Today we’re going to take a look through the app store and find the best audio recording apps out there. In this article, we’re going to include our top picks that we think are worth buying. Read on to find out what we think are the best voice recorder apps that you should check out.

Voice Recorder Apps

Recorder Plus

The first up on our list is Recorder Plus. Recorder Plus is available for free, but has a lot of in-app purchases. It is probably the best professional audio recording app out there on the App Store and has the most features and customization out of all of the apps we’re going to look at.

You can easily organize your files inside of the app itself and you can share to a variety of different cloud services including things like FTP, Dropbox and more. You can also trim, so after you’re done recording, if you ever need to edit your files, that’s very easy to do and if you want to email them, you can actually attach more than one at a time to an email instead of being forced use the share sheet.

There are tons of different in-app purchases though, which is good and bad. Good because you don’t have to have the ones you don’t want, but bad because if you buy them all, it may be very expensive.

There are a ton of different recording formats, including AAC & m4a, which are the really popular ones, plus you can even choose the quality of the recording from low, medium and high, which is going to depend on the file size.

If you need to password protect the app itself, you can, but it’s lacking touch ID. If you’re looking for an app that has a ton of features and customization, you should check out Recorder Plus.

Just Press Record

Second up on the list, is Just Press Record, and to be honest this is one of our favorites out of all the recording apps and one that we kind of just tend to default to when we need to record something. It’s very easy to record, even from the home screen using a 3d touch gesture on the icon itself; inside the app it is very simple, with just a big button to record and then there’s a list of folders based on the date.

You can use peek and pop gestures (3d touch) to look into those folders to see the recordings that are in there, but other than that you literally Just Press Record and it’s super simple. All of your files are recorded into m4a, AAC so really high audio quality and it’s automatically synced via iCloud Drive – straight into there, but you still have options to move it out of this using the share sheet, so you can move to stuff like Dropbox or email.

If you ever do delete an audio recording, it’ll delete off all your devices at once, because again it’s just syncing with iCloud Drive. Like almost everyone on this list, it has an iPad app which is included with your one purchase, so it’s a fully universal app, but this is the only one that actually supports split-screen multitasking on the iPad.

This makes it quite usable; you can be taking notes, while at the same time recording on the right-hand side. Alongside that multitasking support on iPad, they also include support for Apple watch, so if you have an Apple, watch you have an audio recording app available on your wrist.

It does support watch OS 2 which is very handy, you can start and stop recording right from your Apple watch and it will save it even locally, so if you don’t have your phone available, it can still save it to your watch and then you can simply transfer it to your phone whenever they are connected.

Once they are saved onto here, you can view them inside of the recent menu, plus any other recent recordings. The outbox includes anything that needs to be synced from your watch over to your phone, but what’s really handy is that you can actually play them back on your Apple watch.

So if you recorded something, you could use the speaker on the Apple watch and play it back, even listening on my your watch.

Since this is iCloud Drive, everything is available on all devices, including Mac where they have an app available as well. You can pick this up for iPhone, iPad and Apple watch for $2.99.

Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder HD

Next up on the list is Voice Recorder. Voice Recorder is really nice because it has a lot of pro features, but it’s completely free – it’s the first one on our list that’s 100% free with no in-app purchases to worry about, with still at least one kind of notable feature.

When you’re playing back, you can jump between different chapters or important marks that you flag, you can change the rate at which it’s playing and when you’re recording audio it makes it really easy to flag those important parts.

Perhaps you’re in a meeting and every time you change topics you want to go ahead and mark it. All you have to do is hit that flag button and it allows you to easily jump between them when you’re playing back that audio.

There’s good organization in the app itself; you can create folders as well as renaming any of the files, you can transfer them to any computer using Wi-Fi which is also really handy and there are a lot of different formats for recording including m4a.

If you need to password protect the app, you can put in a passcode with an email reset but, unfortunately, this one too does not support touch ID to get into the app itself. You can find this for free on the App Store.

Voice Recorder HD

Next up is Voice Recorder HD – this is a really great addition to our list. The icon does support 3D, touch so you can view your listings or start a recording right from your home screen. The UI itself is a little bit dated compared to everything else on the list, but still functions great and is getting regular updates.

You can share easily and if you have you can transcribe any of these dictation or audio recordings simply enough using that separate account.

You can actually link your Dropbox account to here, so if you do sync your Dropbox account, it allows you to just easily move files from here to Dropbox and back them up in the cloud, without relying on storing them purely in the app alone

Now there are unfortunately quite a few in-app purchases, though most of them are things you don’t necessarily need. One notable one is audio Boost, which is a special one just for voice recorder HD, which really just picks up lower levels of audio.

Unfortunately, this does not have many audio formats, simply using WAV, unless you purchase the converter to use m4a.

Overall, this is a solid app that includes a lot of features, including Apple watch support. It’s not as robust as it is with Just Press Record, but you can start and stop recording from the watch, which is still very handy and a worthwhile feature to point out.

If you’re interested in voice recorder HD, you can find it for only $1.99, but there are any app purchases for those more Pro features, like m4a support.

Smart Record

Smart Record

Next up is Smart Record. This application is really handy if you need to do something more detailed with your audio recordings. It too supports 3D touch on your home screen and when you’re recording something, it allows you to easily add text, a photo or just an important flag into that recording.

You can simply hit the text button, it’ll note the time that you’re adding the note; you could take a photo of something important and then add an important flag as something you need to make sure you go back to when you are re-listening to the audio.

When you’re reviewing the audio, you can see any of those annotations that you’ve added directly to your audio recording.

This app also builds in transcription; it’s an additional fee of $1 a minute, so it could be quite expensive if you’re transcribing a bunch of things, but then again it could also be really handy if you do need transcriptions without doing it yourself. It supports three different audio formats, including m4a, CAF and WAV, including a wide variety of audio qualities to go along with it.

If you upgrade to the pro version, you’ll get Dropbox integration, removal of all the adds, higher audio quality and Auto silence detection, which will just remove those parts completely.

Voice Recorder That You Need to Have

So, those are our favorite voice recording apps. All of these have their own pros and cons, but include plenty of worthwhile features to make recording simple. Let us know which one takes your fancy!