ads are the perfect way to save on your next grocery run.

Unfortunately, there are many different ads to keep track of and sorting them can be a mess.

Fortunately, the Flipp app makes saving with weekly ads quick and easy.

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Flipp app ads on a tablet

How to Use the Flipp App Ads Feature:

  • Start with Your Zip Code. To begin saving with Flipp, you will need to visit www flipp com and enter your zip code. Alternatively, you can visit the Flipp download section on the website to get their handy Flipp app for Android and iOS devices.
  • Time to Start Flipping. Once you have entered your zip code, you are ready to start exploring the Flipp flyers. They partner with over 800 different retailers. Take your time looking through all of the available ads that show for your area.
  • Ready to Clipp. Now that you have started to explore some of the many ads that the Flipp app features, you are ready to begin clipping. Whenever you come across an ad for a product that your family could use, go ahead and tap it or click it to add it to your clippings section on the app.
  • Don’t Forget the Discount Slider. Before you go shopping, go ahead and use the discount slider feature. It is a quick and efficient way to scan all of the available ads for your area for the best deals. Play around with the percentages until they fit the savings that your family is trying to achieve. You never know what products you may find.
  • Let’s Begin Your Hunt for Savings. Now that all of your favorite deals are saved to the clippings section, you are ready to begin your shopping trip. For maximum savings potential, consider using the saved deals on the Flipp app at your favorite grocery store. If they have a price matching policy, you can likely get the same deal at your preferred store by showing them the ad.

Final Thoughts

Saving with weekly ads is quick and easy thanks to the Flipp app for Android and iOS. Just remember to always clip the deals that are most beneficial to your family. This way you have access to all of the best deals in one convenient location on your mobile device. It really is a shopper’s best friend.

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