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The app store has hundreds of word games available for iPhone and iPad, enough that it can seem overwhelming at times. With so many word games available, how is anyone supposed to choose the best ones? Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and figured out the top word games for iPhone and iPad.


Top Word Games for Your iPhone and iPad


Words With Friends

word games. words with friends

Starting off with a bang, Words With Friends is one of the best apps and best games to ever grace iPhone and iPad screens. It’s basically Scrabble, but with the ability to play anywhere and anytime. The game has tons of different options and variations. In the classic mode, you can play against your friends by connecting with people from your phone contacts list, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also play against complete strangers by having the game suggest random people. If can even play in-person games with your real-life friends by using the Pass and Play option. In the past few years, Words With Friends has even begun making bots that you can play, who can actually be very tricky to beat.


Words With Friends also has a lightning round, where you team up with strangers on the app and play against another team. The object of this game is to be the first team to get to 750 points. It can be fast and fun and a great way to hone your skills. The game offers tons of boosts, like Hindsight to see if you played the best word which can make your game exciting. You can win coins for completing challenges and use them to buy boosts. However, if you’re short on in-game coins, you can always purchase boosts with real money, too. The game is about as addicting as they come, and best of all, it boosts your brain power, too.

  • Pros: Very fun, addicting, tons of variety
  • Cons: Full-screen ads after every move

Word Solitaire Lite

word games. solitaire lite

This card game is a twist on the classic Klondike solitaire. Instead of the traditional suits of spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds, these cards have letters on them. The goal of the game is to move vowels and consonants around to build enough words to move to the next level. You can only put letters on top of each other if they could be the start of a potential word. For example, you couldn’t place an “L” onto an “M.” Once you’ve used all the letters, you’ve beaten the level and can move on. There’s a deck to pull cards from just like there is in regular solitaire. On this game, however, there’s also a “burn” pile, where you can destroy up to three cards per round. If a game proves impossible, there’s always a white flag you can hit to surrender. Each level uses a different painter or style of painting as its background, from Van Gogh to the Impressionists.

  • Pros: No Ads!
  • Cons: Some games are unwinnable

Word Scramble 2

word games. words scrabble

Similar to the classic Boggle game, players attempt to create words out of the sixteen letters arranged in a four by four grid. The game features different modes where you can twist the grid around to see new words in a new perspective, perhaps ones you missed the first time around. Once your time is up, the game shows you the words you missed, giving you suggestions for future games. The reveals also can give you strategies to use, such as adding an “s” to the end of a word or all the words you could put “-ed” at the end of. In terms of game styles, you’re able to play solo, play and pass with real-life friends (up to four players), or even play online with random people. You can also do a challenge mode and play on Facebook.

  • Pros: Minimal banner ads while playing
  • Cons: Not available for iPad


2 Across Lite Edition

word games. across the lite

This is a “teaser” app made with the intention of luring in people to buy the 2 Across paid version. That being said, it’s still a great crossword app that can give your brain a nice little workout. Pulling puzzle styles from classic crosswords like the New York Times and other newspapers, this app does a great job of using the iPhone’s display to its advantage. One amazing feature that’s included is the choice between using a pencil or a pen when answering. If you aren’t quite sure about an answer, you can pick a pencil, and it uses a softer font when inputting the answer. A pen does a darker one. The full version costs $5.99, which this app is meant to introduce you to. The full version has over 20 different papers it pulls from, while the Lite edition just has a handful.

  • Pros: No ads, uses real crosswords
  • Cons: No iPad version, few puzzle sources in free version

Moxie – Free

word games, Moxi game

Once you’ve learned the rules, you’ll be able to play this game with ease. You have five boxes aligned in rows of three, and your mission is to take one letter at a time to make real words in the boxes. Then, you can make the word grow by adding further letters. For example, you can add an “s” to the word “haver” to make “shaver.” There’s also an option to swap out letters, as long as it still makes a new word. For example, you could replace the “r” in “shaver” with an “s” to make “shaves.” You get points for every new word you make, but if you add a letter and it doesn’t make a real world, you lose points. That’s called a “twaddle.” Longer words mean more points.

  • Pros: No ads, easy rules
  • Cons: Not available for iPad

Jumbline Lite

word games. jumbline

The goal of this app is to make as many words as you can from a select group of letters. Luckily, the game helps you by telling you how many letters long each word is and how many potential words you should have at the end. Of course, to find words you can shuffle the letters, drag them around, and drop them into different places. Once you get a word you want to submit, all you have to do is underline it with your finger. The process is actually a lot more natural than pressing a separate button, as similar games require you to do. The interface on Jumbline Lite is delightful and makes for a wonderful playing experience. You can also post your scores directly to Facebook to share them with your friends and family.

  • Pros: Well-designed interface
  • Cons: Full-screen ads, but only between different levels (Check the best ad blocker here)

WordJong Lite

word games. WordJong Lite

The same way Word Solitaire adds words to solitaire, WordJong adds words to Mahjong. The idea is to create the best words you can with the tiles you’ve got on the top layer. The game is relaxing, with soothing bird twitters and flowing water reminiscent of a fountain. As you complete a game, pink blossoms fill up the calendar, and you win butterflies as prizes. There are no ads, which is great, but you are only given one puzzle a day, which is unfortunate. Waiting around for a puzzle can seem very inconvenient compared with other apps that may offer constant gratification.

  • Pros: No ads
  • Cons: One puzzle a day, no iPad version

Hangman Free

word games. hang man game

While less challenging than some of the other games on this list, Hangman is just like the classic school game of yesteryear. It even uses chalk-style graphics to mimic the chalkboards Hangman first showed up on. There are three different levels to play against the computer on, easy, medium, and hard. Unfortunately, there are only six or seven shots at guessing letters before you lose the round. This can be a tough blow for younger players or those who aren’t very good, as the game seems to be over when there are still twenty potential letters left in the alphabet. That being said, it’s still a fun game for anyone.

  • Pros: Free and fun, small ads
  • Cons: No iPad version, few chances to guess

Crostix Free

word games. Crostix Free

Another tester app, Crostix Free attempts to lure you in and get you addicted in the hopes that you’ll purchase the full version for $3.99. These acrostic puzzles consist of clues done in a crossword style, and as you enter letters, they enter a grid. Each one is a quote from a famous author, and when you solve the puzzle, you get a small biographical detail about them. If you get stuck, there are ample hints available to help you along the way. A big boon here is that there is an iPad version available. Unfortunately, there are only seven puzzle styles in the free version, while the upgrade has more.

  • Pros: No ads, iPad version available
  • Cons: Limited free version


Powerfully addicting, each of these games can give your brain a serious workout. Word games are great because they’re fun and educational, no matter how old you might be. Check out any of the games from this list today and feel your brain start to work up a sweat or if your interested check out our 6 Popular Scrabble Apps for Android and iOS.



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