The internet has changed a lot of things about the world, including news reporting.

There was a time when big stories were only broken and built through mainstream publications. But big corporations and centralized entities aren’t the only sources of information’s development and sharing anymore.

Now social media sites and digital networks have changed the way people share information. Not only can stories be shared and circulated via these networks, but they can also be developed from the early stages into a full-blown factual report – backed by sources and a rating system.

What Is Reddit?

RedditThis is a question many people have asked after seeing this site pop up in their suggestion feed or the lovable alien mascot “Snoo” positioned next to a popular article.

Reddit is a news site, but not an ordinary one. Rather than just being a place where content is shared, it is a place where it can be analyzed, fact-checked, and rated by the community. This encourages authenticity and participation while discouraging false reports and clickbait.

Reddit has evolved a lot over the years and added features to help continue the platform’s growth and widespread acceptance.

Understanding the Platform

The internet is a decentralized system in many regards, leaving some people to wonder about the origins of the content they see circulating across platforms.

Reddit is one of the biggest digital communities in existence, and many of the popular stories and content pieces that go viral find their origins on the pages of Reddit. Everything from links to text posts to graphics can be shared across the platform, allowing members to have an active role in content contribution.

But some may have concerns about letting just anyone post content, especially knowing how that content could circulate quickly. This is how Reddit separates itself from many other platforms. Reddit news articles, reports, and links are rated by the community.

This means the good content, that which there is a consensus is legitimate and worthwhile, goes to the top and is the type of stuff shared on other platforms. In most cases, the rating system means poor content that is dishonest or unengaging usually doesn’t get too much attention.

It is possible to ask Reddit questions, enjoy the site passively, and customize what content is shown on individual feeds. This makes it one of the most versatile platforms out there.

What Is Reddit Karma and How Does It Affect the Site?

Given that Reddit is designed to encourage participation and help content rise (or fall) by the watchful eye of the community, the site’s owners and developers have instituted a system to help encourage this active approach to the platform.

What is Reddit Karma? Karma is essentially the scoreboard of Reddit. When good content is posted and elicits comments or upvotes, users gain karma points. The opposite happens when content is downvoted to a negative value.

The cumulative sum of a user’s points is known as the “Karma score” or simply their karma. In a crowded digital space, knowing how users are rated by the community is very helpful. A user’s rating or a piece of content’s rating may not tell the whole story, but these scores can be a good indicator as a “ballpark figure” or approximator.

Certain sub-sections of the site (known as sub-Reddits) require a minimum karma score for post permission. This shows how the score can also discourage people from making new accounts just to troll or post spam.

How Could the Site Continue Growing?

What is Reddit in terms of its impact on the internet and social platforms? It’s revolutionary, and, in a way, a pioneer to many other sites.

While not the first site to use a rating system for curating content and certainly not the last, Reddit’s success has shown just how big a site based on user feedback can be. Though Facebook users can “thumbs up” posts and Twitter users can click the heart, Reddit’s decision to let the ratings dictate the reach is a trailblazing concept.

In an age where people have to be open-minded but vigilant concerning the content they see and share online, Reddit’s model has endured despite a few problems along the way. As the site expands, it is like more systems similar to Karma could develop.

Users may end up having a more detailed verification procedure for their accounts and may also see a bigger impact on their score or standing when their content is voted on. These are all hypothetical scenarios, but more likely than not given the site’s history.

Sites like Reddit have done a lot for digital content sharing and promotion and will likely continue to have a significant impact in the future.